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Dylan!March 3, 2006


Whoreshoe Joni has been very, very pregnant for a very, very long time. She's been cute as hell and sexy as anything, too. She always has this hot stage presence that drives all the boys CRAZY, and that isn't diminished by pregnancy. She kicks her boots, and her shirt doesn't cover her belly, and the boys go crazier. I made her that sweater because she was pregnant and living on a boat, seen here (the sweater, not the boat):



I made her a wee matchy one for the baby, and she tried it on her belly for size the other night. It seemed to fit. (Made it up as I went along, sorry no notes -- I tried to make it so that it would fit an 8 month old, so he can wear it this next winter.....)

    Horseshoe cable for the son of a whoreshoe.

    Anchor buttons for the son of a sailor

And the big news is that the baby is here! Dylan Allan. Hello, Dylan Allan! You're very welcome. Lala went over to Joni's house yesterday for hours and hours and hours and she was there for the birth! Can you imagine? She was one of the very first people to see him, ever. That's cool. And guess what? We're going to be godmothers! Fairy godmother Rachael. I like the sound of that.


In other news, unpacking continues. I lost Lala two days ago when she accidentally barricaded herself into her room while unpacking. I had to get in to help her move her couch and I had climb OVER that stuff in the door. I felt rather limber, doing it. I didn't break anything, so that was good.


The animals are adjusting just fine.


Pardon the poor colors -- the wall is green tea, not horrible teal-whatever-that-is, but the point is: The yarn room is unpacked! I have a writing space! I have a place where I can start addressing the wedding invites that should have gone out two weeks ago. Yipes. I have a floor again!




And THAT'S how I feel about THAT.


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Wasn't she having the kid for other people? Did she decide to keep him, instead? Just curious.

Yep, she gave one child up already, but couldn't do that with this one (lest anyone judge, she was being careful, used a condom which broke AND took the morning-after pill; Dylan just wanted to be here)....

I'm so happy for your friend and Dylan...he's going to have one kick-ass sweater to wear. You guys look like you're settleing in quite well. And is that your retro-prep peeking out from the bottom of the pic? Love that sweater. :)

Yep, an 8-month-old torso is roughly the length of a banana. :) Congrats on becoming a fairy godmother, I expect it will suit you quite well.

Love the "horseshoe for a whoreshoe" comment! Many happy years together for mom and son!

I am SO happy for you and your new digs and the baby and the wee lititle sweater and all. Best of luck and all the best wishes :) Reading your blog many times just makes my day!

A fairy godmother- congratulations! How wonderful!! Enjoy your new home :-)

Awwww. Welcome, lil' pardner, Dylan. How wonderful Lala got to be there when he made his grand entrance. He is one special bebe to have made it here and have 2 swell Godmothers! Love your room. May lots of creativity bloom there. You're glowing. I'm so happy for all of you!

You know, I was just thinking about her and wondering what was up. That lil sweater is just the cutest.

Oh Godparents! How cool is that!

I'm so happy for y'all. You just look so happy too!

Oh Rachael! You look so happy and your new little house is so darling and it is so nice to hear about your life going along so wonderfully. Now, how could anyone argue with that?

you and lala just thrill me to no end. you guys are just amazing. have fun and keep sharing your charmed lives. i can always depend on you to put a smile on my face with your posts.

i'm so glad she decided to keep him. although i thought it was great she was thinking of giving him to a good couple, it made me a little sad.

all the best to your friend and her little dylan.

and of course to you and lala.

Tons and tons of house pics from all angles, please. I love your taste and am hoping to buy my own place soon. I need inspiration from you two.

That picture of you made my heart all warm and toasty, Rachel.

You look so very, very happy! (Lala looks pritty darn happy too!)

Isn't life just delicious?!!

Oh! and that sweater is very, very cute!

That baby sweater is just the cutest thing! Welcome to Dylan. And your room looks way better than Lala's. Just saying.

oh, tiny babyschmoo sweater! SO. CUTE. so happy for adorable Joni, and happy for the fairy godparents, and that doggy/kitty picture makes me SMILE. good times all around!

Happiness everywhere. Life is good. Welcome, little boy, and won't you look spiffy in that sweater!

that is positively the cutest sweater EVER!

Oh my gawd, that is THE cutest lil sweater ever. I guess babies *may* have some hidden advantages over dogs. The house looks great.

The house looks great... and I love all the extra bedrooms for visitors (though if I visit, you begger not put me in the yarn room without locking it up first... some of the yarn might jump in my bag while I was asleep...).

Aw, look at the critters curled up on the couch together! (Where's Digit?)

soooooo HAPPY for you both, chica!

May your house always spill over with sounds of music & laughter, the scent of coffee, the scritch, scritch, scritch of banjo strings and pearl pens, and with visions of colors and yarns and smiling blue eyes...

Aww, minisweater. And I love it when you post photos of cats and dogs all sleeping together -- warms my heart.

Yeah for Joni! Yeah for Dylan! Having attended a few Whoreshoes performances, Joni preggers up on stage made the boys crazy. Congrats to both of them, and his wonderful godmums.

Well don't you just live in the house of happiness!!? Love the sweater, pet photos, house photos, y'all photos - everything! Welcome to the new little sailor boy too! Wonderful. :)

Congrats to Joni and Dylan!

And congrats to you guys again on the house -- it's looking good and homey now.

Your life is just beaming through the internet right now! Congrats on being Fairy Godmothers, having animals that seem just as happy & content as you guys in your new home, and to absolutely adorable sweaters!!!!!

Looks like you and La are settling into the house and living together very well. I like the changes (paint-wise) you've made to your house.
Welcome to the world baby Dylan! Glad he and his mommy are doing well.

Thank God you finally got around to telling us she had actually *had* the baby. Some quick mental calculations had me thinking she had been preggers for like, two years!

Congrats to your friend and to you and Lala as Godmothers!! Yay! That is a great little sweater you made - so talented, you.

Love the house pictuers and the animals look so lovey and cute together. :)

Super-cute sweater. I love "natural" colors on babies so much better than those yucky pastels.
Our boys have a fairy godmother, a friend of mine who sat behind me and supported me while I pushed those babies out so that their Papa could catch them, being the first one to touch his sons outside the womb.
Fairy Godmothers Rock! Lucky boy to have two!

Beautiful baby sweater and great adult sweater. Is that your design? Love to know...

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