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QuiltApril 26, 2006

Okay, I've GOT to show you this. This is what our pocket vegans Kira and Rachel made us for our wedding present. I haven't been showing presents, because it's kinda overwhelming, and I don't know where to start. But you gotta see this:


Isn't that awesome? Claudia, put your arm down. You can't have it. Red and orange and yellow, baby, with polka dots and flames. I can't imagine a more perfect quilt.

Also, Harriet likes it:


It's hard to take a picture of a red/orange/yellow quilt, and it's even harder taking a picture of a black dog, but this one just worked on my camera phone. Too bad we only have a dog-head. I think the dog-body's around here somewhere....

The coffee thing works! I think I have to work on the ratio of milk to water, and it might be better to heat the milk separately and shake (I've tried both today), but it's GOOD. God bless coffee.

I'm having a pajama day tomorrow, folks. Today I have organized bills (note, organized -- must work on paying them soon), cleaned the entire dang house, from top to bottom, gardened, weeded, mowed (erg, with our dull push mower. That's for the birds, I can tell ya), and taken a shower. Oh, and washed every piece of fabric that we own. I worked hard ALL day so that tomorrow I can do NOTHING. Really, nothing. I'm going to watch TV, and I already bought pizza, cheese and bread, salad, good cookies, milk, orangina, and chocolate covered pretzels. (Oh, lord, look at the planning.) I have Elizabeth I, Gilmore Girls, and Everwood saved on my buddy TiVo and I have some movies, too. I'm not answering the phone, looking at email, or doing ANYTHING that I don't want to do, that doesn't give me pleasure. So, no mowing. That's for sure.

(Also, to those of you loves that gave us prezzies, I just ordered the thank you cards. We're late, but they'll be coming. Every day, we have fun with Our Things. We don't need anything else, I can tell you that. Yay!)

Oh, here are the pocket vegans at the wedding:


And I love this one, Rachael and Rachel (there were four at the wedding):


All right! Off the internet and onto the couch!


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Ooh, is that Elizabeth I the HBO miniseries? A friend has been taping The Sopranos for us, and the previews for that look amazing. I guess we'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

(I'm ready to remove foot from mouth if you're referring to the Starmore sweater or Knitpicks scarves. I have to admit that the lovely Starmore creation is now the first thing I think of when I lear Liz's name, now.)

Is Everwood still on? I stopped watching for some reason, and thought it was because it went off the air. Now I'm really curious about why I stopped watching, if that wasn't the reason. Must command the TiVo to search for episodes...

I love the colors of that quilt!!!!!!!! Strange, cuz I'm crocheting a tapestry that's the exact same colors.

I'm in love with the quilt AND with Harriet. What a schmoomee.

What's a "pocket vegan?"

That quilt is just stunning. So talented!

They are so cute, cute, cute.
I love them.

Rachel looks like one of the really famous jockeys in that last shot :)

Happy Pajama Day! In the middle of the week! Go YOU!

(PS Kona wants to know if Harriet can come over to play...)

The main thing I like about Everwood is that it sounds like it should be pr0n.

Have a great pj day. Sounds like heaven. Especially since you have coffee.

What a lovely quilt!

Enjoy your pajama day... it sounds wonderful!

that is beautiful!!!

That quilt is amazing! Lucky girls!

I.Heart.The.Pocket.Vegans. Sooo.Much.Sooo.Much.

And damn, they whip out a mighty fine quilt. Gawgeous.

Of course, I heart you, too, sweetie. Just had to profess my love for the pocket vegans.

Oh, and someone above asked for a definition.
Pocket vegan- a vegan so adorable and teensy, you could put them in your pocket, and keep them there. (That's MY definition, anyway.)

I am *so* not stealing that (although you know I love it). I must preserve the welcome mat at Artfibers.


It's a beautiful quilt!! The colors are so cheerful! I smell an heirloom. :)

The latte gets even better if you heat the milk and then froth it up in the blender. Cafe creme, here we come.

Yay for pajama days and hooray for the pocket vegans and the quilt!! C-u-u-u-te!

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