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HouseJanuary 14, 2006


Holy shit! They accepted our offer. Did I tell you? No, I didn't. We found aNOTHER perfect house (and Lala, who has grand, mighty big trust in me is taking my word for this, since she couldn't make the viewing due to work), and made an offer, and they accepted it. It WAS on Friday the 13th, which for my family is a very lucky, good day, and the door was opened for me by Davis, my realtor's brother -- he opened the door of my condo for me the first time, and I felt the same way then, that I would live there and be happy there. It felt right. Like home.

Of course, this means that it has to make it through escrow. Ack. Yeah. And I couldn't sleep last night, convinced that we weren't going to be able to afford it. (We did the math in the morning and we can, if we drink cheap beer and eat beans.)

But it's sweet and it's yellow and it has three bedrooms (yay!) and a fireplace and a yard and a creek and a glassed-in front porch. If someone took a marker to the Thomas Guide and drew a line that delineated the border between the golf links and the drug dealers, we would land RIGHT on that line. It's spittin' distance to richey-rich, but a block up is a kinda sketchy. The street itself is lovely, a culdesac of sweet little well-maintained homes with nice cars in front. No bars on the windows. And did I mention that it's right at the top of our price range? Yeah? I did? Tappitty tappity tappity tap, drum my nervous fingers on anything within reach.

Well, as Celia and Nancy said today at the knit-out, that's the way it's supposed to be. We're SUPPOSED to be terrified. That's natural. Do you have ANY idea how much better that made me feel? A lot. A whole hell of a lot. Seriously. Can you say that to me a bunch more? The mortgage always gets paid, right? The cell phone bill? Sure, let's hope so. But the mortgage will get paid. Both mortgages, since I'm going to keep the condo and rent it out.


The stress level just shot up again. Nancy said, to that bit, "That's the smartest thing you can do. Of all the regrets we hear, isn't the most common one that we hear is that they sold that piece of property they should have held onto, years ago....."

God bless her. And all the knit-out-ists that showed up today. How fun it was! A ton of people showed up, more than I ever expected, and we basically took the cafe over. At one point one lone woman had been surrounded by people with pointy needles. At least she was a new knitter, so she didn't mind too much. One woman, while ordering coffee, remarked to one of our group, "Is EVERYONE knitting here?" The cafe was FULL of knitters. Happiness. A gal named Jennifer even came up to us near the end and said, "Hey, I'm knitting too, can I join you?" She didn't know about the gathering, but she was a perfect fit, one of several librarians, knowing people in common with our group. I admired her for doing that.

Here are Celia and Nancy, who might have saved my sanity:


Me with Maia:

    See? I am deranged.

    The Jeni Group

Many more fabulous people were there, and I'm so bad at remembering things and sites, and I'll totally screw them up, so I won't even try. But I do remember that Cordelia has a new site, so go tell her hello!

And cross your fingers with us for a smooth escrow, wouldja? It would mean a lot....


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what a cute house..

welcome to the world of home ownership.. its a love/hate thing.. but congrats!!

That's so wonderful, yay!
I had a funny feeling that something interesting (in a good way) was going to happen on the 13th, and here it is.
Now how long do you have to pack the stash?

Hoo and also ray!! Here's to escrow and all it's nerve wracking glory!

I couldn't be happier for you two. I know how tough that whole house-searching thing has been.
It will all work out in the end.

I totally have my fingers crossed for you. That house is absolutely adorable!

Hurrayhurrayhurray! It's hard typing with my fingers crossed, but I'm trying . . . good luck!! It looks adorable.

Oh congrats! I'm sorry to have missed the Knit Out today but I just didn't feel up to making the drive in the rain. I know, lame excuse, but I stayed home and got some work done so it was productive. But I'd rather have been knitting!

OMG! What a lovely house! Fingers toes and legs crossed for you two. Hoping and wishing all goes well and we get to see the inside of it very soon!

BTW the glassed in porch will be divine for spinning/knitting while listening to the banjo. Just saying..

What a sweet little house! I hope it works out for you. When I bought my house, I decided I would drive a 1970 Ford Falcon with no floorboard if I had to, In order to have this house. ANd I don't have to! It works out, you may just have to make some less costly choices for a year or 2.


