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January 16, 2006

On my way to work, but I just wanted to tell you: Yesterday Lala and I took a little spy-walk in the neighborhood and walked by the house. There had been an open house planned for the weekend. So, leaned up against the front gate was the realtor's open house signboard with a handlettered sign that read: "Open House Cancelled. Sale Pending."

We plotzed. That's US. WE'RE the pending.

How are you going to handle me like this until February 10th? (That's the hoped-for close of escrow date. I hope I hope I hope I hope.....)


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Oh. What a wonderful house! How exciting. I shall think hopeful thoughts for you and Lala. (I'm sorry, may I be just the tiniest bit envious, too?) I love your blog

Can I offer a piece of advice? Well, not really advice, but a word of warning? Don't freak out if your closing date gets changed. A lot. And like a few hours before you're actually supposed to close. Doesn't mean you aren't getting the house, just means that all the OTHER people involved are ditzes.(Unfortunately I know this first hand.)

Again, let me say, MAZEL TOV!

I can handle this just fine - I'm your biggest chearleader, remember? Go Rachel, Go Lala . . .

I'm so excited for both of you, I look forward to the time leading up to (and, of course beyond) February 10th. Forget handling anything.

I can't wait to hear of more excitement when things get approved, etc. Enjoy every exciting moment. I know you already know it's a rollercoaster but the end result is worth the ups and downs!

Congratulations!! I wish you all the luck in the world. That is truly a cute little house...eep, how exciting.

How to deal? Start knitting an afghan!!!! Now! Go buy yarn, this minute, and knit like a fiend every time you get tense. Conga Rats on the house!

Wehopewehopewehopewehope...right along with you, baby. B-r-e-a-th-e!

It's so fun to visit the neighborhood! I always wanted to go up and knock on the door and say "it's us! we're moving in to that house!" to all the neighbors. heh I never did do that. :)

Honey, I did the exact same thing, driving with some people past our soon-to-be house, jumping up and down and making sure that everyone saw MY SOLD SIGN on the lawn! None of them really grasped the excitingness of it.

When you KNOW you are closing, you need to send me your address so that our 1st weekend int he house you can have NY BAGELS Fed Ex'd to you! (you said you would take me up on it for an "occassion", and I would say this qualifies!!)

The house is ADORABLE and I have everything crossed it all falls into place for you both!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat as necessary.

i second that comment about the closing date, EVERYone i know who has bought a house has had their closing date jerked around all over the place.

but... but... with La moving in with you, who's going to take care of George? ::sniff::

Whoo Hoo!!

I completely do not understand the American way of buying houses but wishing all the best.

(Seems to me here in BC Canada we make an offer on the house, they accept or counter offer, the dealing is eventually done (or not) and then it is subject to the bank deciding whether or not to give you the $$ (usually determined in advance). The bank does have an appraiser check out the house but everything is cut and dried within days. WHY on earth do you have to wait till FEBRUARY?! Inhumane!!

Love the house, can't wait for the tour with ALL YOUR and LALA'S STUFF IN IT! Whoop!!

Your story reminds me of when we bought our house almost 5 years ago...just about the best thing was seeing that "sold" sign tacked across the board the real estate agent had put up in front of it. I actually had my husband take my picture in front of it. It was just too cool to know that the house we really wanted to be in was going to be ours!

Good luck with the waiting (that was the worst part for us, too!). Maybe your spinning wheel can help give you something to do until you close :-)

All right, missie. Stop hoping and start doing what you need to do to make it happen. Oh, and I know it'll cost more, but do not rent your place yourself. Pay someone to act as your agent. It's worth it in the long run.

The house is darling and you are going to have a blast. When I bought my first house I was so excited I wanted to drive by it every day, even though it was 40 miles from where I lived. I still did it most days - wonderful excitement and anticipation, and they only delayed the closing once.

It's a great-looking house, and you are going to love living there. I'm never comfortable until I've signed my life away on All Those Lines, but then the fun begins.

