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Keys! February 10, 2006

We have keys.


Know what that means? We have a HOUSE. A real, house-house. Seriously, words can't even start to say how we feel. And Lala liked it! Loved it! She hadn't seen the inside until this morning, trusting that I'd made a good choice (oh, the pressure). We actually don't take possession until tomorrow at noon, and the ex-owners (that means we're the new ones!) were there, the house full of boxes and furniture. But even picking around all that, Lala loved it. Hooooray! Can you IMAGINE if she hadn't? She would have, even if it were a dump, but it's not, and she's thrilled, and I'm over the moon. (She actually said the other day that she couldn't be happier if she won the lottery. I said that was silly, because then she could buy a house. She said, yes, after she bought a house with the lottery, THEN she'd be the same level of happy as she was with buying our house. I love that.)

Now I must pack. I am SO behind, and I have about half of a day to get the rest of the condo packed. Movers don't come until a week from today, but I'm working, and I want us to paint a bit before the move, and the 'rents are coming tomorrow to see the empty house, and and and and. All good stress! Day-um.

We have a HOUSE! Oy. Joy. I am overklempt.

Also, we have a dog the size of a coffee-cup:


Thank you, for all your crossed fingers and dpns. Thanks, with all our hearts. More pics to come, as the movin'-in continues.....


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Congratulations! Good luck with the painting and moving and cleaning and more cleaning and more moving and unpacking and reorganizing. So much work, but SOOO worth it.

Wooooohhhooooo! And - amazing, rocking, keys!

CONGRATULATIONS! What a great feeling, eh?! I can't wait for lots of pictures!!! It looks SOOOO CUTE from the outside!

Yay!! Enjoy your first weekend in the new place. I know it doesn't count as your first weekend living there, but you know. Happy, happy!

Halle-FREAKIN-Lujah! I am SO happy for you. Yippee!! And just remember small, little lists- no more than 5 things per list. This is most excellent! And now I want a cup of coffee. Heh, I just realized your dog is the size of a coffee cup and mine is the size of a keg. Anyhow, really and truly congratulations. May much fun, love and laughter be had in that house!

Congratulations - I love your keys - where did you get animal print keys?

Damn, real estate moves fast out there.


happy dance!!!! happy dance!!!!!

congratulations -

Good things happen to and for good people...


Yipee! I am so excited for you!

Congratulations! That is SO exciting!! Best wishes for the actual move!

seee.. told you had a good feeling.. welcome to the world of home ownership!

Congratulations! I hope you have fun with all the moving and re-decorating that are part of the next phase!

Oh, congratulations!!!!

Congrat to you, Lala, and all the little schmoos who will be moving in. Happyhappyhappy!

Congratulations! May the stress stay good and your house stay filled with happiness.

Can't type, jumping up and down madly with glee! How Wonderful for both of you! Congratulations!!

WHOO HOO!!! Congrats...now you get to move and decorate and make it your own! How exciting! So if we don't hear from you for the next week, we know you're in the midst of packing/unpacking!

I am so, SO happy for you guys. I remember that feeling, and it's the best feeling in the world.

So dern happy fer the two of you! Yay! This is awesome.

Wow! That's really quick!

Good thing, actually, I was starting to get cramp in my crossed fingers. :-)

Hot damn, that was fast! Congratulations!!!!!!



Enjoy the happy chaos to come with all the painting/packing/moving/futzing.

Y'all are gonna have such a happy happy family in your home home.

congratulations! and i'm so glad lala loves it too. i can't believe she hadn't seen it yet. i'm afraid that i could never let joe pick out a house without me because he'd put an offer on the house because he liked the shed in the backyard.

You don't just have keys - you have damn cute keys. And a house! I'm so happy for you both!

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for the both of you!

Oh, that is such a nice feeling.. knowing you can paint, and rip up the yard, and knock down a wall if you want.. or not! it doesn't matter! It's YOURS! I'm sitting here behind the reception desk at a stuffy old law firm grinning my ass off... and I've never even met you! Congrats, dears.

I've been enjoying your blog as a lurker for some time now, but just had to come out of the shadows to join with everyone else in saying how happy I am for you, Lala and the house. I love happy endings!

Hooray! I had forgotten that Lala hadn't seen the place--but why wouldn't she love it?

This must be soooooooo exciting.

May your new home be filled with stimulating conversation, fantastic parties, furry creature, beautiful music, piles of yarn and lots of love.

Congratulations and have a wonderful time settling in.


Congratulations! May your new home be filled with much happiness and many blessings for the two of you!

OK, all together now:
1. Release held breath
2. Take in new breath
Repeat as needed.
Thank goodness - I was turning really blue. Women Rule!

Congratulations, cutiepants. Hearing this good news really makes my day--I love it when nice things happen to wonderful people.

And it's a lovely house! I snuck by yesterday and peered at it and made the neighbors nervous and got stared at by a brown Chow. And you've found a nice little street too. Well kept houses and yards with nice plants in them! and it looks like people won't be barrelling through to somewhere else because, well, you can't get through. Yay! And you've really got it with the keys in hand! Yay yay Yay!

Wow! Congrats! Let the mixing of the dogs and cats and yarns and music begin! :)

Fab !
Wishing you both much happiness in your new home. I'm really looking forward to seeing the pics.

