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Yes! January 13, 2006

The Knit-Out is still on! I've been in bed for five days -- the cooties are good and old and you won't catch anything, and I've GOT to get out of the house. (Really, I'm feeling better. Thanks for all the well-wishes. It seems to be going around, huh? Myrrh and elderberry next time, I swear I'll remember.....)

Saturday (tomorrow) the 14th, Temescal Cafe near Article Pract on Telegraph, Oakland, 1pm Be there!


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I'll be there in spirit, does that count? *sniff*

You sent me your flu. Except of course we've never met and I have a cold. But what.ever. Details, shmetails.

I'm blaming you, and that's all there is to it.


Okay. Explain a knit-out.

I'm jealous.

I wish I could be there. I have a Choral Project retreat this weekend, so while you're all there knittin' I will be singin'. Give all the gals a squeeze for me, 'kay? Mwah!

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