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Wedding ShoppingMarch 30, 2006



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This supposed to keep everyone healthy and calm in the days leading up to the big event?! Girl, you'd better drink some green tea with those...

I really love your ushers:0) Balloons and kazoos too I hope!
Trust you are both finding moments tp just STOP, REST, LAUGH and most importantly remember this ia ALL ABOUT LOVE....that which you;ve found reflected in each others eyes and hearts and that which flows towards you and around you from your families and friends who understand the life you are about to celebrate is the imoortant thing not the place settings or year of champagne. Be gentle as you throw the odd tantrum in the next 48 hourd:0) and remember tit's a party, a commintment and life together thats getting inoted and marked so enjoy enjoy enjoy and keep breathing and even dare I suggest sleeping.
Much love as always

Woah. That's a lot of Cadbury Creme Eggs.


somebody really lurves you :) alot.

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful wedding weekend.

(old married lady) MWAH!

It's good to see that you are remembering the IMPORTANT stuff.

Last Monday, prompted by your references to Cadbury eggs, I decided to give in to temptation and get myself a few of my most favorite candy. Went to quite a few stores and could not find any. NOT ONE!!! I know now the reason for the shortage in NYC. It's East Coast v. West Coast war, baby.

Wishing you and Lala the very best!!!!

Lots of love.


Now, have you seen the Cadbury Cream Egg Cones?

Were there Cadbury Eggs in the picture? I couldn't stop looking at the cute schmoos!

Happy wedding, dahling!

Yeah, I don't think that picture could be any cuter.

Happy wedding, I wish you and Lala lots of joy and love.

Those would make GREAT wedding favours.
And look how brave the cat is!

You obviously have your priorities set right!

Good wedding favors indeed ;)

The other day at the grocery store I found myself absolutely paralyzed with indecision: creme egg or caramel egg?

Only 1 case or is that case just for the cats? Enjoy your special day!!!!

Did that box fall off the back of a truck? Dang, that's a lotta eggs.

Have a wonderful weekend, you two. Congrats.

At least we know you'll be eating well. And eggs. Eggs are nutritions. The incredible, edible egg. Have a blast and half, girlfriend!

Have a grerat Wedding! Love the creme eggs.

Now, that's the way to shop for a wedding.

Man, easter is my favorite holiday because of Cadbury eggs. In fact, i have one in the fridge right now... I think i'll go eat it and THEN do my exercise dvd. Hehe. Those are awesome favors and I think I'll be doing that at my (whenever) wedding! (Even if I have to freeze them. That will make it that much more special; "How did they get Cadburys in August? Awww!")

I hope all is LOVELY. That's what I wish for your wedding weekend!

Oh...see? You're going to be fine.

That's just nuts. ;)

You clearly have an intact set of priorities, can still see the important things, and have a perfect sense of perspective. Now what the hell are you going to give Lala and the schmoos to keep their sanity intact?!
Absolutely the BEST wishes for you and your scrumptious lover, Racheal (yes, I am coveteous...so shoot me!).

Looks like you're all set for an absolutely wonderful weekend.

You didn't leave your address on my site (Pop Culture Junk Mail) so I don't know how else to get back to you. We saw the Creme Egg cones in the freezer of a 7-11 on Aurora Avenue, across from the Kangaroo and Kiwi bar. I don't know the exact address but other 7-11s may have them too. Hope that helps!

tell me your cat is bigger than your dog. please.

The cat cracks me up. Until I look at the dog. And crack up. And then back at the cat.

May the happiness you feel right now never, ever wane. Mazel tov!!

happy nuptials!! can't wait to see the pix!!

Enjoy your day (and eggs - whew, I'm so happy the avian bird flu hasn't impacted the Cadbury Egg supply (or the peanut butter egg supply, for that matter))!

Congratulations - couldn't happen to nicer folks!

Yeesh. Are those Cadbury Eggs to cope with the stress of the rest of the wedding shopping? Or are they the wedding favours? If that's the case, damn I wish the weddings I've been going to lately were more like yours!

So excited for you both! Can't wait to hear the whole post-wedding debrief in the weeks to come.

That cat looks totally not amused

heh How long will those last ya? Looks like us with girlscout thin mints every year. one case lasts us about 10 months.

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