Congratulations to you and Lala. This is such an exciting time for you.

The place is great, Rachael! A perfect place for you and Lala ;)

De-lurking to say congrats! I am so happy for you and Lala!

And yes....listen to Cara...your closing date/time getting moved typically has nothing to do with you. Someone forgot to fax paperwork to the lender, or someone made an error on the loan docs, etc. I see it happen EVERY DAY at work.

That house is absolutely adorable and looks just right for you two! Congrats you guys and nervous tenison...bring it on!

We are all hoping with you! The house is so cute. Best of luck to you and Lala!

Hooray! That house is super cute.

Sounds like all your karma was working on this one and it'll be great.

your excitement is breathtaking as always. *fingers crossed*

That place is adorable. Can't wait to see the pics of the inside!

I think we'll handle you just fine until February 10th! Your genuine excitement is wonderful to see, and I thank you for sharing it with us all here in blogland. :)

The house sounds fantastic! Don't worry about how we will handle you until Feb. 10-this is so exciting! Escrow Land is hell, but is well worth it in the end. Congrats to you and Lala again!

We will totally be excited with you until February 10th, and then we will be EVEN MORE EXCITED when the house is yours.


That's the day that I closed on my first house last year!! Congrats!!!

Yep--when I bought my house, we drove past it just to see the "Sold" sign. Hey, it's a big frickin' deal; why NOT?!

So happy for you! I think you would be surprised to know how much TMK and I talked about you and Lala and the house this weekend.

Yay for being the SALE PENDING! And what a cute house . . . I'm on pins and needles for y'all!

Aw...you're cute, and we're all so happy for you. It's all so exciting!

Yay!! It's lovely :) Mr. Inky and I hope to be going through all this stress sometime by spring. We're just starting to learn about the home buying process now. I wonder what color candle I need to help escrow close, lol!! Congrats :)

Yippee! Yay! Wow!

By the way, we had a blast on Saturday. What a treat to meet such a nice crowd of people!

All the best ! So exciting. :0)

The house looks cute, just the kind I would like, too. It is terrifying; but after a few years of inflation, the payments won't look so huge. My fingers are crossed for you.

Rachael, that house is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've been reading you since last year when you bought the condo, and I am in awe of what you've accomplished since. You're fearless! And if it's any help - my dad just sold his house in Maryland, and even though he hasn't lived in CA for 20 years, he still swears by the escrow system after the legal rigamarole MD made him go through. (and don't ask me to explain it, either!)

oooooh - I LOVE PENDING!!!

I can't WAIT until I've enough money for the downpayment on my place (dream dream dream -- work work work) and I'm PENDING!

(OK, how many times have you re-run that "We're PENDING!" vision through your head?) ;-)

We'll never get sick of you, luv.

Our closing date was changed 3 times due to said ditzes (um, mostly lawyers' "vedy bizzy schedules" and then right before we went to pick up our closing check from the bank, the lawyers called us and told us ONE HOUR prior to our closing appointment, that we needed $2,000 more dollars due to fluctuation percentage of Something. AND, when we went to pick up our check-for-now-too-much-money-than-we-had, our bank had been robbed and we had to drive into the city to the main branch, fax over our signature cards from a different branch, blah blah blah.

We closed on Halloween. ;-) Good thing I'm a witch, eh? ;-)

Oh, I'm hope, hope, hoping that it goes smoothly and that it all happens for you. That is one of the most adorable houses I've ever seen. Best to you & Lala.

I would have *ahem* appropriated that sign for posterity....

I have my fingers crossed for you that nothing goes wrong. You ARE getting an inspection right? I'll look forward to your close date as I look forward to having one of my own... GAH. I am really starting to hate the buying process LOL. Especially in Anchorage (anything newish is a Condo, we have kids. Loud kids. Condo Association be damned. :P)


Cutest. House. Evar.

how are we gonna handle you? with joy, butterfly. with joy.

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