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HouseJanuary 14, 2006


Holy shit! They accepted our offer. Did I tell you? No, I didn't. We found aNOTHER perfect house (and Lala, who has grand, mighty big trust in me is taking my word for this, since she couldn't make the viewing due to work), and made an offer, and they accepted it. It WAS on Friday the 13th, which for my family is a very lucky, good day, and the door was opened for me by Davis, my realtor's brother -- he opened the door of my condo for me the first time, and I felt the same way then, that I would live there and be happy there. It felt right. Like home.

Of course, this means that it has to make it through escrow. Ack. Yeah. And I couldn't sleep last night, convinced that we weren't going to be able to afford it. (We did the math in the morning and we can, if we drink cheap beer and eat beans.)

But it's sweet and it's yellow and it has three bedrooms (yay!) and a fireplace and a yard and a creek and a glassed-in front porch. If someone took a marker to the Thomas Guide and drew a line that delineated the border between the golf links and the drug dealers, we would land RIGHT on that line. It's spittin' distance to richey-rich, but a block up is a kinda sketchy. The street itself is lovely, a culdesac of sweet little well-maintained homes with nice cars in front. No bars on the windows. And did I mention that it's right at the top of our price range? Yeah? I did? Tappitty tappity tappity tap, drum my nervous fingers on anything within reach.

Well, as Celia and Nancy said today at the knit-out, that's the way it's supposed to be. We're SUPPOSED to be terrified. That's natural. Do you have ANY idea how much better that made me feel? A lot. A whole hell of a lot. Seriously. Can you say that to me a bunch more? The mortgage always gets paid, right? The cell phone bill? Sure, let's hope so. But the mortgage will get paid. Both mortgages, since I'm going to keep the condo and rent it out.


The stress level just shot up again. Nancy said, to that bit, "That's the smartest thing you can do. Of all the regrets we hear, isn't the most common one that we hear is that they sold that piece of property they should have held onto, years ago....."

God bless her. And all the knit-out-ists that showed up today. How fun it was! A ton of people showed up, more than I ever expected, and we basically took the cafe over. At one point one lone woman had been surrounded by people with pointy needles. At least she was a new knitter, so she didn't mind too much. One woman, while ordering coffee, remarked to one of our group, "Is EVERYONE knitting here?" The cafe was FULL of knitters. Happiness. A gal named Jennifer even came up to us near the end and said, "Hey, I'm knitting too, can I join you?" She didn't know about the gathering, but she was a perfect fit, one of several librarians, knowing people in common with our group. I admired her for doing that.

Here are Celia and Nancy, who might have saved my sanity:


Me with Maia:

    See? I am deranged.

    The Jeni Group

Many more fabulous people were there, and I'm so bad at remembering things and sites, and I'll totally screw them up, so I won't even try. But I do remember that Cordelia has a new site, so go tell her hello!

And cross your fingers with us for a smooth escrow, wouldja? It would mean a lot....


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That house is just adorable. It looks so cozy and friendly. Now you can have crack on Tuesdays, and caviar on Wednesdays! How perfect is that? But I think you should paint the front door bright red! Or yellow!

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