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January 29, 2006

So because Rabbitch will die if I don't say anything about the house and SOON, I will just say that my realtor is optomistic. He was, in fact, VERY optomistic, saying the loan docs are done and there's no problem. Isn't that what they say right before a problem?

Lala and I are slowly realizing that there's a better chance than not that we'll get to buy this house. (!!! -- that's the sound of the top of my head coming off in sheer amazement and outright disbelief.) If we DO get it (how many more days? 12 or 13?), then things happen like paint! And boxes! And movers, because god bless it, no matter how poor we are, I hate moving and movers are angelic sweaty beings whom I worship blasphemously. And being together at the end of the day. One tube of toothpaste. That kind of thing.

I've never lived with anyone else besides family. Did you know that?
           those dots up there show where my brain just shut down. Done. I'm taking a bath and getting up in six hours, so that's all she wrote for tonight. But oh! I've been writing a bit! Gold stars for everyone.


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Oh but it's so exciting!!!

OK, thank you. Now I won't die. unless of course my spinning kills me but that won't be your fault.

Or will it?

Heaven awaits you. Seriously, all stress about budgets and space adjustments aside, living together with the one you love, the one you'll marry, the one you prefer and choose beyond all others...happiness, joy, bliss, small animals underfoot. It's that good.

YMMV, of course, but I don't think so.

Oh, how will EVER stand the suspense?
Howzabout Hourly updates?
All Blessings and LOVE to you both,

It's so thrilling, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your excitement with us.

Fantastic news!! Can't wait to read more!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you two. :)

Living with someone else is, um, an adventure...actually, it really is, and if that person you will be living with happens to be someone you really love, then it is usually lots of fun.

It may take some time to figure out how to merge your art collections, etc., but still, I hope you enjoy the process!

Looking good and continuing to send good mojo your way!

Somehow, I just know everything is going to work out perfectly for the two of you. Take deep breaths.....


Love, honor, and negotiate... :)

So exciting, all of it.

And the one tube of toothpaste thing will be great--Lala is part of your family, the one that you get to choose.

Never?!? Really? Well, probably some adjusting, then. But the good kind. Yippee!

I concur about having movers, it's an absolute MUST!!! I have to admit that I went through most of my life not understanding this and when I was finally 33 my then gf introduced me to the world of movers. Oh, bliss. Never want to move any other way again!

Oh, and congrats, yet again, on the house thing it's SO close!!!

*thinks about knitted house warming gifts* ;)

How'm I going to make it through 12 more days?

Ooh, so excited for you!

rabbitch is such a drama queen ;)

i've lived with strangers and i've lived with someone i love. both are challenging but i like living with someone i love MUCH better.

good luck!

The three kinds of marriage:

Social marriage
Legal Marriage
Shared Sock Drawer

Best of luck!!

Movers, yeah. Worth any amount of money, almost.

I've always had a hard time living with roommates, but living with the one I love is wonderful. Congratulations!

All the good thoughts I can muster coming your way. Of course you have to share with Rabbitch. She has some of them coming her way too.

We are not sharing a sock drawer. Or an underwear drawer. I will, however, share my potato chips with you.

Yeah. Just because you like your handmade socks and know I'm not a big potato chip fan..... What about sock YARN?

Wowza, I love checking in on your house progress...this is so exciting!

In California movers are "angelic sweaty beings"? Really?? I should move there! Cause in New Yawk, they're misogynist scumbags!

In California movers are "angelic sweaty beings"? Really?? I should move there! Cause in New Yawk, they're misogynist scumbags!

Too exciting. But do keep an extra toothpaste tube on hand for when one of you travels (having learned this the hard way...)

moving and boxes and craziness and stress....but oh the goodness that will at the end of all that. :) right?

Thank you for saving Rabbitch's life.

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