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SaturdayApril 29, 2006

Lala is mowing the lawn.

This is remarkable, because 1: we have a LAWN! and 2: we don't own a lawnmower. We have a pushmower, but the rain fell a lot while we were gone, and the grass grew too fast, and it was just too high for the pushmower to deal with.

So Lala did this with gardening scissors, on one side.


Really, she did. Isn't that amazing? But while I was inside recovering from a grass-allergy attack, I heard a neighbor talking to her. We don't know many of our neighbors, so it was nice that he stopped. And he offered her the use of his lawnmower. I heard her pause and almost refuse, and then she thought better of it and said yes. She's out there putt-putt-ing now, and that side that she did earlier with scissors does look more professional now, but I'm still highly impressed with her earlier effort. It's a nice day.


wow- with scissors!! Impressive.
I haven't read your blog in AGES (I'm a big-time lurker) and I checked back today to find you and Lala are married!! Woot! Congratulations to you both- the pictures are so beautiful. I love that you walked in to an Iron and Wine song. You both look incredibly happy.

I am impressed, scissors! When I read that I wondered if one of the neighbors would make the offer ;) Nice to feel welcomed to the neighborhood!

Scissors?? That's determination indeed! Go Lala! :)
Yay for helpful neighbors!

Loved your story about the track meet and the shooting!

We live next to an elementary/middle school and lately we have had daily serenades by the middle school marching band as they practice. Nothing like an entire band parading down your street several times a day for no particular reason! I wish they'd take requests though!

Impressive, yes. Did you bring her a beer?

Clearly, La is the Best. Wife. Ever. You lucky creature...so nice to hear about your first days/weeks of marriage. :)

Grass allergy attacks are plentiful these days. After all the rain we've had all anyone wants to do is cut their lawn. Aaaaachooooo! What trooper that Lala is to cut that patch of grass with scissors.

Lala mowing the lawn. Dude, that is HOT.

I guess if you mow the lawn with scissors, the whole thing seems like a big crafty project, perhaps? Glad you've got lawnmower useage now, though, I'm sure Lala's back will be thankful!

Yay for nice neighbours! And a big Yay for having a lawn too!!

Hello Yarn-a-Go-Go,
I fully appreciate the beauty of the scissors story, having taken down a small tree once with nail clippers and a file.

Anyway, your blog has helped me decide what I really want to do with my life! I've been trying to sort this issue out for the last 15 years, but now I know for sure. I want to be happy and creative and beautiful like you and your partner.

Epiphany is the word that came to mind as I wandered through your web last night. If you add a soundtrack to your blog, may I suggest "Express Yourself" by Ray Charles?

So, thanks to you and a few others, I came out of the artistic closet last night and started a creative blog. This may be a turning point for me. Thank you for being you.

Does that mean Lala is too busy to blog?

Very impressive! :)

Mowing the lawn with scissors. Well, thats...um...dedication. Yes, we'll call it dedication. :)

Ah, the joys of home ownership.

Enjoyed all of the wedding pics, you two are a cute couple! Have fun with your new house and I hope your condo sells fast.

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Ummmmm Rach ~ SHE IS A KEEPER!!!!!!!! Take her a glass of fresh tea!

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