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Wedding! April 3, 2006

    Image borrowed from Christine.... thank you, dear!

It was perfect. We had the best time.

Aren't those silly things to say? All weddings are perfect, like babies, I should imagine, at least to the bride, and that's what matters. But I did hear one gal say that it was the most fun wedding she'd ever been to, and she'd been married twice herself.

We're in Vancouver, and we have another wedding tonight (will that make Lala my second wife?), so I won't spend too much time online, but I wanted to say hello. Really, this is a thank you to my family and friends, who made it the best time ever. I worked really hard up to the point of the wedding. I'd been running around all day, every off day I had, buying beer and wines and plates and cups and more Cadbury Creme Eggs than could be imagined, but the day itself wasn't like that.

In fact, the day before wasn't like that, either. The breakfast was great, and the hot tub/massage combo was a hit. We sat around, not stressed out. Just happy. I was a little worried that I wasn't stressed out -- I must have forgotten something -- but Lala wouldn't let me worry much.

That night we had the rehearsal dinner. It went like this: My sisters brought Zachary's pizza over and the families met each other and ate pizza off of paper plates in our new house (we were SO proud). We rehearsed like this -- Hey, Jodi (our wonderful officiant who even got the online reverend certificate, even though she didn't really NEED it), stand up at the end of that first song, okay? We'll walk down on the second song. Cool! More pizza. (It was literally after these few words that Lala's mom asked "IS there a rehearsal tonight?" and Lala said, "That was it! Done!")

The dads talked Kingston Trio and the moms had a cute-off on the couch. No one knows who won, because we were too busy being happy they were so cute. Then they left and we crashed, with little to no cleanup.

The day of the wedding dawned. I was only nervous whenever I was alone, which wasn't that often. Otherwise, I was fine. We went to the hall, out in the redwoods, to decorate at about three pm.

Christine met us there. Let me now add an ode to Christine. (She has pics! Go look and come back.....) She's been an online friend for a long time, and I've met her several times at knit-outs. She's a florist and offered to help me with my flowers. Lala, because she's done this before and knows a lot, recommended that we get a wedding handler for the night. Not a planner, really, but someone to steer the wedding around. I asked her if she'd do that for us. She agreed, to my joy.

Then we bought the house, and we ran out of money, and I almost took it back. We were cutting everything -- no catered food, no photographer, how could we justify a wrangler?

Then Christine offered to do it for a ridiculously low sum, probably barely covered her gas from Napa, because she's the best. Then not only was she there, but she smiled the whole time, she brought her daughter Hannah who was maybe my favorite kid ever, and she made the wedding run like, well, like a wedding. She had all those things with her that I hadn't considered: Beer tubs. Who thinks of beer tubs? Lighters. Nope, I hadn't thought of those. She brought the glass bowls in which we floated a zillion floating candles I'd bought at Ikea. She brought a little of EVERYTHING, down to and including extra wine. I mean, really.

She worked tirelessly shepherding people and it is truly because of her that we had such a wonderful time. Really. Our families and friends pitched in and did what we and she asked them to do, but it was Christine who knew what was going on the whole time. So, thank you, dear.


Also, special shouts to sisters Christy and Bethany, who came through in SUCH a big way, cooking, building the fire, stocking the fireplace with s'more material (roasted Peeps s'mores make any wedding fun, I'm telling you. Lotsa people said they'd never roasted Peeps in evening wear before). They did EVERYTHING for us, happily, with smiles, appearing to enjoy themselves. Also, they looked GREAT in their wedding duds, dude. And you know how families fight at stressful life events? None of that. That's because they were COOL, 'cause I was certainly a basket case right before the ceremony.

And Jodi and Kris, whom I've dubbed the helpiest helpers ever. They're the kind of friends who say they'll help you paint and then they bring you cake AND paint. You know? (Damn, I still have their cake pan. Must give that back soon.) Lala met Jodi and Kris through her late wife, Aura. Jodi and Aura were best friends. Jodi loves who Lala loves, because she's like that, and she loves me for me, too. So to have Jodi marry us, to read the ceremony for us, was more special to us than we can say. I actually WON'T say any more, because it's impossible to describe, but to have her there, to have her wife Kris beaming out at us while we were up there, in that gorgeous Kris way, that was something, all right. (Jodi sent us a text message the next day saying she had a verklemptover. Yeah, me too.)


So back to what I was saying before I started thanking people, we decorated. We strung white lights EVERYWHERE in the big ole redwood room, and set out tablecloths (which Christine brought, of course), and set out CCEggs, and watched Christine set  up the bar with nothing more than a blink and two taps of her heels. We split at about five pm, and I started getting ready at home.

