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Sale PendingFebruary 2, 2006


Dude, dude, dude.

We signed the loan docs. The next thing on the list to do with the realtor is meet her there next Friday (or Saturday, depending on the sellers) and get the keys. Things could still go wrong (why do I find the need to remind myself of that?), but the chances of them going wrong are very slim now. It would basically be the sellers backing out that could kill escrow, and since they're all packed up (we've been peeking), I doubt that will happen. Oh, please, let us have the house that we're in love with......

Ohmigod ohmigod, I think we're really gonna move. I would be out-of-this-world excited to be moving in with Lala, period. But to be moving into Our House, it's like nothing I can describe. A good way to start a life together, eh?

But that means I have to pack. I started that last night. I started, as you would, with the yarn because 1) it takes up the most room and is therefore the most visually significant and 2) it's the most fun to pack. Of course, when that fun is over, as it is, then you have to get down to the crap packing, which I do. Sigh.

Also, I thought I had less yarn. Quit laughing. I haven't bought yarn (in excess) in a long time. Really. And I've been using stash! Why do I still have so much?



    Cat in foreground for scale

    Guitar for scale. That's a BIG bin.

Also yesterday, after we signed and then went and took that official photo seen above, we got sushi to celebrate. AND we went to the Big Longs at 51st and Broadway and found the food of the gods (Cheryl pointed me there, and god, do I love her for it).


Oh, yes. They're here. It was SUCH A GOOD DAY.


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First to congratulate you? Me? Yay!!!! Huge congratulations to both of you!

And seriously, buying a house and the first Cadbury eggs of the season on the same day? DOESN'T. GET. ANY. BETTER!!!

Great news ! Great candy!! Great post!!!

Thanks for including those face photos. Makes for a better day.

Great news ! Great candy!! Great post!!!

Thanks for including those face photos. Makes for a better day.

ps. this may repost, but I realized my email address was wrong. sorry!

Congratulations!! So exiting! I love the photo, you both look over the moon. . . have fun packing.

Congratulations on being so close to getting the house. I am very excited for you and Lala.

I love Cadbury Creme Egg!!!

HOOO and also RAAAYYYY!!!
And I love love love the stash photo face. So cute and so very you!

That's awesome. You will love cohabitating. Though I don't envy you moving but you are a pro by now!

Holy mackerel. That is the fastest home purchase I've ever heard of.

How do you get good pictures of yourself? Not only do I look bad in my self-portraits, I'm rarely even in the frame.

Congrats! How exciting! And that is perfect that it is such a cute house for such a cute pair! :)

Oh my god I want a creme egg RIGHT NOW.

I am so so happy for you both. Yay!!

Hooray! So exciting. And seems more complicated than in Canada.

WHOOPEE!! HOORAY! YEEHAW! YAY!!!!! I can't say it big enough! I'm so happy for you both. :)

Yay, congrats! I don't think anything will go wrong at this point and you gals have got yourself a house! It's wonderful!


and Grrrr...

Now I have to search all over Oahu and hope someone has some Cream Eggs so no one gets hurt.

I love the picture of the two of you ... you look exactly as happy and excited as new homeowners should.

And Cadbury Eggs? Now I'm all hungry.

YAAAAY! Oh, you are going to have SO MUCH FUN moving in and getting everything set up *just so*... I'm so excited for you two I can hardly breathe. I can only imagine how YOU are doing.
...!!!!!!!!!... YAY!
Now, don't hyperventilate, and remember: big stash = big heart. (what to tell Lala when she looks askance at the honkin' pile of yarn ya got there, holy cow, woman! that's a lot!) :)

awww, how cute are you two?!?

Cadbury Creme Eggs AND a house...now that's a good day. ;) Congratulations!

Congratulations!!! and such a cute pic of y'all in front of The House.

Oh Rachael! Congratulations on your new home - I hope you and Lala have a lifetime of happiness there.

Awesome news! Even though packing always sucks, it's a lot sweeter when you know there's something great on the other end.

Hey, that's a great picture, you both look very happy and excited.

