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Showing OffJanuary 21, 2006

Okay, that was weird. I just showed my apartment to prospective renters, a couple, and it was the strangest feeling. Yes, this is my house. Poke around. Do you like it? Do you like it?

I didn't say that of course, but I found myself restraining myself. They asked about the deposit, and I told them, and then I wanted to say "but we can negotiate!" I didn't, again. It's a little early to panic, this after showing it to one couple. A couple? This place is small! I kind of wanted  to talk them out of it, and I didn't know why. You need more room, you two! Go!

Very vulnerable feeling. All of this is kinda vulnerable-ish, though. It's all good. And Lala just pulled up with bagels. Bless her.


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Believe it or not, my better half and I spent seven months sharing an efficiency -- that is, one room plus a bathroom, a whopping 180 square feet max if you include the closets. It was tiny and cramped and frustrating. But as he put it the other night, "The great thing about living in such a small apartment is that there's almost no choice but to cuddle."

Good luck. I hope you find yourself a dream tenant (or two!). Don't rush it and don't worry. Craigslist is a wonderful thing.

I can totally understand your feeling. Rock on for your restraint (especially about the deposit)! I have no filter.

It has to be very strange having people poke around your house while you are there, although I suppose it would be worse to find that this had happened in your absence...

my current apartment - all 625 sq ft - was the former residency of a family of four. One bedroom, one bath for two adults and two teenage boys. I find it small for me and the pup sometimes.
Good luck with the renting - best to wait for the perfect tenant than rush into landlord hell.

You do what you have to do. I knew a couple who tried to rent an above-the-garage 4-room apartment which was perfect for them, but the owner of said apartment was freaked out by the whole thing and wouldn't rent to them.

ooo- that would be weird! i'm glad we were able to move out before putting our house for sale- i don't think i could have handled people looking in my closets

Hold strong! "Good on ya" for your restraint!!!
When ever that little voice of doubt pop up -- just remember that it's your investment after all!!

"And Lala just pulled up with bagels."
Is that a euphemism? ;)

mmmm.... bagels. You know, your place is so cute and looks about 18x bigger than it is... I'm sure you'll have no problem renting!

I had to leave the house while my husband showed the condo to prospective renters, back in my home-owning days. I understand completely.

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