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HOUSEFebruary 12, 2006

Let's photoblog, since I have time to do nothing else. And please, forgive my absence from these pages for a while, since I have SO MUCH TO DO in the next week. But I knew you needed JUST a little more, so here are some shots from yesterday, the day Lala and took possession of OUR HOUSE.

(Hang on. I'd like to say it again, please. Our House. Ourhouse. OURHOUSE. The house that is ours. Day-um. I'm fanning myself.)

Anyway. My little mama was adorable and said that she really, truly wanted to drive up from the Central Coast (a four-hour drive at 65mph that, for them, always turns into an exhausting nineteen-eleventy hours in the car) to see the house in its bare-bones ain't-nothing-in-here state. And bless her, she was right. It was like breaking a bottle of champagne over its bow, only without the wasted alcohol. Mom and Dad and my sisters and practically-related-Becky and Lala's brother and sister-in-law came, too, and the almost the whole dang family was there to wish us well in our new home. It felt just right.

No, I'm photoblogging! Sorry, I forgot.

Here you go:

I think I have about nine different favorite spots, but this is from the glassed-in front porch. What a place for wicker furniture and a basket of sock-yarn, huh?

Coming in from the sunporch, that'll be my writing/knitting room. That's the wool room. Hooo boy.

Turn to the left, and that's a little dog in a big room. You can see the hallway that leads to the bathroom and the other two bedrooms (ours in the back, Lala's in the middle).

I love this one. (She has a can of 7-Up in her hand that we found in the fridge. She held it out and dubbed it the most expensive can of 7-Up we'd ever bought.)

I can't stand the pink. Really. HATE it. It's more mauve and it gives me a headache, even though everyone else seems to really like it (including Lala, and it's kind of her to humor me in this). We're going to do yellow instead. Yay!

Oh, yeah.

Kitchen. Laundry-space (vacant now) to the right.

Back yard! New deck! Can't you see a hot-tub? And my other fave place is down there at the bottom of the yard -- that gate opens and there's another little fenced in area, overlooking the creek. A secret garden. We'll have another little table down there and a place to write and drink coffee. Oh, oh, oh.

Harriet is well chuffed.

Red walls. Heck, yeah.

Well, hello there!

The 'rents out front. I love how the little mama dressed to match the house.

Hangin' on the stoop.

All of us. I love this one, too.

House! Our house! Hoooooooray! Thanks again for the well-wishes, you darlings, you. Now, to pack and then unpack. Wish us luck. See you in about a week!


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Oh, you are so cute. And the house fits you two to a TEE. Perfect. I agree about the yellow. And the red bathroom. Did you know we have a red bathroom? Also, if you're looking for a lime green for anywhere... I highly recommend Behr Tate Olive. Gorgeous. And nice with brown and yellow. Mmmm.

Oh, it's soooo be-yew-tiful! And those are the BIGGEST grins I've ever seen about a can of soda!

I'm so happy for you and also really really jealous. :p

Congratulations. This house is so cute and lovely I just want to hug you both to bits.

This just made me so damn happy to see you BOTH so happy! Congrats to you grrrls!

BEAUTIFUL!!! some nice salt sprinkled above each door, old romany blessing for only good things to enter...I send you both hugs...
p.s tell that Bethany girl to write something on her blog, yes? and hi to her, too...

It's gorgeous. And I love that when you sit knitting in the sun porch you get to look at a hot pink house.

I LOVE IT!!! I love all the character it has!! MY kinda house! So happy for you both :) Love the sunroom, the black and white tile (in the redone bathroom, bonus!) and all the character details older homes have. I SO want you to take us on a tour again when you have moved in and decorated!

OH! It's a beautiful house. It's perfect. I'm so glad you got it and it's yours. Together.

That back deck is sayin' "party at Rachael & Lala's" to me. You?

your house leaves me speechless. have a beautiful life, you two, OK?

That is one gorgeous home. Sun porch for knitting? Secret garden? Coordinating mom? Love it.

What a cute little house you bought! I like yellow for a living room. It's so cheery.

Oh man, you have a *deck*! I'm so jealous!

OMG, love the house! (sorry to say, the pink walls too!)

Gorgeous house! Congrats to you both!

Little Mama is a cutie!! She reminds me of my little m. She's all of 4'10.5. And she's the tall one from her family! Why did you call little mama, little mama?

Thanks for the photo blog. The house looks great and I love the last picture.

Wow, this really is the begining of the most awsome time of your life !! A home TOGETHER is the best kind to have :)

Cutest house EVAR!!!
I covet your archways.

OMG! I love it, especially the black and white tiles in the bathroom. I always wanted a bathroom like that!

I love it! A coat of paint and it'll be perfect.