YAY YAY YAY...it's almost moving day! The picture of you and Lala is so sweet. I can feel the love and happiness in your faces! Don't sweat the packing... it'll all work out fine :) And OMG there's nothing better than Cadbury Creme Eggs! I could eat them until I'm sick.

MAZEL TOV! May you days be days of blessings in your new home!

Digit -- I know that yarn bin is there for scale but, man, you have got to get off that diet cat food! You're shrinkin away . . .

PS Grace says she hopes all of you enjoy your new home.

What can I say? Congratulations! Anything I can do, let me know.

DUDES!!!! All I can say is Woo frickin'Hoo!

Hey there- I'm a lurker and local knitter. Just wanted to say you are such a cutie, love your site, and CONGRATS on your house!!!

Congratulations!!! That is just wonderful . . . I mean, assuming nothing goes wrong. (grin)

Okay, I still have my fingers and big toes crossed (so I hardly can walk, but who cares ;-)) ). Anyway you have the jitters like I did 2.5yrs ago: finding the perfect house that feels like home and unless you've got your yarn moved in it isn't your home yet. But the two of you are so pretty damn close!!!
We all pop the (virtual) champagne cork as soon as you have moved in !

Best wishes and hugs


Kiddo and I will be there to visit sometime in the fall. I promise.

dudes! Sending good-house juju and good-moving vibes your way! congratulations.

Wonderful!! I have checked in every day to see if you got the house - so GOOD to read today's post.
Again, congrats!

You guys are a seriously gorgeous couple -- and HOW FRICKIN' GIDDY are you?!? YAY!

Let us know the moment you know the house is a done deal! :)

Hooooooray!! I've been checking in for news...congratulations! Now you can start thinking up house names: maybe The Stash Cache?

I am so excited for you I can hardly wait! We are still looking for our house here in Atlanta. So I am still living vicarously thru you! Holding my breath and everything!


Congrats on the house and moving in with the one, that house looks a perfect house for storing yarn. I think both of you and the yarn will be really happy.

That's SUCH good news! Will we all be invited over when you close?

Now see, I like the mini-eggs. Now those are yummy. And I don't even like chocolate!

Yippee! Yahoo! Yoohoo! Yodelayheeho!



i want a photo tour when you guys settle in.

that picture is awesome.
congrats to you both -- it's so very exciting!!

Congrats on signing the loan docs!! Packing up the stash first, eh? That's a bold move. I did that during my recent move and found myself obsessively buying more yarn during the weeks that it was boxed up. I guess since I couldn't SEE it, I felt like I didn't HAVE it. I hope you're more able to resist temptation than I was. Or, better yet, a celebratory trip to the LYS would be perfectly justified!

CONGRATULATIONS! I knew this post was coming...I was just waiting for it. I'll still keep my fingers crossed that no last minute drama comes up and that it's smooth sailing from here on out!

*happy dance*

Love the pics, too! And, um, really, that's not such a big stash... Don't worry about it... could be a lot worse... trust me.


So whatcha gonna name your house? ;)

yay!!! that is soooo fantabulous and wonderful. You both look so happy (and scared, lol)!!

I hope we can be in your shoes soon (except for the packing, our stuff is still in storage!)

You nut. You got the first one; of course you'd get the next one.

Yay! I am so absolutely ecstatic for you both! It will go through, it will, it will, it will. Good house closing vibes for you. We're almost there too. A few minor repairs for the sellers to do and then we'll be there. *chanting February 24...come here my darling*


Yay!! So excited for both of you!

Am I right in guessing that some of those bins may be post-Maryland transportation units?

I'm glad, for you, about the creme eggs, but I have to agree with Scout, the mini eggs are the ones for me.

Just to reiterate, YAY!!

Congratulations, hon! Just the final walk-through and you're home free, eh?
Whoo-hoo! How exciting.

If anyone deserves it, it's you two. A heartfelt congrats to the both of you!

Let me wipe the drool first. Fell asleep scrolling down....


Congratulations, ladies!!!

That's wonderful news, congratulations!

Woo! Feelin' the excitement all the way over here! :)

That's really cool, man! Congratulations!

