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January 12, 2006

Dude. Four days down with this crap. The doc said bronchitis, but honestly? While I'm terribly prone to lung things, I think this was just a bad flu. The lungs have cleared somewhat, which they wouldn't have done with the big B, and the head has stuffed up more. Stupid fever's been the worst part, since fever makes me cry when someone drops a spoon. Lala's been a saint.
Rachael: Will you put the toilet paper in the bathroom?
Lala: Yes, but can it wait until I unpack your groceries in the kitchen? [The groceries she lovingly and kindly brought to her sick girl.]

She's a good sport, she is. Then she made terrific pasta and didn't mind when I cried into it. I hate being sick.

Also: Sudafed makes me insane. Just so you know. I was up all night on a super-bad ephedrine trip, worried about absolutely everything. Frantic. Miserable. It's a good thing I'm not a big worrier, because it turns out that a) I'm good at it (when on drugs) and b) it blows. Sudafed is worth taking if you're on your second box of kleenex in five waking hours, but that's about it for me. I'm back down to a box of tissues a day today, and that's good enough for me. No Sudafed, no Dayquil, no dreams when I finally fall asleep that I'm a waitress at Denny's and have to serve beer to all the boys I broke up with while in college.

Enough. I'm tired of typing, and I'm behind in email, so forgive me. I have to go watch more old episodes of the Gilmore Girls now. That's better than Sudafed. They do all the frenetic fretting for me.

    Miss Idaho, looking for love.

PS - My sister Christy just called, and she's bringing me an enchilada for dinner! Yay! Life can go on! I'm about vanilla-wafered out.


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I hope you feel better soon!

I feel your pain! I had the same thing for half of November and a good part of December. Hopefully yours won't last as long! I'm sending get well vibes your way.

Feel better soon! I've got a terrible cold too so I can totally sympathize!! Sickness sucks but watching tv in bed kinda rulz!

I hate sinusy things--especially a drippy nose!--but hate sinus medicines even more, and avoid them as much as possible. I hope you have a humidifier! And, hot tea with equal parts honey, lemon, and brandy is always good. Good luck!

Poopy. Girl, why didn't ya take my advice? Get thee some elderberry syrup and some myrrh capsules. Being sick blows. And Sudafed does that to me, too - not always, but sometimes. But it sounds like a fever, mostly. That definitely messes up your mind.

E-mail me if you want some good remedies. My T. has had this thing for almost 2 weeks now and our friend who's a Dr gave him some really good stuff to do. Things even I, who has a father for a Dr. had never heard of! It's really been helping him though. Let me know. IT's kinda gross so I won't post it here! lol

*hug* Feel better, sweetie!
At least your butt isn't exploding?

You still gonna be up for Saturday?

i'm goin' on 10 days now -- 2nd one since november...feel better (but secretly, misery does love company)...

oh, schmoo. I hope you feel better soon.

and Lala, she is also a schmoo. and also Miss Idaho. ya'll are all just damn cute.

I'm only on day 3. It's not unbearable (thanks to the elderberry- all hail Norma); I'm still not a happy camper but at least the fever's gone. Last night I woke up angry because the cats were walking too loudly. Think about that.

Feel better.

I so know what you are talking about regardin the ephadrine. I so suffer a cold over taking some...until it just gets so bad I have to. The jits, the sweats, the sensation that I can feel my hair growing because my scalp is so tingely while I'm on it.

Hope you are feeling good soon girl. Take care of yourself.

Hope you keep feeling better. I'm sure the enchilada helped. That damn Sudafed - I'm with you on that one. Take one, stay up for two days. Well, that's sure not going to help me get better!

Myrrh capsules are doing more for my lungs than the inhaler I spent $25 on. All hail Norma, indeed.

I *so* hear you on the Sudafed - I can't take it at all, even when I'm sick as a dog. It messes up my head so bad I'm not safe to drive. Add to that my allergy to aspirin which rules out not only aspirin but also ibuprofin and I'm pretty much hosed when I get sick!
Hope you feel better soon!

Phooey, sorry you're sick and I hope you are feeling better soon.

feel better soon! i know what you mean about the sudafed...i can't touch the stuff. I'm convinced that i can feel the blood running through my veins when i'm on it. .

Phiou, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who cries if the wind blows the wrong way when I get a fever. It's horrible. Nevermind "bedrest"...I have to hide in the bed just to avoid making the rest of the household miserable with my total intolerance of fever-brain.

Hang in there, baby. Hope it goes away soon!

Aw...thank God for Lala...I hope you feel better soon...

Feel better Rach - I MEAN IT!!!!!


Big Hug!

Poor thing! Feel better soon!

I hate decongestents. They make me crazy as well. I hope the enchiladas made you feel better!

Oh, enchiladas are great cold medicine! You can almost imagine you're tasting it and they've got a nice texture. And if it's spicy enough, it helps liquefy the nasties.

Mmm, enchiladas! Did I miss lunch?

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