Oh it's beautiful. I can understand why you fell in love with the house! I especially love the shade of the hardwood floor! In our rental house in Milpitas we had an orange plush carpet *YIKES*
Well have fun making this house your home!

Best wishes

I love it! So happy for you two!

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I love it that your family is there to celebrate your new house with you! I'm so happy for you I feel all teary. Blessings to you both!

LOOOOOOVE the house! Congratulations! May you have many gloriously happy years in it. :)

the house is so very cute. i love that bathroom. why can't i find a house with a bathroom like that around here? why?!!

Wicked! I'm a big fan of red walls too. Gotta be bright. Oh yes...

So cute! I love it's litte bits of character! Congrats again!

your house looks so beautiful! congratulations! i wish you many happy years there :)

omg...love that fireplace...and the bathroom tile. the backyard (typed backyarn) looks perfect! yea for your new house!!

oh Rachael, it's perfect! It's so awesome, and having all those folks there with you to celebrate is even more awesome. YAY HOUSE.

Thank you for the tour--it's just lovely!! But gee, cheer up, would you? You're bringing me down, here . . . (just kidding--all those smiles are wonderful!)

Oh, my heart just grew several sizes looking at your whole family celebrating your new home and new beginnings!

That house will echo with love and laughter, and what else could possibly make a house a home?


Oh, many many years of happiness for both of you in the new place! Cute mom! - and what a great family turnout. Yay, house!

So sweet! I'm happy for you both!

Excellent! Now you have to change your cell phone ring from the home number. When my husband calls me from home, the ringer is Our House by Madness. :)

Thanks for the house tour! I really almsot felt as though I were there.

It's lovely, you both deserve it, and the only way it could be better is if it were in MY neighborhood. Um, better for me, that is. : )

Gimme an H! Gimme an O! Gimme a U!
Okay, you get the point. Just fulfilling my role as cheerleader. Congratulations and all the best in your new home!

I LOVE the back yard and the porch! I can't wait to see that bathroom with red walls, too, the checkered floor is awesome. Congrats once again!

Wow! How amazingly wonderful. I LOVE the fire place and the wood floors. The bathroom floor is too much and red will be perfect. Congrats again!

OMG! I looooove YOUR house. It's so beautiful and perfect. You need to post pics again once it's proper colors. :) Lovely!

Oh my god, it's PERFECT. Except for the pink, but you'll fix that. I wish I could walk over and help you paint!

It's perfect, I love it and am insanely jealous that you and LaLa are homeowners.

Wow, GREAT pad!!! I have to agree with you, the pink leaves a bit to be desired, but everything else is fantastic! Lucky, lucky you! (though I'm sure luck didn't have that much to do with it)

Have fun moving, and remember to take a break from time to time! ;)

WOW. Your new house looks *fantastic*. Love the bath, and that faucet looks tall enough to get one's head under for a quick shampoo! Beautiful greatroom, kitchen and amazing backyard! Sweet, sweet family reunion pictures on the stoop. Congratulations, guys!!

Oh, congratulations, Rachel (& Lala)!! Hot diggity damn! Enjoy making your house a home.

Oh, it looks wonderful. Congratulations! It looks like you are well on your way to making this house a home.


I just showed Bill all the photos -- and he loves it, too, but was more interested in "Which one's the musician?" since he can't get enough of the Whoreshoes CD. Anyway, congratulations again. I'm going to want to take my coffee at that little table in the backyard when I visit, OK?

*sniff* you all looks so perfect and happy in that moment on the front stoop. congrats, you guys deserve it...your very own house. together. :)

I've seen plenty of houses....this is not one....This is a home. Congratulations to you both. Where do I send the housewarming gift?

I love the house, I can't wait to see how you will decorate. When I moved in my place they had the living room painted pepto bismo pink. yup, I agree, bleh. Congratulations!

It's an absolutely beautiful perfect house. What an amazing time you'll have knitting on that porch.

Sweet home on the inside too. Enjoy making it all yours! I think you already have, and blessed by family too.

Congratudamnlations :)

I love the house! I hope you guys the best. Oh, and you *must* show pictures when you paint the bathroom red. That's going to look amazing!

Wow...congratulations! That's just about the cutest house I've ever seen! I can't imagine a better house for you guys. Enjoy!

What an exciting day! So wonderful so share it with all your family. I'm with you on the pink, my absolutely, all time, unfavorite color. And a nice sunny yellow will be so cheerful. Great bathroom. I love older houses, they have so much more character, the new ones are so . . . generic. I can't wait to see it painted and personalized. Are any of those big, old trees on your property?

OMG! It is beautiful!!! You guys look *so* happy!! Congrats!

It is gorgeous. And the yard is gorgeous. So very cute. Except the pink. That has to go.

Congratulations again.

