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Moving DayFebruary 16, 2006

Okay! We're moving tomorrow! It's 10:18pm, and we painted all yesterday afternoon/evening (four rooms in six hours, whoo-hoo!) and Won-ju and I cleaned the house today, and I've been packing frantically all night, and the movers come at 9:30 tomorrow.

I hate moving. Have I mentioned that? Lala just pointed out that while she also hates moving (who doesn't?), for her it's just a pain in the ass. For me, it's physically and emotionally upsetting. I hate it. I hate this feeling of things not being in their places. Completely stressed out. Bleah. It's for the BEST reason in the world, and I can't wait to move, and I'm overjoyed to have the chance, but I'm quite overwhelmed tonight.

Also, DSL will be off for a week, starting tomorrow, so I really will be MIA for at least a week. I'm packing the computer up now, and hopefully in the week that it's put away, the discoloration on the screen from the glass of wine I spilled on it will go away. Sigh. (But it works just fine; god bless Apple.)

So here are a couple of pics to tide us over till then, eh?


The painting party. We went with yellow for the walls in the living room and two walls in the dining room (my choice) and one tangerine wall in the back of the dining room (Lala's). It's awesome. It was a little (read: a lot) alarming when I cracked the paint can, but I love it. Thank you Jodi and Kris, for the cake and the crack painting, Jenn, for the mammoth gift of the table, Geena, for the use of your truck, and Christy and Beth for hooting in the bathroom while you painted it scarlet. Many hands really DO make light work.


And thank you, Won-ju, for keeping me sane during the cleaning today.


Ta-da! The fabulous table and chairs were free, from a house that my realtor is selling for someone else, and my friend Jenn somehow got that enormously heavy table into the back of the truck by herself to bring it to me. Life is good.

And now I have to pack the bathroom. The kitchen is done, at least. I HATE packing the kitchen. I can't wait to sleep. And I really can't wait to sleep in our new house tomorrow.



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Sweet dreams tonight and lots of skipping with delight too:0) Trust the move will be painless for you and just sweaty for the movers and that both you and Lala will be sat on the couch with silly grins on your faces with cats and dogs all finding their various territories and enjoying the life of togetherness that you're all going to build in your home.
Love from Rhys, Banon, Florintina, Caravaggio and Me!

I don't hate moving. I kinda love it. Having done it, on average, once every year I've been alive, I guess I'm used to it. I have to say I don't love it *quite* as much as I used to, and I'm getting impatient to stop moving quite so much now, but still: I love the change and the newness, I love the chance to sort stuff out (and chuck a lot of crap), to get everything *really clean*, and obviously the whole thrill of finding new places to put everything. But I have to agree, the packing is the least fun part. Well, second least. The actual physical move is the least fun.

But more importantly, your house looks amazing, the table is gorgeous, and you have incredible friends looking after you. How brilliant. And we can't wait to see the "unpacked" pictures. (Not to mention that scarlet bathroom? Please?)

Those colors are outstanding, just gorgeous! Let's have that scarlet bathroom next!

I hate moving, too. For the reasons you said - I don't like chaos and things out of place make me upset. Oh hell, it makes me bitchy if you want to know the truth. But, the good news is that it will be over soon. People like us - who hate moving - are inspired to put everything away really quickly to restore order to our lives. Wish I could be there to help!

First, your color choices are wonderful. I can't wait to see the scarlett (johansen) red bathroom.

I have a love/hate relationship with moving. I love to pack (and at the same time declutter my holdings) and unpack (and further declutter) but I hate the physical moving. So much so that last time we moved, I left the continent. For a week.

Good luck with your move!

I love, love, love the colors you've chosen for your living and dining rooms ... the red bathroom must look spectacular.

And a FREE dining table and chairs? Major score!!

Good luck with the rest of the move ... I hope you are settled in quickly.

The house looks beautiful! Good luck with the move!

