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Bachelorettes' PartyMarch 25, 2006

It just took me WAY too long to type those words up there in the title line, and I'm pretty hungover. I asked Lala why I was so hungover, since I didn't drink that much last night. She said, "It's because you drank a LOT." Welp, don't remember that part so well, but she's probably right.

It was our bachelorette party! Yay! If you didn't get invited, it's not our fault! We didn't have to plan it! Christy and Bethany planned EVERYTHING and I think that's one of the bachelorettes' party's best features. The brides don't have to do sh*t but show up. And drink, apparently.

I did use the evening as a trial run for my wedding makeup. I figured it's probably not the best idea to wear false eyelashes for the very first time on your wedding day. I could just imagine being allergic to the glue or something. MAN, are those things hard to get on. But look: aren't they fun?


The first part of the evening was at Christy's fabulous pad, where we had cocktails and little teeny wonderful sammiches and nice cheese. Stuff like that. Yummy, yummy. Fun people. Martinis. Good times.


Isn't she dapper?


There were knitters! (And a shy Won-ju.) I didn't even bring knitting. Can you imagine?


And so it begins.


Accosted by Rachael's camera. Who could ask for more?


Celia serenaded us with a beeeyoootiful western yodel.


Smush-face. This might be my favorite picture all night.

So we ate and drank and laughed and talked and sang, and that was just the beginning. We piled into cars and went into the City to Encore, our favorite little karaoke bar in the world. I was tired as we were driving over, and I wondered if I would find more energy once we got there (I hate it when you're so out of it that you try to type once starting with a W). But I found MUSIC, people. That's what I needed.


Camilla and Joni tore it up. Whitesnake never looked so good.


The sisters! Both have FABULOUS voices which they put to excellent use.


I think I thought that was in focus last night.


Me and Mike Shut-In. I heart Mike.


Bring it.


Oh, it was brought, all right.


He never should have said that about Dwight Yoakam.


I don't actually remember there being food there, so I don't know what that is..... (No, wait! It's coming back! There was cheese, I think, and taquito-looking things. Oh, I hope I didn't eat any of the taquitos....)


Caught! (I love this shot.)


I went a little Crazy, too. (Oh, Patsy.....)


Lala, apparently, was Bewitched. (And bothered and bewildered, for those keeping score.)

Best party ever. To have a planner like Christy plan all this out, and then just to show up and be feted, that was the best.

Of course, today, this is what I look like.


Heh. Now I'm going back to bed.


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Oh that looks like so much fun.

I should look that good hungover...

Looks like a great time was had by all =)

Looks like a hoot -- thanks for showing all the photos. You make a beautiful Ms. Cline!

Even the morning after you're gorgeous, hon.

Does your camera do video clips? That would have been awesome.

Are you kidding? You look absolutely beautiful, glowing with love! I'll be thinking of y'all all week and will toast you from my cousin's 50th birthday party a week from today. XXO

Oh Darlin, you look fab on little sleep, loads of love and the divine Ms Lala - hey that's me trying to include friends as well as THE ONE but it kind of reads like Lala is different from love well she is but then she aint, oh god I haven't even got a hangover AND I certainly never looked that georgeous after a night on the tiles, yep the old girl could
party with the best of them AND I who love Patsy certainly never remember her having such a divine cleavage in a little balck number. LOVE LOVE LOVE to you both.

I absolutely LOVE the picture of you singing! You look smashing. Rah, rah, rah.

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all, just as it should be.

Wow Rachael, you look so beautiful in all those photos! Sounds like a fantastic party. :)

You're friggin' gorgeous, girl! Lala's looking pretty smokin' too.

hahaha lovely pictures all of them, but i laughed out loud when i saw your hangover face.

poor hangover face girl.

You! Lala! How fun - I wish I could have been there. :)

That looks like a total blast. You and Lala are both lookin' hothothot. I love me some false eyelashes! Yay for sisters and good friends and karaoke.

Aww - you look really *special* in the morning. Lala is a lucky, LUCKY gal! ;)

Y'all are adorable.

Also? You look better hung over than I do normally. Not fair! ;)

I just hope you remembered to take the eyelashes off before passing ou...going to bed...so you won't freak out when you find them in your bed later on.

Love the pictures. Wish I'd been there!

Whooo Weeee. What a party! You two look great :)


Dude - you look beautiful in both before and after shots. But, seriously? Those false eyelashes are Hot.

Yay for bachelorettes parties. :)

The wedding makeup looks great! All of you looked like you were having a wonderful time.

Um, that is you ...hungover?? Jeesh lady!

Fabulous pictures! What a great froup of friends!

So. much. fun.

One question, how the hell did you get the eyelashes off?

Pretty durn good for hung-over and sleepy! Show-off ;-)

Even hung over you're the cutest thing on two legs. Or even one, if you misplaced one or something. Who knows what happens at thes parties?

Wedding make-up is a hit!

Yes, your hangover face got the "LOL Award" here at work, sorry to say. (I have very nosy co-workers, to say the least.)


I love the pic of you singing - very glam! And the hangover can't be that bad if you're smiling, either that or the party was just THAT good.

You will look truly gorgeous on your wedding day. And you still look awesome all disheveled and hungover.

W. :)

So much fun, I'm exhausted just from reading about it!

Did your grandma ever say "You clean up nice"?

I can say this you are going to be a beautiful bride!

You look so sincere and ingenue-like in that last picture of you singing. False eyelashes can do that for you, they're amazing like that.

You look adorable and that Patsy Cline shot needs to be printed out 8x10 and framed!

I am LOVING the false eyelashes and am gonna run right out and get some.

Looks like the best party ever.

Second-best, I hope (wedding will be the best).

Oh, that looks like so much fun! What a wonderful night!

You look so hot in that microphone picture! Woah.

Your eyebrows look perfect.

CUTE party! And I suppose it looks fun, too. =) The pictures are really cute..

CUTE party! And I suppose it looks fun, too. =) The pictures are really cute..

okay, the fake eyelashes? WORKin. BRANG it. you on the GRILL, yo.

You look amazing - and so does Lala! Let's hear it for parties that someone else organises... I just turned 30 and my Beloved, who has just earned his place in every religion's Heaven as well as good karma for at least 10 further lives, spoilt me rotten. I'll spare you the details but it was like we had our honeymoon at last. I, too, didn't bring my knitting and didn't even miss it - for a WHOLE WEEKEND. Yay for love! Yay for spoiling! Yay for parties!

de-lurking to say that you are bay-oo-tee-ful, and Lala is HOT! Thanks for sharing your awesome bachelorette, what memories you are making!!So happy for you!

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