Oh - my - god! It's gorgeous! And perfect! And lovely! And absolutely perfect for the two of you. If I didn't think you were awesome I'd be insanely jealous! Congratulations!!!!

Cutest house EVER!!! I'm so happy for you and Lala. It is so perfect!

Your house is BEAUTIFUL and has just as much character as both of you! It looks perfect to me...well except the pink paint, it's a bit much...but the rest is just adorable! Congrats you guys!

That is an ADORABLE house! I Want to see the BATHROOM, with the red walls and black-and-white checkerboard floor. Awesome!

Your house is simply adorable ... and I -- who don't even KNOW these people -- am getting all smushy and happy inside at the images of the people you love and who love you right back gathering to help you christen your new home.

Such a happy home it is.

That house is so awesome! I love it! Congrats on getting such super new digs!

Yeah! I love the argyle sweater!

Yay for the moving in now! I love the house, very cute. I'm particularly drawn to the fireplace near the built in shelves, that's what attracted me to my house.

Applause applause on the photo blog!! I will look forward to watching all the moving in, moved in, painting, painted, etc., photos in the future!

Aiieeeee! my apartment's suddenly shrinking!!!!

Oh, I'm so happy for the two of you! It looks gorgeous!

yay! I'm so happy for you both! The house is gorgeous, and I'm glad you were able to get it!

Ahhh... it's so perfect! I'm so happy for you two. Yay!

OMG! I love your house! It's just...wow! Amazing! When's the housewarming party? ;-)

Love it! Love the details on the arch between the rooms and love the fireplace! Wishing you both the best of times there!

I absolutely love the details in that house! The archways, floors - wonderful! As someone who painted her dining room red red, I can't wait to see the bathroom.


Oh oh you are the cutest couple and that is the cutest house and you sooooo belong in it. Here's to "happy new house" or whatever they call it.
P.s that room is much more of a yellow room


That looks like a FABULOUS house! Congratulations and may you have many happy hours there together!!!!

That's one gorgeous can of soda y'all bought there! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both!

I wish the 2 of you all the best in your "ourhouse" and I hope - you'll have the best moments in there!

Have a good moving and I'm looking forward to find pictures of your moving-in!

Best Wishes


Wow that is a cute little house! Love the porch thing, nice fence for privacy and a secret garden!! The bathroom is ever so cute, and yes, definitely yellow walls for the pink ones. We just painted kitchen, living room and hallway in a wonderful yellow, kitchen proper itself intense, the rest soft. The sun always shines that way :) Good luck and hopefully an easy move.

Congratulations! The house looks fantastic. Good luck with the move.

Congratulations! WOOHOO! *musical overtones* Your house is a very very very fine house ...

Hooray! It looks faboulous and everyone looks so happy. Just as it should be. Congrats.

Congratulations! Your house is fabulous and you and Lala look great in it. I covet the deck, the archways, the fireplace, and definitely the secret garden!

Oh my -- it looks like Home. Wondrous. Want a tub of cymbidium orchids for the yard?

Congradulations!!!! I am so happy for y'all I could just cry!

We are giving the house hunting a break here in Atlanta, thinking maybe the whole 'if you stop looking so hard, it will find you' thing can work for a house as well as a mate!?!
Thank you for sharing your great good fortune with us.


This is so cool I'm at a loss for words, but just have to say *something*.

just just just... oh. Wonderful.

The Rach(a)el magic strikes again!!! Oh Frabjuous day. It looks like a lovely house which I'm sure you will tansform into a cozy home. Then you'll be Transformers, more than meets the eye. Extra Cool.

Congratulations! It's always hard waiting for something as important as closing on a house to happen. I'm glad it worked out!

Oh, how beautiful!! I love the arches, the details... I ADORE the bathroom floor, how excellent. I can't wait to see how it looks after you've painted! Again, congratulations to you and Lala!!

Congrats on the house. It's beautiful. I love that you can see a freaky little pink house out your porch windows.

The back yard looks amazing and that bathroom, wow. Those tiles are awesome and that sink... WOW.

Tell me, where is the room for visiting knitters?


The end of a trial and the beginning of an adventure.

Now go make that house a home.

Congratulations again! The house is wonderful, and it's great to see you and Lala so happy!

Ooo, how exciting! Congrats on the new house. Love, love, LOVE the lil black and white tiles. And the fireplace. And the arch. And the deck.

Yay for you and Lala!

Dude. Let me be the 9,782nd person to tell you CONGRATULATIONS. what a great great great fucking house. i love it! and you're so happy!!!!!




Wow! It's really quite lovely. The ceiling thing in that big room is beautiful. And, the deck! Wow! Really. Just wow!

It's beautiful! Congratulations.

Congrats on the house! Love those wood floors, and how bright and airy it looks. Dig the argyle sweater too.

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