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Let There Be LightJanuary 22, 2006

Just this week I have learned this about myself: I cannot change a light. Of any kind.

1. All my flashlights are dead. That is always guaranteed in my house. Nothing I can do about it -- if I change the batteries, they're still dead inside a week. Just how it goes. I need one of those wind-up kinds someday.

2. I had the mechanic fix a headlight this week when I got a tune-up. The headlight that I had been meaning to install myself had been rattling around the back of my car since at least August. (It was particularly handy to wave said bulb at the police officer when pulled over -- look! I really DO mean to fix it! Tomorrow! Promise!) I find driving at night with two headlights so COOL. I had forgotten that.

3. Lala strong-armed me yesterday into changing the burnt-out lightbulbs in my house. She was astonished to find that I have a store of them (of course! They are a staple, like flour and extra toothpaste -- that does not mean I have to change them when burned out. Silly). When we counted, I had SIX lightbulbs burned out in my tiny condo. I've been living by the light over the stove and the string of white lights in the living room for a while now. (Truth: We didn't change the two outside, but that's another day, says me.)

So it's light in here. I suppose that's good, although I can see the dust bunnies better, and that's not a main goal right now.

Went to see Janine the other day. She shows a picture of her goody-box. I show a picture of her AND her goody-box.

Could she be cuter? No, I think not.


That there behind me and my chins is a real, machine-made Sale Pending sign. And haven't heard anything about the loan from the mortgage broker. No news is good news? (We did get the Amount You'll Pay docs from the lender, which made me hyperventilate again, but only until I did the math, and after that I was only wheezing.)

And a pic for La, just because:



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So only mid day viewing by prospective renters then?:0)

The railings of that house you seem to be featuring recently look ripe for lits of hanging baskets with flowers and herbs for the table of whoever might live there...maybe a cutting from George could join that bush in the corner?

It sounds as if the paperwork is going along as it will and any problems will be solved for whoever should own that house, which of course seems to have your names already written all over it.

Keep breathing, as I found out from Anne some people think it is actually addictive:0)

You oughta just call your broker and ask what's up. Make the broker earn his/her money.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

...fingers (and needles) crossed over here :)

Have you considered a rechargeable flashlight that sits plugged into the charger 'til you need it? (My husband's wind up light is on backorder from Bean.) And get some compact flourescent bulbs. They cost more initially (get a 12-pk at a warehouse store), but use less energy :(less $$) and last forever (fewer bulb changes- what's not to love?) I never seem to have a charged flashlight b/c I have a 5yo who sneaks off with them and then I find them under her bed, turned on, burned out. Perhaps the kitties are using yours to stalk the dust bunnies at night? Good luck with the house.

Is that your station wagon? What a wonderful vehicle! In August 2005, I put to rest my deceased 1975 Chevy Caprice Estate Wagon root beer brown with fake wood panels). What a wonderful car. Unfortunately, the bottom was completely rusted out and bits and pieces kept falling onto the road everytime I drove it. Eventually I had no exhaust system. It would cost thousands and thousands to rebuild the undercarriage because the entire thing was held together by rust. So sad. Rust is not a problem West Coasters have, which is probably why you all have such cool vintage cars.

Try the Forever Flashlight. No batteries! All you have to do is shake it!

Congratulations on the Pending Sale!

We have a wind-up flashlight. The belt broke. They don't work when the belt breaks, and replacing the belt means risking the big spring coming violently unsprung. I like dollar store flashlights.

AaaaaAHHHH! The suspense is killing me.

Yes, I know it's not my house but I'm not getting one this year (or next) and you are so I'm getting all worked up over your stuff.

I'm weird like that. And like a bunch of other ways too.

I suck at changing light bulbs too ... good thing my hubby is an electrician. *lol*

Have a great day! :)

I can promise you, no news is actually good news. I know first hand. If there was any problem with financing they'd wake you up at the butt crack o' dawn to tell you.
Sounds like things are moving along swimmingly for you two!

Yay! Sounding good...

That's the best thing about waiting for just the right opportunity to change lots of burned-out lightbulbs: it's like a whole new place when you're done!

And congratulations on your wedding and house news! You deserve all good things in life. Glad to hear you're getting them.

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