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Help!January 22, 2006

Quick, I'm at work and very far away from any Elizabeth Zimmerman help -- I need percentages, and I can't remember.....

What percentage of number of total body stitches do I need to:

1 - have around the top of the sleeve at widest point before I join to body to make raglan?

2 - place on stitch holders for underarms?

Anyone? Dude, thanks!


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Hi Rachel-

For the top of the sleeve, just before joining the body to knit the yoke--33% of total body stitches.

for the underarms--8% of total body stitches.

Hope that helps!

Holy crap! I was just reading some comments on one of the other posts and I realized that I misspelled your name, Rachael, I am so sorry.

Yay! thanks!!!

To answer the 2nd question, for raglan style, you put 8% of sts. each side for underarm on holders, and matching on the sleeve.

They have a later variant for the yoke sweater that has you do 40% of sts. on sleeve, with adjustments to the decreases, but I would question with a raglan if that would give you too long a distance between underarm and neck edge. Note the Zimmermanns/ Swansens are a tall, thin group of people and their designs work well for their body types.

Probably more than you wanted to know.....

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