Congrats! The house looks great!! You'll figure it out. :)

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a lovely house! It looks So Very Rahael, which I suppose means it must look Very Lala too since Very Rachael is something she obviously loves So Very Much. I shall cross every available limb and think happy thoughts until you give us the news that it's officially yours. Big Happy Dancing Up and Down Hugs!

Cute? Yes! and honestly, Rachael? AACK! is my middle name, honey. You don't get anywhere staying safe. This is what being a grownup feels like, darlin'. It's all good.

Oh, of course my fingers and everything else are crossed for your escrow. This will go through just fine and you two will move into your adorable little house and be adorable together with all the cats and dogs.

I'm so sad I can't come to your Knit-Outs anymore. I'm glad I'm here, but I miss the group knitting with all you guys...


The only thing scarier than buying a house is having a kid. Or at least trying to have a kid since I haven't gotten there yet. So be terrified because it is terrifying. Hell, I broke into a sweat RE-financing our house.

Thanks for calling the knit out today. I had so much fun knitting and chatting! Many congratulations on your new home.

Yay for you both!! Just today I said to my husband "I'm so glad we're not looking for a house any more". Rachael I'm so happy you found this super adorable awesome place!! It looks so perfect (I like it better than any of the places you've shown us before now!) and I'm sure you'll be so perfectly happy there together. Have fun... it's such an awesome thing to happen for y'all!! :)

It's such a cute house! You guys are so lucky. My beau and I decided to move in with my best friend yesterday and we spent all day looking at houses, so I know how fun that excitement can be. It must be even more fun to buy than rent.

Congrats! You guys really deserve it, after all the hunting.

Awesome news! And yes, terror is totally normal, babe. I can't believe you have a creek, that rocks!

Also: your friend Maia's sweater is the cutest thing ever. Is it handmade?

Super cute house. Fingers & toes crossed!

It is so totally cute! Congratulations!! I'll cross my fingers that everything goes well.


How fucking COOL!

Congratulations!!! You guys will have such a great time, and landlording isn't so bad (in my personal, limited experience...).

Yay! So glad you guys found a place! I think it's god for a couple to have a new place together to start a life together, so nobody feels like they're trespassing.

Congratulations!! That's awesome that the two of you will be starting together in a new place.

WOO HOO! Congratulations on the accepted offer! That house looks very sweet and full of great future memories. Yay! And Knitist was one of my SP giftees; I really enjoyed spoiling her. =) Yay for Friday the 13th bringing good news to you and LaLa!

What a darling house. It is just soooo.....Rach & Lala! Fingers crossed for smooth sailing, sweets.

Congrats and good luck! The house is very cute and I envy you your glassed in porch (especially when I am trying to flip over my 6 person glass topped table so that the wind can blow harmlessly thru the legs rather than catch it up under the top and blow it off my deck- apparently 65mph gusts are quite common around here). I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Congrats, Rachael! I'm so happy for you two!

I am so overjoyed !! What fanastic news !! I prayed. You know how you tell people, "I'll pray for you." and then your like, whatever.

Well I actually prayed.

Woo hoo !!

Fingers crossed! And sending all the good vibes I can.

Hi, since it's national delurking week or was it?, I feel totally obligated to say that I'm VERY HAPPY FOR the BOTH OF YOU. I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and (almost) never miss a post.

Fingers crossed for the escrow and happy knitting!


YAY! Congratulations on the house.

One word - YAY! I now have to go and update my mum on your situation. I think she's glad I've branched out from my knitting obsession and into house-buying lesbians in SanFran. Yeah - my mum's weird! ;)

Congrats - & Good Luck! Whoo-hoo!

that house is ADORABLE and I am fully jealous :)
wishing you much happiness in it!

It's LOVELY -- congratulations! I gasped out loud when I saw the title of your post and the photo...didn't realize how much I wanted you guys to find somewhere perfect! Wait: your house needs a name...what will you call it?

Yippee! See, it all worked out! The house looks so cute! We will be expecting requisite interior shots when it's all yours! Fingers crossed for escrow.......

Super cute house! It was meant to be, but of course I will be sending positive escrow vibes your way. And hey, go uphill to the richey rich rather than downhill to the drug dudes, okay?

I have no idea what escrow is (being English, and I'm pretty sure I didn't do it when I bought this house) but it sounds nasty. All the very best of luck with it!

