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MoneyJanuary 18, 2006

I was at the bank yesterday, making a deposit. After three and a half months, direct deposit has still not kicked in at the new job, so I end up carrying the paychecks around the bottom of my purse until I manage to get to the bank every once in a while.

Hey! While I'm there, I can get cash! Yay, cash!

Withdrawal from checking: $60.00

Whirrrr. The money spits out. I touch it. Whirrr. The machine SUCKS the money back in.

Neener, neener, neener. Wasn't that pretty? Wasn't that money nice? Wouldn't you have liked that burrito you could have bought if there had been money in your pocket? No! You can't have it! You're not a good enough person to have our money! We've changed our minds!

I went in the bank and told a customer service rep. She said, get this, "Oh, yeah, that machine does that."

Hello? Fix the machine? Money is important, especially when the tummy is rumbly..... It was slightly horrifying. That's what you always wonder will happen when taking out large amounts (or is it just me?), and then it did. Goodbye, sweet cash....

I just now called the bank, and they're going to credit my account, but that's still not very well cash, is it? Man, I think I'm hungry, because now all I can think about is that burrito.


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Rachel: Something similar to that happened to me a few years ago. I took out some money from the ATM at the grocery store. It whirred and did it's little ATM thing, spit out a receipt that said it had taken the money out of my account. Unfortunately, it didn't give me my money. I stood there for about 3 minutes trying to figure out what to do because the bank wasn't anywhere near the ATM. I finally hollered for the grocery manager and made him witness that I had not received any money from the ATM. It took about 4 weeks to get the money credited back to my account. Turns out the ATM had "run out" of money and hadn't shut itself down. I don't use ATM's anymore (or debit cards). TMK

No kidding - hello? The machine is defective! Please get another machine, or start serving burritos in the lobby.

Whoa. I am a total space cadet and so I often *think* that the ATM didn't give me money (when in fact it's already in my wallet) but I've never been subjected to that level of taunting. Too bad it wasn't a set-up for Candid Camera.

That machine is a total tease! Whatever! I'd be so mad! Mmmmmm....burrito.

I had that happen to me too. I guess the problem was I took too long. I too was shocked when it sucked my $$ back in!

mmmmm burrito...

but maybe the ATM machine had gotten the magical "these lovely ladies want to buy a house" memo, and was trying to save you from blowing your savings on burritos, yarn, and beer.

woah, that may be the ultimate trifecta. could we open up a combination bar-burrito-yarn store? i might never leave...

Well that sucks. I'm just saying.

That's so weird. But I'm also smiling because I do the same thing with paychecks. I could do direct deposit but I feel more confident when I put the money in the bank myself. But yeah, I have the check from last week still in my purse. Maybe it's a little subconscious "Hey, I'm not living paycheck to paycheck anymore" thing.

hey, em, i AM still living paycheck to paycheck... i suppose my checks-floating-in-the-purse are more a way of keeping me from spending them (on things like yarn and burritos?) until i actually NEED it... then suddenly i remember, when i'm at my most desperate... duh, i have that paycheck at the bottom of my purse.

damn...no burritos in Guanzhou, China.

Try forgetting your ATM card in the machine after it spits it out at you and then sucks IT back in. I was drunk, though. My own fault.

Try forgetting your ATM card in the machine after it spits it out at you and then sucks IT back in. I was drunk, though. My own fault.

"It does that?"???? Um, give me the cash NOW. NOW NOW NOW. (Speakiing as someone who regularly fights with the bank. :) And of course, if that money was the last of your money and you were overdrawn as a result? They'd charge you fees. It's never the bank's fault!)

Come to think of it, that's exactly what the policeman said after his horse bit me -- "Oh yeah, he does that."


It never ceases to amaze me how non-challant people can be, when it's not their problem. . . I hope you get your burrito soon.

now i'm having mexican for dinner....wonder where i can get a decent burritto?

mmmmmmm, burrito. now i'm hungry! here's wishing you a speedy crediting-back of money - good luck.

I once had an ATM spit out my card and then crash and start to reboot itself. Needless to say, I didn't get my $40.

If you asked nicely, they probably would have given you some cash from your account inside the bank...

I think I would have started looking around for the camera. Of course, being me, I probably would have started talking to the machine. Out loud. I can be kind of embarrassing like that.

"Hello? ATM fairies? Um...can I have my money back please? Helloooo?"

I went to the atm machine the other day to withdraw 200.00It did its thing and gave me my card back.No money no receipt.It was taken out off my account balance.The bank gave me a credit until they finsh investing.I am worried sick here.I know for a fact I didn't get my money.How will they find out though.Help

Yestarday night,
Smilar thing happened to me.
I tried tow ithdraw $150.00. It gave me the receipt with $150.00 deducted out of my account but did nt give me my money. I was there for 10 minutes looking at the camera. There was a security guard inside building. He could not resolve my problem. After some time another customer came and withdrew his money . I tried for $10 and got that. I still dont know what happened with my $150.00 I am going to the bank now to complain about this.Its BOA ATM BTW.

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