Wow, so many exciting things, I don't even know where to start! Houses, yarn stash and Creme Eggs! Hip hip Hooray! Because, well, the Creme Eggs are going right to my hips...

Stash face is the funniest thing I saw all day.

House! YEAH!

That is such good news I'm not even going to make fun of you for overlooking the obvious effects of SPINNING on stash...

Woohoo! Yay you two!

I did just forward that to my girlfriend, to prove that my (significantly smaller) stash is not in any way excessive, and that I should be allowed to get more wool! So please don't go using it all any time soon... :-)

Adding *yet another* congrats/woo-hoo/yay to the pile for ya! And the stash is essential for life. Kinda like oxygen.

All that and cadbary eggs too! Oh I so want to be able to make that stash face someday. And about my own.

Woo hoo! This is all so exciting ~ congratulations! And I had a great day, too ~ thanks for my well-timed surprise, which I shall listen to all weekend!
(ps> my stash is bigger than your stash)XXO

Oh, yay, yay, YAY! You've been through so many ups and downs, I'm so happy for you both. Moving stash sucks, but a new place is always fun when the moving is over.

Yay for both of you!!!

Plus, I've sighted the Cadbury Eggs at the Walgreen's in my 'hood, so I would assume that the rest of the country would have them as well. I found mine in the Valentine's candy display.

So HAPPY for you!!

Yay for sale pending! Yay for Cadbury Eggs! Yay for so much yarn. Boo for boring packing.

Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad! ;)

(hope this doesn't post twice, sorry if it does!)

I was going to type something like "squeeeeee!" to indicate how excited I am for you, but I find squeeing somewhat embarrassing. Face it, I'm just not a squee-er.

um, w00t? Yeah, that'll do.

WOOT! You guys so deserve this, and you look so happy, too.

ps your stash is pretty small.

congratulations happy girls!

i second, third, fourth, whatever, the WOOT!

knew it knew it knew it!!!

Your going to have a cute house... and cadbury eggs (oh my god the caramel ones...)and I am going to have to hate you (that or go to visit friends in Venice and try to taunt you :)

Jealous but happy for you!


I look forward to Easter every year... JUST because of the Cadbury eggs!!!!!

crank up the whoohoo machine :-)

Congratulations!!! I am beyond excited for your creme eggs... I mean, house! I am beyond excited for your house!! =P Seriously though, I am so happy that you and Lala are so close to getting the house you love and starting your new life together! I wish you two all the best!

a new house AND a trip to the Big Longs? you're in clover, honey! happy moving and best wishes to you both.

Wooooooot! Hooray! YAY for good days! Here's to many many more good days for you and Lala! :)

squeeeeeeeeeee I am so excited for you both!! But dude, wait till I move at the end of the month - my stash is even scarier. And given that you actually knit sweaters whereas I seem to start a lot of them and then unwind them, and you complete things, it's embarrassing. maybe I should send you some of mine - you know, for balance.

Yay, house! (And also yay, cadbury creme eggs, but I'm guessing you don't want the house-purchasing to become an annual thing.)

You know, here in the UK, you can buy creme eggs all year round.

I'm not really sure why I'm telling you this.

CONGRATULATIONS! Cute 'couple with new house' pic!

m'kay - I actually read this pretty much as soon as you posted, but all the happy dancing up and down it generated, complete with giggles of glee for the two of you have really made it difficult to get to the computer to type a YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! before now. But I've been thinking it for a couple'a days now. Just wanted you to know.

Such good news, even a few days later! About the house, the eggs, all of it. Congratulations.

yay! a house!! woohoo, that is great fun, until after 6 months, you realize you've bought the money pit...but i'm sure that was just my luck :P

mmmmmm, cadbury eggs

How much do I love that stash face?!! And those Cadbury eggs. I was wondering how you found them at this time of year, and then I realized - IT IS that time of year!

Got home from hospital and saw your house post - better late than never. WONDERFUL! Happiness abounds.

Rachel - I posted a photo a couple weeks ago that I thought you would appreciate - I HAD an entire box of Cream Eggs in my office. It didn't take long for us to work our way through them... but oh, the joy of knowing that there was an entire box sitting on your shelf for those moments when you just needed an egg.


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