Cheap beer isn't so bad. As long as you've got someone to drink it with and a place of your own to drink it in...

Congrats, good luck and best wishes!!!!

Oh. Holy. Wow. It's so much more gorgeous than you said it was! But cheap beer and beans?? At least promise me you'll buy some ramen when it's on sale ;) And if you ever run low on stash, I'll bring you some handspun.

We're all crossing our needles over here at the Jeni Group ;)

Congratulations! It sounds like such a wonderful little house.

What a pretty house! Sounds loverly - best o'luck. Gonna write a novel with real estate in there somewhere? :)

What a charming house! I have my fingers crossed for smooth sailing through escrow.

Congratulations! And ditto to what you've been told about being terrified and keeping the condo. You are very lucky to be able to do that. As a homeowner, I can also reassure you that moving into your FIRST REAL HOUSE is exciting and very scary all at the same time. I wish you guys all the best!

Hi Rachael, Congratulations! I hope the deal goes through, that house is adorable. When you're ready to remodel, you call me! Sorry I didn't make it yesterday, the rain put a damper on my enthusiasm to drive.

I'm actually crying. This is so perfect for you (and I'm sick and weak and just had to pull out 1/4" of my first sock, so I'm tearing up over anything).

Congratulations! You two deserve it.

Oooh! OOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Fingers ever so tightly crossed, my love.

(homeownin', cohabitatin', investment property ownin') MWAH!

Yeah yeah yeah! Congrats to you both and that is the cutest house I've ever seen! Wow!

Congrats on finding "the one" and fingers crossed with lots of positive escrow thoughts winging their way to you. :) We'll all be waiting to hear how it goes...

Cheap beer & beans - Yay!!! Congrats on your home and best of luck with escrow. What a great house. Three bedrooms AND a yard?! Yay!!

Congrats on the "new baby" in your life. May it give you much happiness and satisfaction! And may all the financial things go well for you and Lala.

So happy for you both! Grace

Congratulations! What a sweet little house. Fingers and all crossed for your escrow.

Greetings from a long time lurker. I just wanted to let you know that I am happy for you and I think that has to be the cutest house! Congrats to you and Lala.

Yaya ya ya ya ya aaaaa!

*happy dance*

Congrats! And hey, if you weren't nervous, I'd worry about your sanity. It'll work out. Wheeeee!

I LOVE that house! Fingers crossed for smooth sailing!

Wow! Awesome that they accepted! We've all got our fringers crossed that you get through escrow easily!!!!!

Congratulations! If I even had a vague idea as what escrow was or how this process works, I'd throw in advice here, but I really don't so you just get my warm, fuzzy thoughts! Good luck with it all!

That house is classic Bay Area Kitschy. Cute as a bugs ass. It also has very good warm-and-cozy-welcome-home-at-night appeal. Very important.

And yes, you're supposed to be scared, but how cool that this time, you're not doing it all by yourself? You got a somebody with whom to share the scare and the glory.

And be sure to have rice with the beans, to make protein.

Clearly this was the right time to jump into house ownership: Knitpicks yarn now exists to fill the I want some good yarn but can no longer afford it gap that a hefty mortgage creates. Take this as a sign...
Wish I could have been there! Mwah!

That house is very Rachael-esque. YEAH!

Hope everything goes smoothly. Fingers crossed over here.

YAY!! Congratulations on the house! It's really cute, very cozy looking. :D

Congratulations! The house is very cute. I love it! Fingers are crossed baby, no worries. What is meant to be will be!

Oh darlin, I'm so thrilled for you guys! The house is picture perfect. I'll keep every finger and toe crossed for you!

CONGRATULATIONS! It looks like the PERFECT house. I'm so excited and happy for you! :) And what's really great is that it looks like it'll have LOADS of space for YARN!

OOOoooo-so cute! LOTS more pictures when you finally move in! I burst into tears when I was signing our mortgage, and got so scattered I bounced the down payment check. NERVES of cheap foil wrap , not steel.

Yay!! Congrats on getting an offer accepted on what appears to be the cutest house ever! I'm so super jealous of that porch.

hooray! hooray!
we bought our house a year and a half ago and still every month I have to remind myself to pay the "rent" -- it's less scary that way!
I'm really happy for you and Lala! Congratulations!

