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DylanMarch 6, 2006

I just really, really, really like saying "my godson." I am astonished at how many times I've already talked about how proud I am of my godson, how perfect he is, how he, at three days old, looks like he's thinking at at LEAST a seven-day-old level.

I mean, really. With a fiddle-accordian-playing song-writing sailor for a mother, and godmothers like us, he'll get his first tattoo by twelve. And it'll be a GOOD one, too. We did offer to try some designs out last night with a Sharpie, but Joni just shook her head in what was probably exhaustion, but what we took as mild encouragement.

And at the risk of sending our mothers into joint tailspins of grandmotherly dreams, I have to share this picture of my godson and my girl.



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OMG, it looks like YOU gave birth, with that smile on your face! (step away from the baby, Rach...back away slowly, and no grandmothers will have premature coronaries).

And your yarn room is unpacked. You can see the floor. I am almost ill with envy.

Yeah, that picture is gonna get your moms going, it is giving me blogmotherly dreams. Best wishes to all of you. I second (or third or tenth) The Sylvia in Vancouver. I was there several years ago, it was charming.

Absolutely adorable! Congratuations to mom and godmother!

Tee hee! So little! So cute! Congratulations to you and Joni!

Yup. You guys look like moms alright.


(But I thought he was going to be adopted?)

nevermind the grandmothers - you just sent all of us into virtual godmom dreams!

Many congratulations! My child's godmother is one of my very favorite people in the whole world and her being the Godmother has only added to our relationship.

I just found your blog but I had to say you are the cutest couple (and I love your new place)! I'm looking forward to your archives...

So.Cute. I love seeing such happy faces!

I'm just gonna refrain from saying anything....

Looks like you and Lala are going to get some good baby practice. You all are just the cutest!!

Now that is just too sweet! You are one lucky girl! :)

oh, the tiny baby is SO CUTE! and you two are just as adorable. almost.

How cute he is!
Oh...Sooooooooooo cute.

I totally recommend having a Son of your own ;)

Awwwwww. How lucky is that wee one??

TOOOO precious. Congrats to the new Godmothers!

Well I must say, it suits you well :) I could understand both of your parents ;-)
How about having a daughter so Dylan will be your son-in-law in a few years ;-)

Cute baby, not wanting to put a damper on things, but has he been checked for jaundice . . . I'm hoping it's the lighting . . . I'm a mother of three and was just concerned.


No handknit hat? Just sayin'.


Aren't babies great? Enjoy being Dylan's super fun godparents.

You two are total teases :-) Congratulations!

Precious!! I love his name -- if we ever have any more kids and we have another boy his name would likely be Dylan.

Ee hee! Baby! Is he th'owin down a gang sign there or what? He's all like "Yo, these are my LADIES. Step off!"

It's almost like Dylan's giving you a thumb's up! Cute baby and you and Lala are cute too!

*aw* so beautiful! it puts my final tomorrow morning all in perspective! =D

R & L

You need one of those to make the new place complete.

So cute, and he's clearly cogitating at a higher-than-average level! Love the Sharpie tattoo idea, too. It reminded me of one of my favorite "funny kid photos" on the internet -- one sis who took a marker to the baby's face and commenced decorating:

Don't get any ideas, though! ;o)

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