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The Gift of a SheepMarch 31, 2006

I'm not sure if this person wanted blogish recognition (well, knowing her, she didn't want it, but I'm not sure if she'd mind) so I'm leaving names out of it, but Lala and I got the gift of a sheep.

Made me cry. One of my all-time favorite gifts. A sheep! A sheep that will help someone else, a family that needs help. Amazing.

Also: Those of you kindest, sweetest human beans who have sent us gifts, please know that it's just because I've been flying through the hours busier than I've ever been that I haven't blogged each and every giddy box-opening. We do get giddy and then we fight over who gets to use the salt grinder/oil-vinegar cruet first. (That oil and vinegar cruet? Shoulda been me using it first. Just saying. Ask Lala to explain. No, it's not broken! It's just drying.) And this: If you did send us something, would you please send me your address? Pretty please? I mean it. I want your address.

Weird. It just dumped rain for about thirty seconds. Now it's over.

The house is CLEAN! Lala's parents will see the house for the first time today, and my parents will see it furnished for the first time. I'm so proud and excited.

And tomorrow, well. Tomorrow. I can't wait.

Oh! I just realized I can tell you this, since I'm going to preblog this to post later than I'm writing it. Friday morning Lala thinks she's running errands with me (Costco, Trader Joe's, Longs, all the things I've been busting my ass to finish so she won't have to) and then getting her hair cut. But what she doesn't know is this: I've moved her hair appointment and we're going out to breakfast at 10, just the two of us, Merrit Bakery down by the lake. Then we're going to Piedmont Springs at 11 for a half-hour hot tub (I hope it rains, I love hot tubs in the rain) and then at 11:30 we both have a 75 minute massage. Nope, we can't afford it, but I have an old gift certificate to blow there, and I think it's worth it. Time for us to relax and NOT THINK about the wedding (can I do that? I'm not sure. I'll try) and chill out. This idea came from readers, and I thank you. I always thank my readers.

Because out of all the readers in the whole world, I have the very best ones.


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Have a great Wedding! Enjoy your massage and breakfast with Lala!

My hubby and I did that the day before the wedding and it was PERFECT. Just made us really chill and enjoy each other. Have a wonderful couple of days ,we'll be thinking about you.

What a fabulous way to start your wedding week. I hope everything goes as planned and that you and Lala have many happy years together.

Great idea! Hope the massages were awesome. And tomorrow. Well, you know what I wish for.

Oh, the sheep is WONDERFUL! What a great gift!

And I hope you're enjoying your day of pampering.

Great idea to get that morning of love and relaxation and togetherness for you and your girl. And YAY for your friend who gave a sheep to a village as a gift to you. What a wonderful idea.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow and a wonderful day making it legal in Canada on Monday (I'm SO jealous Rabbitch gets to be there) and know that at the part where the officiant asks the assembled guests to add their lifelong support to the couple making their commitment before them (if that's part of your ceremony) the voices of hundreds of us out here will be joining those in witness to your marriage. Much love and joy to you both.

That's what my mom gave as christmas presents... I got a goat and my brother got chickens!

Hope your wedding is wonderful, lovely, sweet and fun!

Maybe see you on Monday in Vancouver ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to read your bolg next week when you are all married and glowing with love!

Fabulous idea. Bestest wedding wishes to you and LaLa! I can't wait to hear all about the good times.

Do you get the sheep's yarn to spin???
Happy everything to you both.

I hope you have a lovely, relaxing day today and a happy, happy tomorrow!! (And forever!!)

Have a most fabulous and relaxing day! You guys deserve it. :)

I think the massage and relaxation time together is a wonderful idea for the both of yous! :-) Enjoy and congrats again!!!

Excellent idea with the hot tub and massages! I KNOW it rained and I know your feeling like jello right about now, too. Have a relaxing rest of the day and Congrats to both of you - in case I forgot to mention that before!

Brilliant idea! Hope you enjoyed every moment of it! Have a fabulous, wondeful, joyous day tomorrow and a brilliant time in Vancouver.

Just relax and *enjoy*!!

All the best.

I hope you enjoyed your day today and that tomorrow is wonderful!

Have a fabulous day today, and tomorrow and a long and happy life together.


I hope your morning was as wonderful as it sounded. Tomorrow will be amazing, I'll be thinking of you.

Oh my goodness! I didn't realize the wedding is tomorrow! I mean I think I did at some point, and then I forgot, it just seems so fast, I was wondering why you were running around so much, blah, blah, blah - shut up already, Gidge!

Delurking to wish you a wonderful wedding day and, more importantly, a wonderful life with that very special lady who is lucky to have found you. Cheers!

We got married IN the hot tub ... definitely a good thing ... some 16 years ago. :)

Congrats, and much joy to you!

Hope your Friday was a very special time for the 2 of you. Starting off your wedding week by relaxing sounds like a perfect beginning to a great married life. May Lala and Rachael live happily ever after!

Thinking of you both on this day. I know it will be wonderful!


Congratulations! The spa plan is the perfect thing to do. As a former Berkeley girl, you've got me all nostalgic for those locations. Have a wonderful time with your girl before jetting off for your wedding.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Congratulations and best wishes. Have a wonderful wedding and life together.

Aww. You're so awesome Rachael. No wonder you're Lala's girl. :)

And the sheep is such a thoughtful wonderful gift!!! So cool. Have a super wonderful wedding day and great life. I'm looking forward to your next post and lots of beautiful photos!

are you married yet? congratulations!

It's Monday morning. Thought of you all weekend. Congratulations to you both.

I'm so happy for you both - weddings are delightful, yours especially so. Remember what Judith Viorst said: "Married is better." Congratulations!

Congratulations, ladies! Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

I've a few wedding pics of Rachael and Lala on my blog to tide y'all over till they get back! Haven't seen any other pics around the blogs yet!
It was a beautiful evening and Rachael and Lala were both radiant and so so happy!

breakfast, hot tub AND a massage? Good for you! And how cool to make it a surprise for Lala!!

I snuck over to Christine's... CONGRATULATIONS! You two look marvelous! so happy for both of you. :)K

Technically, It's April 3rd. So Congratulations!!! Happy WeddinG, can't wait to see the photos!!!

What wonderful pictures & a beautiful bride!! Congratulations!

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