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April 23, 2006

Lala blogged. And she's way funnier than me, so go over there. I'm lazy, and at work, and I feel like I'm fighting something off. We were at Longs yesterday, shopping for gardening stuff, and I got all weepy and overwhelmed with the choices presented to us. I couldn't IMAGINE gardening that whole yard, and carrying all that stuff home, and planting and weeding and and and. I only get that overwhelmed when I'm sick or close to it -- otherwise, I'm a workhorse and happy to wear myself out with Too Much To Do.

So, in an immortal typo I made once, Bleha. (More bleah than bleah.) Go say hi to Lala and enjoy your Sunday, my ducks.


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Hey baby, Lala's blog doesn't seem to allow comments, so I'll comment here instead since I know it'll get to her. The reason you guys didn't detect an accent in Vancouver is because you're coming there from California; people from anywhere else in the States would hear it. I'm not sure why this is, but I noticed it a while ago: while growing up I always wondered why, when I knew that Americans all had funny accents, did the people on television not have accents? It's because, for some reason that's a mystery to me, southern California/southwestern Ontario/Vancouver: same accent. Weird but true.

Also, about the five dollar bill: some friends and I are trying to start a movement to call the five the "shinny", because of the kids playing shinny (pick-up ice hockey) on the back. It's not really catching on so far, so any help would be appreciated ;)

Ohhh gardening! I rock at gardening, (seriously. I'm typing this with garden dirt under my fingernails right now!) Call if y'all need any gardening help.

Get some rest and vitamins! I hope you don't come down with the creeping crud that seems to be going around right now!

That often happens to me--when I get through a log stretch of holy-mackerel-can't-stop, the cold catches up with me. The yard can wait. (I can't garden to save my life. My idea of the perfect garden is large perennial shrubs like lilacs and rhododendron, filled in with irises, daffodils, crocuses, and other plants that are happy to be neglected. And maybe some basil.)

My old company is publishing a book called "How to Move to Canada," which Lala might enjoy... There's a points system. (Of course, a willingness to move to, say, the suburbs of Yellowhorse helps.) But in all fairness, people let pedestrians cross the street in Maine, too.

So save your energy for germ-battling, and have a lovely weekend.

We would love to see you in PEI and we are friendly to a fault just ask Sir Paul and Heather who came to protest the seal hunt (which is mostly out of Newfoundland there are only a few seal hunters from the Island) They were treated great although they were bringing bad publicity here. Someone should have told them they still hunt whales in Japan. Of course no one would ever say anything because that would be rude right lol!

Take it easy and get some rest. You'll get to your yard when you get to it.

So sorry you're feeling low. Can I cheer you up with some sheep?

Oi! I've been feeling like that lately too - we just got a new yard (it came with the house) and it's HUGE compared to my little porch that's always been crowded with container gardens...My plan (if I choose not to ignore it) is to have a five-year plan. But yeah, totally overwhelming!

Hey Rach! Don't try to do the garden all at once. You'll drive yourselves nuts and have a major dirt burnout. My suggestion: pick a reasonable-sized spot the neighborhood can see, make a really beautiful garden bed and then live on all the compliments you'll get from people on their walks. This will give you the positive feedback you need to start on the next garden bed, and the next, etc. This is how I started my garden. And you've seen how that's turned out so far! ;-) (I didn't know at the time that the neighbors would notice, but boy did they!) TMK

I really laughed at Lala's idea about people stopping for ducks. I live in an area that gets a lot of mallards. We are used to having them in our grocery store parking lot. We are also used to holding up traffic on the highway to allow mother ducks with their babies to cross from the grocery store lot (where they are fed by shoppers) to their little nesting area on the shore side of the road. I bet you Americans do the same thing, only you do not admit it. Thanks to both of you for the lovely comments about our country. I have always been treated well when I was in the USA, so the friendly feelings are mutual.

Lala and Rach: Please tell me you went to at least ONE Tim Horton's and had a maple donut. For the love of gawd!

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