CONGRATULATIONS! I'd say more, but the caps would be all screamy! The house is CEEEYOOOOT.

Congrats on the house, how exciting for you both! I know you already have the condo, but is this Lala's first time as a home owner? Isn't it terrifying? But it's all good. The best part, according to my hubby, is when you tear out a wall without having to ask the landlord's permission!
Thanks so much for organizing the Knit-out, I had a fabulous time. I hope I can make it the next time, I really enjoyed getting together with complete strangers and having tons to talk about!

The house looks really pretty and totally different from the houses I am used to here. :)

Ok, I'm the LAST poster...I was offline this wknd, crap!)

I can JUST see the wee doggies gallavanting in that yard. Creek = happy, muddy paws! ;-)

And I'm with Siow Chin--I prayed too. I mean, I know your life doesn't totally suck or anything, sans house, but I just feel that good stuff should happen to good people, so I help out (or delude myself in thinking I help out) as best I can. And it did! Rock on, sista!

holy mother! congratulations!

Fingers crossed... =D

Yay!!! Congratulations. We've been living in our house for 4 months (already made 3 mortgage payments) and I still wake up in a cold sweat at night... but it's happening less and less frequently, so there is hope :-)

Congratulations to both of you!

Congrats to you both, today is the first day of the rest of your life! Remember there are many things that may seem important to you and La, but the only one that matters is that you both go home at the end of the day and you are in love. Oh and the puppies!!!!!!!

woohoo! congrats!

Congrats on the house! I knew it would happen for you two someday. woo hoo!

It's adorable--what a find! It is really smart to buy as much house as you can afford, and to keep the condo as rental property. I'll send you those inspectors' names later.

it's a very cute house. congratulations!

see? i knew it would happen.

Congratulations Rachel! Beautiful house!!! We closed on our house on a Friday the 13th as well. Can't wait to see the inside of the house!!

What an AWESOME house! CONGRATULATIONS! Like everyone said, you should be nervous. A new house. What a great way to start your marriage together. :)

Fingers crossed, hopping up and down. That's exactly the thing we're going to want soon too, fireplace, whee! Friday the 13th is a good day in my family as well. Congrats!

Squee! Congratulations! I'm so glad it all worked out (just like we all knew it would!)

Congrats on a very cute house! My husband and I would like to go down that path soon too. I'm very excited for you.

Friday the 13th is a lucky day in my family too.

OMG! I'm so excited for you and La! How wonderful! And you know what, it will work out, really it will.

Congratulations! Such a sweet house--it looks so inviting. Very, very exciting.

Such a lovely house! Congratulations. I'm sure your joy at walking through that door every day will make you *want* to drink cheap beer and eat beans.

Yay for Rachel and LaLa! Good luck Ladies! Nothing but the best wishes!

I had to come back and look at the picture again.

That house has a shiny heart.

Cul de sac is good. I live in a cul de sac and it feels safe and happy. I love my little neighbourhood. We have a little shared christmas party and everything. And people notice what's goin' on - the builder who was checking my place out befoere I bought it was challenged by a neighbour as to what he was doing, hanging around and starting at the house.

It looks lovely. I already see you in a (rocking) chair on the front porch, knitting project on the lab, enjoying life ;-)
I keep my fingers crossed that all goes well!!

Best wishes from a b...-freezing cold Germany

You don't know me, I'm one of your regular readers who hasn't ever had the decency to comment ;)
My partner and I are buying our first "real" house together too and just trust me. You ARE most definitely supposed to be terrified. Just like we are right now. At least you don't have another home to sell first like we do- ack! Very exciting and terrifying times. Best of luck to you both!

I've got my fingers crossed from China to New York!
You are doing the right thing! If'd I'd bought the brownstone I'd looked at 8 years ago (which I SWORE would have bankrupted me) I would now be sittin' pretty.

Your knit-out looks like it was FAB! Cheers!

whoohoo on the cute yellow house :-)

A very belated congratulations on the house!

that house looks very cute! Let me tell you, we used to live right next to the richieriches in a 100 year old victorian house in Jersey City. On the other side the very opposite. It was real nice, got the best of both worlds! So its really not bad to sit right in the center of two differerent types of people, you can really socialize with both of them and don't have to choose a box :) Good luck!!

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