I'm like you, the moving is for a great cause and you'll be so happy in your new place, but the whole moving thing makes me cold. I hate it,completely and it usually leaves me immobile until the last minute and then I pack like crazy. The kitchen is the worst too! I love the colors you painted the house. Aren't you glad you had so many helpful people so it wasn't just you and La? Happy moving.

Wonderful friends, wonderful house, wonderful adventure you're starting on. Looking forward to seeing more pics!

Brilliant, I love your colours. I can't believe it's all happening so auickly for you! We had to wait an agonizing month after the deal was done before they moved out and we could move in. That drove me crazy, going past the house and knowing it was mine but not actually fully mine yet. Gah.

Hope the move goes well, but with all that help I'm sure it will.

Wow you've done a lot already. That room loks SO much better in the yellow and orange, white trim, love it!! Great with the table! When we moved initially to this country we got a table, bed and some chairs, a fork and a knife and a spoon from your landlords :) Still have them too!

It's gorgeous!

Moving totally sucks! Well, except the part where you get a nice, new place and have the fun of seeting it up. :)

Score on the table, looks great in its new home!!

I hate moving, so MUCH. I LOVE your colors. I need to redo my entire house and it's a daunting thought - SO SICK OF MY COLORS!!! Major score on the table and chairs!!!!!

Bee-yoo-ti-ful. I might have to steal that tangerine idea. We have lots of yellow, and that color really complements it.

Wow! The colors look fabulous! Good luck with the move.

Love the colors and the table is a great find! I actually was planning to paint my wall in the tangerine color also! Although my surrounding walls are a yellowy-green instead. So nice to have something visual before I do it! Good luck with the moving!

Congrats my dear(s)! What a great adventure you are embarking upon - looking forward to seeing more photos!

The house is beautiful, your friends are wonderful, and the packing and unpacking will be done in a matter of days. You are founding a family! So wonderful.

Rachael/Lala: Everything looks fabulous. Great color choices. And the house is totally cute. I hate moving, too. But unpacking on the other end can be very satisfying! TMK

Wow that is one gorgeous dining room! You guys should take up interior design should you want a career change...

Good luck with the move! It'll be fine.

I hate moving too... its sends me into a mild panic just contemplating it!

Your new house looks LOVELY! I love the colors (can't wait to see pics of the scarlet bathroom, though!)

Ohmigosh, I so meant to say this on your last post but I ADORE your house. It's the kind of place I hope to move into myself. It is so cute and has such personality. I love it even more now with the colors!!!

O, and I totally know what you mean about the moving thing. I live in the shadiest part of the ghetto but I just can't move because I think I would definitely stress myself out (not that living here doesn't stress me out... haha). Your move is inspirational though; maybe this will finally convince me to do something...!!

Congratulations on the stunning new house! Good luck with the move! You'll be missed this next week! =P

The colours are stunning! I can't wait to see the bathroom! Good luck with move (as yucky as it is, it'll be over before you know it). Congratulations again. Next time we hear from you, you'll be officially 'shacked up'! Cool!

Lovely yellow and that tangerine is good enough to eat. May the move be over quickly and everything put in its place. Think how wonderful it will be when it's over. That house is wonderful!

Wow! That looks fantastic!

But ew! The packing! I hate hate hate packing. I have too much crap, and I just get overwhelmed and end up sitting there looking slightly stunned. Good luck!

Oh, those colors are fab. I have a painting that would go beautifully on that lovely orange wall. I do miss the ability to paint a room whatever color I want...ah, the joys of home ownership. We'll miss you while you're gone and can't wait to see the red bathroom. I once had a bathroom that was the kind of blue you see on Greek islands. That was fun to paint.

The lemon and tangerine, much warmer than the pink. It's darling. Mazel tov!

The new paint job looks lovely!!!! Great choices! Yesh, I'm with ya on the moving-thing. It freaks the hell out of me. Even if it's a place I end up loving ultimately, just the whole thing is jarring and weird. Good luck with it! It'll be great when you guys are settled!