Now, I thought two hours would be enough time to get ready for a wedding. I can be out of the house in twenty minutes, usually, and that's with a shower, coffee, and makeup. Two hours? Nope, just barely made it. By the time my mother and sisters came over, at about five-thirty, I had my hands tangled in my hair and I was shaking all over. Trying to stick bobby pins into thirties hair curls with shaking hands doesn't work, I'll have you know. Christy fetched me a drink immediately, bless her. Then they let me get all type A and refuse all offers of help (except for Marama, who did my makeup INCLUDING sticking on my false eyelashes, which my shaking fingers never would have let me do).

It was time to go! I zipped into the dress, the little mama and sisters helping, a very nice memory, put on my veil by myself in the bathroom, ordered people to grab all my luggage, not a very nice memory, but they were nice to my freaked-out self anyway, and got in the car. Yes, it felt as rushed as that sentence.

Driving there was nice, though. Going to meet the person who is the most perfect for me, knowing she was there waiting, that was the best.


When I got there, the family went in, and Christine set Lala and I up on the outsides of the building, away from each other. Lala still hadn't seen my dress. The music started (Iron and Wine, Such Great Heights). I could hear it, and I knew she could hear it, and I almost fell over. There were big muddy puddles, though, so I didn't. The second song began, Vasen's Bridalmarch, and I knew Lala was walking down toward Jodi. Then it was my turn. Hot DAMN, there were a lot of people there. All looking at me. And then my veil got caught on the way down, so I kinda got stuck for a minute, but I seriously almost didn't remember it later. Then I was there, and Jodi was talking, and I was CRYING, something I totally swore to Lala that I knew I wouldn't do. I was wrong.

It was the best. Lala looked like Johnny Cash. We got married. The kissing was the best part.

Then, then, then. There were a lot of people to hug and kiss. That's pretty much what I did for the rest of the night. I didn't eat, although nice people kept trying to make me. I had one piece of sushi, one chicken wing, part of a levant roll, the bite of wedding cake that Lala fed me, and two bites of Mom's fruitcake that she made for the groom's cake. I didn't even really drink! --I had about six beers, and only about three sips of each before I'd put it down and hug someone else and lose it.

Aside: At the bank the day before, the gal at the counter said she'd had about 450 guests, and only liked ten or twenty of them. At our wedding, we had about 130 people, and we loved them all. That's way better.

(Lala's still asleep! I'm still typing! I'll type till she wakes up....)

The band, The Shut-Ins, were the BIGGEST hit. People loved them. Even more importantly, WE loved them, and Lala and I danced. Before I met her, she didn't dance. She told me once that she'd probably never dance with me, that she preferred to be IN the band, not in front of it. Welp, she dances with me whenever I ask now, and that night she even came to get me a couple of times. It's just fun to dance with her. We just mess around and spin and laugh.

Man, how do you recap the best party ever? What else do I remember? The dads giving toasts. The moms, all sweet and beautiful and proud and happy. Lots of really, really attractive people. Forgetting to bring cash for the bartender friend and having to hit up my father-in-law for money (boy, was he sweet about that).


Lots of knitters, yay! Knitters from far away: JStrizzy from Maryland, Anne from Colorado, and Ryan and TMK from Seattle.

Yes, you read that right. Friends, we had The Mysterious K at our party. Dude. Now, THAT'S a party, that's all I can say.

I danced with my godson while the Whoreshoes did a little do-wop with the band. Oh, and the coolest thing: Christy's band, Deadpan Alley, comprised of herself on bass and friend Becky on guitar, did a song just for us, as a surprise. It was so frikken cool and unexpected and GREAT.

Wrapping up, because I should and this is long enough, and I have to track down some wifi to post it and I still have a lot of things to do today like getting married again, I'll end with the end: The sisters got us a hotel room at the Phoenix in the City. Boy, are we glad they did. It meant we didn't go home, where the temptation to check email and do the dishes would have been too great. The hotel was just right. Thanks, you two.

The next morning, yesterday: Lala was a bit hungover. That was rough on her, but I was pretty okay. We took a shuttle which KEPT STOPPING to pick people up, something we hadn't budgeted for, timewise. Then we came within minutes of missing our plane, because of screw-ups that I kept making. First I got us to the wrong terminal, thinking we were on Air Canada and not United. That meant a fast walk for MILES. Then we waited at the outside check-in. Nope, can't do that, since it's international. Then inside, at the self-check. First, we got in the WRONG self-check, then by the time we got in the right one, and finally made it to the top of the queue, we were 43 minutes before the flight left, and check-in ends 45 minutes before, and they're not kidding. Called on the phone, they said that we missed the flight and that we'd have to take the next night flight, ten hours later. That's when I cried, but only for a minute.

