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The Shut-InsFebruary 5, 2006

I keep wanting to post, but it's been so crazy and busy and all o'that good stuff. I'm feeling a little off today -- not sure if it's a cold or allergies, but feeling funny. So I'm going to bed early and I'm going to sleep.

But first I have to send you over to take a listen to the Shut-Ins. They're the band we're having for the wedding, because Lala said she wanted them and that's good enough for me. I know one of the lead singers, Mike Roper, and I adore him, but I'd never heard them until the other night, when I realized we're going to have a PARTY with them there. They freakin' rocked. I loved them. Hulabilly, baby. Whoreshoe-Joni actually called Lala that afternoon and said she had tickets to the Violent Femmes, did Lala want to go? Lala said that we were going to hear the Shut-Ins, and Joni said, "The SHUT-INS?! Oh, that's where *I'M* going." And she did. They're that great. Go listen. Enjoy.


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Damn, they're fun. Thanks for the musical tip. You're wedding is going to rock.

Wow, pretty cool. I'm a Hapa Haole hula girl myself, so they couldn't really go wrong with a title like that!

Beleive it or not, I have heard of them before.

Every once and a while they are ont he radio here. Probably doesn't help I live in Honolulu either ;)

Thanks for the link - I'll check it out!

R, if you are catching the head/chest cold that's been going around, sleep is the best thing. Also, ginger, lemon, hot pepper oil, green onions, and chicken broth. And vitamin C! It's a brutal cold...

Daang, they're cool--I might have to buy their CD for my father in law. BTW, Jane and I are going to the Cafe du Nord show on Saturday night -- when are the Whoreshoes going to be on? (Jane knows someone in the Pine Box Boys, so it's a double treat...)

Sigh... Another CD to add to my never-ending wishlist! And yeah, they're that great.

Yay! And when is the big day?

I'm so glad you got the house and the band sounds great! Seriously--a new favorite. Psychobilly I knew, hula-billy may change my life.

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