Just how big are these rooms? The dining room looks so elegant with that lovely table right in the middle and the wonderful space around it -
How are you going to cope with all those rooms for moving to and fro?
Sooooo pleased for you two!!!

How citrusy! Can't wait to see your whole Maison d'Agrume done up in new paint. Best of luck with the move.

It looks so cheery! And I love imagining the sound of Christy and Beth hooting in the scarlet bathroom. Woot!

I love that orange and yellow combo! Looks great. :)

Have a happy move. :)


OMG I freaking LOVE the colors you chose! Happy Moving, hope it goes ok.

Here is how I read your post:

blahblahblah...TANGERINE WALL!...blahblahblah


Best of luck with the move!

Nathania and I were thinking of you today at Stitches.

That tub of orchids is totally low-maintenance, btw -- just water it now and then. Cymbidiums. Think about it?

Love the colors, the table, everything. Good things for good people. HOORAY!

Wow! That looks awesome! I hope your moving tomorrow goes as well (and as quickly) as your painting today. What a great house! Congratulations!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed looking at your work, esepcially the aran work.

Oh, congratulations! I hate packing and moving, too, but look at how gorgeous your new rooms are with that fresh paint. LOVE the colors you chose. Score with that table, my goodness. You two are all set. Enjoy!

Gorgeous! Absolutely lovely. And look at those details -- brackets, mouldings, high horizontal window. That's not a House -- that's a Home!
Congrats to you both (and your little dogs too).

Ohhhhhh ladies, it's lovely!! I can't wait to see ALL the photos of the new digs, all decked out. Good luck with the move, and enjoy your new house!!!

Congrats on the new house! The pics are great. The house has such character.

It looks so good, Rach!!! So, so excited for both of you. Lots of love

The house looks absolutely amazing! I love the tangerine wall, its quite stunning.

It's going to be a beautiful house! Heck it looks great now with just the table in there. Congrats, happy moving.

The walls look fabulous (I want to copy that!)

Good luck with the move and may everything be back in its place very soon.

Hope the move went well.....Mommy has moved over 30 times and she REALLY hates it too.. I hate it too cause then I get confused and try peeing in the huose again.

that tangerine wall works! Good luck settling in and enjoy putting your home together.

Good luck, and just remember...unpacking boxes of fiber feels like the world's biggest online shopping extravaganza just landed on your doorstep. It'll be cool. Especially with those gorgeous walls around you and your sweetie in the SAME HOUSE!!! Huzzah!

Hooray for y'all!!! The colors - you'll totally love the colors even more after you move in!! My house has cranberry red walls in the dining room - the richness is so awesome and goes with everything in the world! You'll be so happy there - just relax and stay diligent about unpacking. I really REALLY hate that part. So much I have seriously thought about not moving ANYTHING and starting new when I got a new house. I didn't do that, but it would be easier.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! I used to live in an apartment that had cool archways like that and I painted it yellow... I miss my apartment!

I hate hate hate moving too. I become Uber-Biatch, Destroyer of Nerves. (Are you a Cancer? Cancers hate moving!)

TMK and I have both been thinking and talking about you and your move and the new house all weekend. And TMK freely admits she is lusting after your new abode.


omg! haven't been here for so long held my breath as i clicked...that house is fantabulous...i am so happy for you! does it have a guest room ;)?

The room looks beautiful. Good luck with the move -- just keep your eye on the prize. (And your beers in the fridge.)

LOVE the paint colors! That table is great - don't you love that heave wood?
House is looking good!

Fabulous dining room - we just did orange in ours and I'm so thrilled by how warm and energetic it feels. We're in our first house and being able to paint whatever we want is too much fun - can't wait to see more photos. What yellow did you use? We have a sunroom with a really gramdmotherly pale yellow - I want more pizzaz in there....

I've been trying to remember your site for days - I haven't been in a while and finally found you again! Alll the best - hope when you next check in you're feeling more settled.

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