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Knock-knockApril 19, 2006

I don't have that much to say today. I'm at work, and my back kinda hurts (I think it's from working out, new muscles being stretched, but it's hard to sit for 12 hours at a time. Standing as much as possible today when it's slow).

So today I'll just give you my favorite joke of all time.
Say to someone, "Say knock-knock."
Your victim says, "Knock-knock."
You say, "Who's there?"

Then fall down laughing.

Heh. Oh, wait, my coworker Khalil took a bunch of pics at the wedding -- here are a couple more photos. (Also, go look at his work -- he's GOOD.)

Look at these cakes:


My oh-so-talented friend JoAnn made the big one, and it was WONDERFUL. And my little mama made the smaller one, a traditional New Zealand fruitcake, which was also wonderful, and luckily not many people ate it. I got to take the rest home with me. Ha.


This is one of my faves -- I'm pretty much dragging her down the aisle. We're married! We're outta here! Woot! (Bored yet? I'm not, not quite.....)


The family, all of 'em. (Click for big.) Yay!


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My favorite knock-knock goes
"Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Control freak--now you say, 'Control freak who?'"

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Interrupting Cow.

Interrupting C--


(Or Mu, for Lala.)

Every wedding pic makes me smile. Keep 'em coming.


Yep, you two are still cute.

(The interrupting cow knock-knock joke is my favorite, too.)

Keep posting those wedding photos. I ain't bored yet. ;-)

Okay, the reason your momma's cake wasn't demolished was that it was the THIRD cake cut...we were all groaning with cake fullness by then. It was a GORGEOUS cake...just perfect.

They say, "joy never kills." It also never bores. Congrats again (and the control-freak knock-knock is my favorite, too).

See, I can't get enough of people's wedding photos. Everyone always look so happy, and you two are gorgeous. So keep em coming, you've got one reader who'll never get bored of them!


Yep, Interrupting Cow is a classic.

I found this, via craftster. Creme Egg Cozies!


the fam pic is excellent...but not quite as excellent as you dragging your spouse down the aisle!!! :) with every post, it sounds more and more like the perfect day!

congratulations! i love the happy family pictures and the b&w's. and, i love the ass picture too ... it's a very pretty dress. i'm wishing you two the best!

The jokes made my DH giggle.

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