Waited in yet another line to confirm our tickets for that night -- at least we could check in or something and then go hang out in the City because I would have been SO disappointed to go home after all that. But I managed to talk the rudest airline clerk in the WORLD into helping me -- she checked us in on the original flight and took our bags to the tune of specific and shocking abuse, which I cheerfully took. She was doing us a huge favor.

But now we're here, at the Sylvia, on the beach, on the very top floor, in a corner room, so we literally lie in bed and look right out at English Bay all around us. And it's perfect. Even the weather is nice, and I find it funny that we had to come to Vancouver to escape the rain.

Man, my wife's still asleep! Heh. My wife. Hee hee. I love that.

So, anyway. With this exception,  I really won't be online much again for two weeks. Please don't mind, and if I should call you, I'm sorry if I don't -- my phone shows Roaming up here, and I'm not sure what that will mean to my cell phone bill. But I AM on honeymoon, and that means we're supposed to just disappear and be together. So we will. Family, friends, thank you. We love you. Readers: Ditto.

(I only took pics late in the night, and there's a lot of redeye, but here are a few.... I love Christine's shot up top the best.)

The cutest moms ever.

More kissing! (I finally, finally remembered my shawl, at the end of the evening....)

Dad! We had a great, if fast, waltz.

La's family (now mine!)

You can see a little of the dress..... I have so few pics, and none of myself full-length, sorry.....

Us on the plane. That's the lipstick from the night before. Again MAC rules.



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Oh Yay! Yay for you guys! What a happy perfect day. Two people couldn't deserve it more.Congatulations!!

Much happiness to you both. I've been looking into your world for a while now and love checking every day too see what is new! My heart is happy for you. :)

Wooohooo! Have a great time in Canada, Can't wait to see the pics! All my love to you both!

So wonderful!!! Have a fabulous time in Canada.

Rach(a)els have the best weddings, it's a proven fact.

Congratulaions! Have fun on your honeymoon!!

Hurray! Wish I coulda been there!

Ohhh congratulations to the two of you, my eyes are full of tears, what a wonderful wedding. I'm getting married in June and if it's half as happy ... it looked wonderful, may you have a life as full of happiness and love as your wedding.

I read a quote from a Shaker essay somewhere: "Marriage is to be entered into seriously, but not always in dead earnest."


So. Happy. For. You. Both.


That sounds perfect! That first pic really says it all. Have a wonderful Canadian wedding and a fantastic honeymoon and we'll see you when you get back. Big scrunchy hugs and congratulations to you both!

Oh yeah! So glad it all went well, though I knew it would. I thought of you both and wondered and just kept smiling to myself all day, knowing what you were doing. Have a fantastic honeymoon and don't you dare email or post again until you're an old married lady!

yay! congratulations to both of you. it's always so inspiring to see two people who are clearly so much in love.

Aaawww...that was wonderful. Congratulations to you and Lala, and y'all have a fantastic honeymoon. Lovelovelove to both of you.

That first pic is lovely. Sounds like it all went just the way it should have, and you both had a great time. Congrats to you both!

sniff! sniff! i always cry at weddings - even amazingly happy and loving ones like yours. ESPECIALLY at amazingly happy and loving ones.

sniff sniff. so happy for you two that i'm tearing up right here in the law library.

What a WONDERFUL wedding! We eloped, but if I had had a real wedding, I would've wanted it to be just like yours! Congratulations! Mazel Tov! Have a fabulous honeymoon!

Thank you for sharing the delight, the sweetness, and the glimpses of The Dress. Congratulations!

Yay, yay and thrice yay! May you forever be picking confetti out of places you didn't know you had!

It really was an amazing wedding. And dancing with your darling, well, the only thing better than watching the two of you was dancing with my own darling. I have lots of pics to post. Later today, I promise!

I'm all verklempt myself. Thank you for sharing. Both of you were lovely brides. Much love to you and Lala.

i think that the two of you are one of the cutest bridal couples i have ever seen! congratulations to the two of you!

Awww, you two look amazing together! I'm so bummed that I missed it. It's good that there were so many bloggers present - I'll feel almost as if I was there with you guys. Minus the beer, wine, dancing, and crying. ;)

CONGRATULATIONS! I heard from my sources that it was the best wedding ever.