OMG! I'm so HAPPY for both of you!

saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!
omg omg omg
om-f'ing-g !!!!
of course, we knew it all along: how could this wonderful go to anyone else? no one deserves it more than you guys...
and now it's all *** Y O U R S ! ***

cheers loves!!

Woohoo!! Congrats. Love your keys! Gracie has cool ones like that.

Wow, that was one fast escrow. CONGRATULATIONS. I bet you can't stop grinning, can you?

^ home

(this wonderful home!)
it's your own HOME !!!

CONGRATULATIONS... may you lock and unlock your house in ever leopard happiness :)

Congrats, you're official!

Yayayayayayay! I'm so, so happy for both of you. I didn't know I could be so happy for two people I don't even know. Congratulations, cutie pies!

NOw that's some WONDERFUL news!

Big Blessings for you and Lala on your new house and life together!

Wonderful! Many Congrats! May the move be as stress-less as possible!

Yesssss!! That is so frickin' awesome! Congrats Rach & Lala - and the whole gang of animals too...

Wahooo! Congratulations! Best of luck with the move and painting and all the rest.

I'm so happy for you both.

Happy for you two!!

How did I get so far down the list? Dayum! But, honestly, you rule! Huzzah! Woot! Woo Hoo! Wahoo! I'm really happy for you both.


Now THAT is the true testament of love. You two bought a house and she had NOT EVEN SEEN THE INSIDE OF IT! (not yelling, just completely amazed!)

So happy for you both. Futures so bright, ya gotta wear shades :)!

This is Fantabulous news!!!!

Con-freakin'-gratulations! So happy for you!

Oh, that is just so fuckin' fabulous I can hardly stand it!


OK, I'm almost as excited as you are. I'll sit down and shut up now.


Best. News. EVER!!!!

AWESOME. Absolutely *awesome*!

(And don't forget the Grant's Ant Stakes!)

Congratulations, that is so exciting for you both!

Congratulations! I can only imagine, but wow! A house. Your own house.

Long ago, on a planet far, far away when the blogiverse was young and I had just discovered it, I remember a young novelist/dispatcher who was disillusioned with love, dating, the whole megillah. Then there was a certain banjo girl who appeared on the horizon. and now? NOW? Banjo Girl and the Girl With the Pearl Pen are living happily ever after in the house on the edge of the wilds...(ok, we won't send this to the Booker Prize committee, eh.) all this to say...CONGRATULATIONS, GIRLIES!! you give us who need it hope...

Oh, I'm so happy for you two! Congratulations!

Oh my god!! Yaaaay Rachael and Lala, congratulations on your place!!!! =D

Oh that is just WONDERFUL news! Congratulations to you both. And may even the boring-est bits of packing and moving and unpacking be filled with love and joy as you create your home together.

Hooray!!! That was fast, but so exciting that the hard and boring parts are done and now you get to make it yours. You and Lala are homeowners together!

Overklempt - heh. That's about where I am right now. 17 more days till we get our keys...

Another big WOO HOO!! Now that I'm getting in the fray of house buying, I can truly *feel* the joy you must be feeling right now. And I can't imagine the nervousness you must have been going through in putting an offer on the house without Lala seeing it first. (And of course she'd love it, but still...)


MAZEL TOV! Whew! That was FAST!

This is wonderful news! Congratulations! I knew it was just a matter of time before your house mojo kicked in. Enjoy your new nest. :)

Oh my god you have a HOUSE and you took possession TODAY!!! That means you're probably there NOW -- in your HOUSE! Congratuations! xoxo

It's a BIG coffee cup, though, right? The Miss Idaho grande!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!
I am absolutely thrilled for the both of you!!
Happy packing and moving (I hate that part of "a new house thing" ;-) )

Best wishes from snow covered Germany

I can't believe how fast you found a house! I know it seemed like along time, but it really wasn't. I hope that you and Lala love it even more than you think you will! Congrats!

Congradulations! OH--You're gonna need a lawnmower at some point! And you can grow your own veggies this spring! A water feature! You can have a water feature! Near your patio out back (you do have a patio out back??)! You can sit outside and admire your garden while you knit and listen to the burbling water! I hope the house has a fenced yard--your babies will love it then! Oh, congradulations!

Yay Yay Yay!!! I'm so glad it has all paid off for you both! Good luck with the moving. It's a pain but at least you have something amazing to look forward to!

*squee for tiny dog and house and coffee cup!!*

hope your house is filled with joy and creativity and love and friends and everything you want it to be!

oh!! and a narnia-esque wardrobe filled with nothing but your favorite yarn that appears, as if by magic, whenever you want new yarn.

Yay Yay Yay!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!! Woot!!


Congrats that must feel just wonderful!

YAY!!! I am so happy for you both! And not surprised at all that Lala liked it. She loves you, and you've obviously got great taste, and you love her, so duh, of course you're gonna pick one she'd love. It makes sense to me! ;-) Happy moving!

Yeah! Congratulations! Now, how many houses do you own now???


proud of you! :)

Yeah, but that's not just any coffee cup!

And, it's so great about the house. I've been busy lately, so I haven't had the chance to pop on over. Great news!

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