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March 8, 2006

Lala blogged! And it's way longer than anything I'm going to have time to do, so go enjoy yourself over there, okay?

I have neither knit nor spun in this house yet. And oh, my god, I'm getting married in, like, three weeks. I have a dress to make. I guess with a fifteen month engagement, there's still nothin' like the last minute. Jeesh.


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No knitting in the new home sweet home yet? Well, then, I win. We've only owned our place a week, and I've already spent a godly amount of time knitting there, even though none of our furniture is there yet. I'm hardcore.

It's already been 15 months? Where'd the time go? And 3 weeks to the wedding! I'm really excited for you guys! Married! And a house! Woooo!

OMG - that is so exciting! Your wedding's gonna be fun!!

BTW, I was just reading Lala's blog archives and read about the whoreshores NYE show - how's this for weird - my husband is best friends with Cary from Kemo Sabe!!! It's a small world, huh!

The last minute is always the case, innit? You will be just fine, and the wedding will be perfect.

Has it been 15 months?

I totally meant that in a 'wow time has flown!' kinda way. How exciting!

It must be so exciting for you! Congrats and wishing you the very best in your new home and your new life!

Three weeks! Wow. So cool!

3 weeks? Eh, you've got plenty of time.

=) Best wishes. It's so exciting, and I wish you and Lala nothing but the best in your new house.

CRAP!!!! You're going to be in Canada getting married when the DH and I are in town!

Congrats! i have bee reading your blog for a while and its lovely!! is it legal in CA?? Congratulations!

Okay, on the down low here...if you don't end up having the time or sanity to make a dress, Jeremy's on College had silk cream sleeveless full skirted Audrey Hepburn dresses with for like $70 (I think they were Jcrew but cute anyway). I'm just saying...check it out in case you need a backup plan.

I know exactly where you are. We had a year and a half engagement, so we had all the time in the world and lots of life happend and all of the sudden it was 1 month away and ... and ....! The good news is that everything came off perfect (at least that's our story and we'er sticking to it), a good time was had by all (including me and my partner) it is almost a year later and we are still happy and in love and all the fun stuff!
Just remember to breath and make a point to be in the moment - you will want to remember it all later!

We were engaged for a full two years and all the real work happened in the last 4 or 5 weeks. If you need some advice on getting things done fast or cheap (or help doing them) just let us know. By the way, we own a lot of pretty thrift store platters . . .

*sigh* weddings... I am so excited for you! If you need about 100 back issues of Modern Bride, let me know! Or any other help for that matter (not that I'm anywhere near you or Canada...) Good luck with the plans and your dress!!!

I hear ya, sister.
I had a LONG engagement (I dunno, 20 months or so) and I was still finishing sewing the seven sets of cummerbunds at 1:30 am the morning of the wedding (this after sewing six bridesmaid outfits and one flower girl dress). But I didn't try to kake my own dress!

D'oh! Obviously I meant "make" my own dress, not "kake". That's what I get for trying to type with my one-year-old's help!

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