The smiles on your faces tell the story...so much joy. Congratulations to you both!

Happy joy to you both, for now and for many years to come!!! Yay marriage!

You both look wonderful and happy. Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life together!

How wonderful ! All the best and many years of happiness to you both !

I thought of the two of you when I bought a Creme Egg on Saturday, and I hoped that everything was going smoothly and that you were having the time of your lives. It looks like you had a beautiful wedding, I'm so happy for you guys. Enjoy your honeymoon, congratulations!

Congratulations to you both! You both look so happy... Best wishes for a long and joyous marriage.

huuuuuuuuge congratulations to both of you! just seeing the looks on your faces makes it clear what a wonderful and happy day it was. i wish you the best of luck and the happiest of happiness in your life together.

What a perfect wedding! Your smiles tell all.

Congratulations to both you ladies!!!

Hoping the two of you have many, many wonderful years together.
Best wishes and be well.

Congratulations! You are an absolutely stunning bride!
I wish you two all of the happiness in the world.

What a fun wedding! I know cause I was there!!! You are indeed right on target, Christine was the bomb...and don't forget the Peeps smores...

Have a great honeymoon and thanks for letting us share such a great time.

Oh, ya made me cry! Congratulations! You both look so beautiful and happy, happy, happy it makes my heart swell.

I'm gonna go buy a creme egg and raise it in a toast to you both.

Wishing you much bliss and happiness!

damn fine. huge freaking mazel tov to you both. you're both amazing and i'm so glad you're wed.

"Oh, how we danced, on the night we were wed....
We vowed our true love tho' a word wasn't said..."

And on and on.... Congratulations to you both and many years of wedded bliss! You both look wonderful and thrilled as can be. I have partaken of a Creme Egg in your honor!

I'm sitting here in my cube just tearing up. I'm so happy for you guys. I need a tissue. Have fun in Vancouver.

Congratulations! I'm tearing up reading this. Have a great time in Vancouver.

Congratulations! Here's to many MANY happy years.. you two are fabulous!

Thank you thank you dearest Rach ~ this report is the next best thing to being there. Congratulations! XXO

Well, another CONGRATULATIONS from me ;-) I went over to Christine's blog to ahev a look at her photos. It just great how your dress and Lala's coat were mathcing wwith the embroidery. You look great and happy together and I wish you all the happyness on earth for the next couple of decades ;-)

Best wishes

You may not have thought you'd cry at your wedding, but me, well, I didn't think I'd cry just reading the blog post about your wedding, but I did. I'm so happy for both of you. Reading this really did help restore some of my faith in the world today--seriously. My faith in the world and in the possibility of anybody finding the right person for them and building a life together. p.s. You guys are so cute together it goes past the "makes me sick" point and back around to cute.

Absolutely perfect! Congrats to both of you and many years of happiness ahead.

Oh goodness - how wonderful! You are so happy, and that is Just As It Should Be.

My date with my girl-forever is in July. I hope it's just as wonderful as your day was.

Lovies to you both!

Congratulations! May it all (or mostly) be wedded bliss.

Big congrats from Michigan! And just remember, the key is to tell each other the plan. (I'll be married 8 years this May, and that's worked for us!)

Congratulations and happiness always! Says it all.

Many,many congratulations to you both. May your marriage be long,happy and as full of love,life and fun as your wedding day.


Oh, congratulations! I love crying happy tears at weddings and tearing up in my cube counts, right? So happy for you both!

Just joining the crowd tearing up in the cubes - here to you both - you rock!

Oh Congratulations to you both!

Man, from reading your entry my heart started pounding and I misted up immediately - and I am so totally NOT a crier.

p.s. I totally cried through my vows even though I thought I wouldn't. yeesh. so much for that.

Yay yay yay! Oh yay! I'm so happy for you, and you two looked so very happy together. You just glowed. What a wonderful party to celebrate the two of you being an Us!

Oh, wow. Great post. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you two!!!!!! I almost feel like I was at the wedding, too. Thank you for telling us about it in such detail. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you eternal happiness together. I haven't even met either of you in person, yet I can tell that you're a perfect couple.

All the stories and the pics definitely have me excited about my own weddings (plural, because there will have to be two). Now if only we can figure out where the heck we will be living by then. I can tell the stress is already starting...

You two look SO happy and I'm glad your day went beautifully. Congratulations!

What a lovely minute-by-minute rundown of your wonderful day. Congratulations and blessings on your house.

