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Lace SocksJanuary 31, 2006

Hi. My name is Rachael. And I'm a plain ole sock-knitter.

I do mean plain ole. For the life of me, I can't knit a fancy sock. I can knit a fancy sweater, sure. Bring it on. But socks? It's like time stops and I all I feel is annoyance.

I bought Nancy Bush's gorgeous Knitting Vintage Socks. Started one of them, got from the top to the heel and just wanted to spit. Put it away.

But I love the IDEA. I don't think I'd ever understood it before, but then I got the BEST pair of socks in a swap from Siow Chin and I got it.

(Sorry for the crap photo -- this is the best I could do in the bathroom light -- they only looked good against the laundry, and I'm tired of waiting until they're clean and dry to photograph, since I always seem to wearing, washing, or drying them.)

Lacy socks are the best. They make your feet feel sexy, even without a pedicure. I love love love them. (Pattern is from the same book, btw.)

So I knew I needed to make some, even after I'd gotten mightily tired of knitting the vintage pattern. Too wide. Too long. Too much lace already! I decided to switch it up. I took some koigu, cast on with my regular toe, added a stitch pattern from Barbara Walker, just across the top, made my reg'lar short-row heel, and continued up with the lace, now going all the way around. Couldn't be easier!

Or more irritating. Gah.

I think I'm just a knitter that likes having to look down as little as possible, since I'm always doing something WHILE I'm knitting, and lace socks are fiddly. Fiddlesticks. At least with cables you have great long rows of NOTHING going on, and only have to glance occasionally. I was ready to throw these socks away (really) until a friend mentioned that I should make ankle-socks. Oh, bless her.


Cute! And done! One more sock to make, but it's already half-way to the heel, just this afternoon. Oh, yeah. This is more like it. Fickle me. (And I've finished making the yarn for the rest of the handspun sweater, but it just won't dry in this damp air. Almost there.)

There. Aren't you proud of me? A whole post about KNITTING? Can I be excused for the rest of the month?

Now. How beautiful is my future sister-in-law Won-Ju? (Go see her new art (including cards!) -- it'll knock you out.)

(Yes, I know the shawl is lace. It's bigger. Different. Right?)

    PS - Hello, New Zealand reader! Isn't that counter on the right cool? Somehow now I feel like people are popping by to say hello..... Would you like some coffee? Tea? A cocktail?


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I have a similar block with any patterns that require too much looking. Trying to listen to podcasts etc. doesn't feel enough like multitasking to me, I guess. Nevertheless, the finished product is worth it and very lovely.

Good job on the sock! Just don't give up on #2!

That counter is rad. I gotta get one!

The shawl isn't knit in the round, either. BIG difference.

I have a love/hate relationship with sock knitting. I was loving the toe-up method until I had to bind off, then I hated it. I hated it through the toe, now I am back to loving it. For now.

I love socks. All kinds of socks. I could make socks all of the time. Seriously.

And right now, there's someone here from Latvia. LATVIA? Who knew?

That's a great button thingummy, but I feel like I'm letting the side down if I'm the only UK bod looking, and I have to leave!

And I'm not sure about lace socks. They remind me too much of the ones I wore to school with my uniform when I was little...

umm with the way things are at work... I want me a cocktail and make it strong please :)

I made teh shell socks for Mama Mao and loved them I will make another pair for me at some stage (hahaha when no one knows...)

Aww so pretty! I've gotta get that book.

Bloody Mary, please!

Yes, I know, I still have coffee in my cup, but gimme a break. I'm moving offices today and no-one has showed up yet to move my computer...and me with no knitting in my bag! (SIN!)

I have made two socks thus far. I enjoyed it for the same reason that you did--I didn't have to look down for most of it!

*no one

GAWD. See what pre-moving stress does to an English Major?

My problem with lace socks is that you have to pay attention. And I want to not have to pay attention when I'm knitting socks. Someday, though, I'm going to knit something besides Feather and Fan and Jaywalker.

Love those shortie socks! I do all of my socks toe up and once I get past the heel, I'm pretty impatient to be done. Needless to say, I have quite a few short socks (and a lot of sock yarn leftovers) as well!

Pretty socks! Hey, I was in big Long's yesterday and I saw CADBURY CREME EGGS. Did you know?

You should be proud at any available opportunity. And yes, the counter's well cool :-) ~Sharon

I love knitting socks, but I rarely make them taller than just above the ankle. I like the fit better and they don't fall down! Your sock looks great.

Now I want to try lace socks. But like you I'm not sure I can stand the fiddliness.

Yours look great. And you and your SIL to be look great too!

Won-Ju is lovely indeed, as is her art!

I've been contemplating knitting my first pair of lace socks, but I haven't found a pattern that calls to me. I'm glad you found a solution that didn't call for throwing the sock away!

Kia Ora, mate!

I read "New Zealand reader" and had that moment...New Zealand reader!!...Hey! That's me!

I'm an expat from the States, though pretty settled here at this point. I used to live in the Bay Area, which is just one of the (many) reasons that I like reading your blog. You and Lala tend to go to so many of the same places that I used to.

I like the idea of lace socks much better than the reality of them...I also *hate* patterns that try and make me start with a purl stitch on dpns! Gah!

Your counter is way cool. 'cept I've been by three times today just to see Canada come up on the screen. And you KNOW I was already an addict. . . grace

Hey! I love your creation. I've got to try your formula (toe-up, throw in a stitch pattern).

My feet hardly ever feel sexy. And somehow I don't expect that lace socks would solve anything in that area. But perhaps I should give it a try!

I guess I look too much at my knitting, because I love lace socks. I think the ankle sock solution is brilliant. Ankle socks are very sexy.

Congrats on your sock (soon to be socks)! I'm a big fan of lace patterns in which every other row is plain knitting - it gives me a bit of the tedium I like. ;)

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