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Knit WitsMarch 15, 2006

This may have already made the blog-ring rounds last week or month, for all that I've been keeping up, but THIS was quite cute.

Off to sit in front of my TiVo and knit the shawl-scarf-like thing. What does one call that? Bigger than a scarf, and lacy, but not big enough to really be called a shawl. A long rectangle, worn around the shoulders. There has to be a name, and I can't think of it. (I'm finally using up some of the old hoarded Cascade Indulgence alpaca in cream.) Yay!

** update, added later: Yes, it's a STOLE, as in what Lala did to my heart. (Thanks, y'all.)


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A stole, perhaps?

I was going to say 'wrap' but I think Kim is right - a stole!

I was going to suggest either "scrawl" or "sharf", but, yeah, "stole" would be the existing word. :)

Yuppers, it is a stole

Which is good, cuz you know that girl STOLE your heart... ;)

Um, bridewarmer?

Stole, baby, stole.

That film would be even cuter if it weren't a freakin' ad for Edith Eig's store.

First I was going to be all pushing-glass-up-bridge-of-nose "Well, ack-chew-wally, the term you are looking for is 'STOLE' which is a derivative of the blah blah blah oppressive Trivial Pursuit nerdishness" and then I saw your update and got all warm and fuzzy.

Though, you know, Lala could also be considered a bridewarmer. I'm just sayin'!

Lala as Bridewarmer? Fantastic! Damn. I love when love shows up and says I AM HERE. Magic, pure magic. So excited for you both!

Kim? How did I get in as Kim?? I feel all Rudyard Kipling now ***CV

What's all this about stolen bride warmers...?!

Glad you are having such a good time in these days before THE day.

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