{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} mwah! mwah! {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} *sniff* {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}

I'm so delighted for you two! You look so happy and, cliche of cliches, radiant--but it's true.
Have a wonderful honeymoon. The best of wishes from way out here on Long Island.

I can't even give you two enough blessings. You both look so happy and beautiful!! Take care of each other and have many, many good years together. Best, Elizabeth

Man, I can't believe I'm crying. I'm so happy for both of you!!! Best wishes forever.

Congratulations. You make a lovely couple! And I adore that Lala looked like Johnny Cash!

Congratulations to both of you from me and Cherise!!!!!

Your post made me smile and smile and smile!

The Sylvia? English Bay? Oh my...now I've got one of my most favorite Cheryl Wheeler songs playing in my head!?! Must go look for it...

Love and more love to both of you!

I got all verklempt again. Congrats, and best wishes to you both!

Bee-u-tiful! You guys look great! I want to get married again!

OMG. Completely fabulous! congratulations!

OMG. Completely fabulous! congratulations!

Just want to say congratulations! Sounds like evrything was fabulous! Thanks soo much for taking the time to share and write all that...amazing!

Congrats!! It looks like a fabulous time.

Mazel Tov! Much happiness to you!

This made me smile SOOOOO much. Congratulations!

That wedding sounded so fun and just right, it makes me almost want to get married again!

!! congrats !! what an awesome post -- and awesome pics. I'm so happy for you both! welcome to vancovuer, too!

I love you both (even though I don't know ya!!) and I love Christine (her i've known on line for a zillion years -- must meet SOON!!) the whole thing was beautiful, you two are beautiful and yay for you both!! Congrats and Best Fishes :)

how wonderful - sounds like a most amazing time for you both and all your loving peeps. best wishes!!!!!

Brilliant. You guys look so happy!

Congratulations on the nuptials!!

Oh, so much LOVE....
may it be this way forever!
Blessings as always
to you BOTH and all involved!

Congrats to the happy couple. You both look amazing in the pictures! Gawd, the ring picture made me all teary!

Congratulations! That was so awesome I cried a little reading it :) YAY!

I just wanted to say congratulations! You both look so happy and in love....and you looked beautiful in the dress. Have a fun honeymoon!

Congratulations! I got all teary reading about the wedding. It all sounded so lovely and romantic and perfect, as I expected.

And I'm so happy to hear you used your wifely powers to get Lala to dance with you. Poor Craig will have to stand on his own next time we go dancing!

Have a great day in Vancouver and a fantastic honeymoon.

Dude! I just got some crazy happy love goosebumps!

Congratulations, ladies!

Awww! The first photo says it all. Congrats! And as a Chinese saying goes, I wish you two live together till your hair turns grey together!

CONGRATULATIONS to the beautiful MARRIED couple! Thanks so much for posting, us out here in the WWW wanted to know :) Have a blessedly relaxing and memorable honeymoon! (Your dress was lovely BTW, and surprisingly Lala's suit seemed to match!)

YAYY! Best wishes, Rachael!

You both look so beautiful. Congratulations and welcome to you new life!!!

It's a beautiful story and I'm so happy for you both! Congratulations! :)

You both look so beautiful! I have goosebumps and happy tears too! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful day with us! Have a blast on your honeymoon.

I read this post, and I cried...and I cried...and I cried some more...couldn't be happier for you, love. It sounds like only the beginning of so much wonderful ness for you both.

Congrats to the Missuses!

Oh my gosh all the comments!!

Congratulations! Thanks for the photos! What a wonderful day. :)

Thank you for sharing your day. It sounds so beautiful and so blessed. Made me cry happy tears too! Arohanui

Congratulations! You two are adorable, and I am so happy for you.

Congrats on your special day! Party on!

I'm so glad you're staying at the Sylvia! Perfect. Thanks so much for the wedding recap, which put a tear in my eye. Congratulations again, and enjoy your honeymoon. xoxo (to you both, from us both)

Congratulations!!!! I've said it before, but it bears repeating: y'all are so cute together!

Wishing you both lots and lots of happiness!

Congratulations! It looked like it was so much fun! I'm glad it all worked out! What's a major life event without a little drama?! You also get brownie points for drinking Fat Tire Beer (one of my faves as well as being my hometown microbrew)! I wish you and Lala much happiness and love on this new stage of your journey!

Congratulations! Wishing you many years of wedded bliss!

Dang, girl, I have more than a few tears of joy from reading this. Congratulations, mazel tov, love to you both.

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