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January 5, 2006


Just a reminder:

Saturday, January 14th, 1pm at the Temescal Cafe, 4920 Telegraph, Oakland.

I have more to tell and show you (SOCKS!) but I'm running out now to meet Lala for dinner and then a movie at the best theater in Oakland, the Parkway, so I'll catch up with ya later. Mwah!

PS - I think it was a rat, driven up from the sewers by the rain. Ew. Is that better, or worse?


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Not better, but not that much worse either. At least you found it right away... my cats used to leave them to rot under furniture, only to be discovered on the rare occasion I got down on the floor to do yoga. Double ew.

Ahh! A rat?! Yikes. My last cat left decapitated bunny heads on the welcome mat--daily!
I'm excited about the knit-out, I'll definitely be there!

Actually, that's better, because it means there was probably only ever one rat. And it's dead. If it had been a mouse....mice are never solo.

Worse. But it wasn't very large so...I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

My run in with mice this year was much less pleasant. Let's say there was a clogged sink and my unknowing hand involved. The mouse was the plug. Bleh.

It's not better or worse. They're both icky to have in your house. How big was it? Rats are pretty friggin' big compared to a mouse. http://www.ratbehavior.org/images/RatMouse.jpg

Either way, I'll bet your glad it's dead. :)

Rats are smarter, friendlier, and marginally cleaner (mice are still pretty clean). I still feel sorry for it, either way, though it certainly had no business being in your home.

Your cats love you well, you know? Protecting you from meeting that thing live, or letting it get into your breakfast cereal or pasta or something.
Tell Lala what a romantic gift a few packs of paper toweling would be ;-D he,he.

Hey, I'm so excited, it looks like I'm going to be able to make it to the Knit Out this Saturday! I'll have one kid with me so I don't know how long I'll stay, but I'm excited to meet some folks in person.

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