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More PicsApril 13, 2006


While we're on the subject of my ass, this is one of my favorite pictures from the second wedding. My belly, in this last six months of non-running, has gotten bigger, and I'm not super fond of that part, but my butt has finally gained a little ground, which I've been hoping for for years.


Johanna Hickey married us, and boy is she ever the cutest and most loving-est.


Our witnesses! Yay! How cute are Rabbitch and Mandy? Way cute, I'll tell ya. (I sound rather inane. I don't mean to. I'm just not all the way unpacked yet, in any sense of the word. My brains are still up in the northwest.)


Married ladies on Granville Island. Did I mention there are cute little dogs EVERYWHERE in Vancouver? There was one there that I swear was the happiest dog I'd ever seen in my life. It almost fell off the pier in happiness.

More tomorrow! I'm going to stretch the photos out for DAYS, I tell ya.


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Look at that Rabbitch. She cleans up nice, eh? :D

The sunshine and blue skies pales in comparison to your smiles.

And we'll suck it right up. I love to see the two of you so happy.

There's this one store in Yaletown that sells tinytiny dog sweaters which has a great ad outside. On it are two tinytiny dogs in little leather getups and leashes and the caption reads: "What's a little light bondage between friends?"

yay! thanks for sharing this with us!

It's so nice to see the joy and happiness and love on your faces.

You and Lala are adorable! Again, mazel tov!!

Sounds like amazing fun! Glad it went so well for you two. You look so crazy happy in the pictures :)

Hubby works at the Fire Hall right near Granville Island :) Beautiful piece of the city.

Just big smiles....:) :) :)

Keep the photos comin'. I just love 'em!

Your wedding pics are beautiful. That dress is lovely. Congrats!
May be I'm biased (grew up walking distance from the Capilano Suspension Bridge) but Vancouver is a great city with lots of great people (although the pic with the bay in the background makes me really homesick).

I can't wait to see all of the pictures - it was so good to meet you both; you're a hoot!

Oh, hey! I took a bunch of pictures, myself, and there are a couple of good ones. I'll send them right away.

I knew you would love Vancouver, what is there NOT to love.

And of course- we all LOVE your ass! :)

ooh, that looks so fun!! Stinkerbell is right - we love your ass!

That picture of you and Lala is so radiant.

Congrats! (And look at that hourglass figure... My goodness. Send some congrats to Lala, too!)

LOVE the last picture! Love all of them, really, but the grins on you two in the last picture just sum the whole thing up.

What great pictures! And congratulations-I've been reading for weeks but haven't commented yet. I hope you and lala have all the happiness in the world. This is the most joyful blog I have ever read!

You both looked wonderful. Your dress was beautiful.
I hope you two will be this happy forever.

DUDE! You were married in the city of Minou (www.minoupitou.blogspot.com) - the haute-couture clothed chihuahua! Of course there were cute little dogs everywhere! But unless you saw my god-dog, then you totally missed out on seeing the cutest one! (Minou's mommy went to high school with Mandy. Sing it with me, "It's a small world, after all!")

If I haven't said it already, congrats on the wedding. Your dress? Totally gorgeous! It was perfect, just like you said. And Lala? Absolutely the coolest woman I've ever seen in a white suit!

YAY for Canada, my home and native land!

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