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GymApril 17, 2006

So. Not only did I start running, but Lala and I got gym memberships when we got back. We learned that Vancouver is not only about civil rights in marriage, and beautiful views, and extremely nice, helpful people, but it's about FOOD. We ate at every opportunity, and boy, did we find a lot of those. We'd double back around a block in case we could increase our appetite and hit one more sushi restaurant. Just another scone. A little more gelato. I've never been so regularly full before in my life. I forgot what feeling hungry felt like, since I never gave myself a chance.

Then when we got home, we joined 24 Hour Fitness. I haven't belonged to a gym in more than ten years, and things sure have changed in that time. They didn't make me sign a contract! It's month-to-month, which makes me feel better about the potential for flake-age (although we won't flake, no, not us). Also, it's pretty high-tech, and that's a nice change, too. When you're on one of the myriad cardio-machines, you can plug your iPod phone cord into the machine and choose one of the channels playing on one of the TVs hanging in front of you. Dude, the handles on those machines record your heart rate! That was disappointing, actually, because when I was on the elliptical I thought I was going to DIE my heart was going so fast. Then I looked up and saw that I was in the target fitness heart rate for AN EIGHTY-YEAR OLD MAN. This is true.

Running was a little rough yesterday, I must admit. I went to Mills, as I usually do. It was sunny when I drove up, a few clouds in the sky. I leaned out of the car to put on my running shoes. A few drops spattered my knees. I decided I was Hard Core and started running.

Dude. The rain came. The rain fell in torrents. Rivers. Sheets of water. The iPod was psychic, as it sometimes is (I swear Apple is not paying me for this blog). As I started running and turned the iPod on, the Old 97's Blinding Sheets of Rain started playing. Then Rufus Wainwright sang about being cold, and then Abigail Washburn sang something about being miserable in the weather, and that's about when I decided to terminate my run and head back to the car. I was slapped red by then, my legs and arms and face scarlet from the sheer speed of the water drops which were as big as VW bugs.

(It was at this point, when I was thinking about my life and how now that the move and the weddings are over, I can finally obsess on something else, I saw a big sign that said this: RESUME WRITING. My brain went Wow! Okay! I hear you! I will! Then I realized it was a class on writing a resume. Ahem.)

But still, technology and iPods rock. As do big anonymous gyms. (Also, the iPod now makes gyms okay to spend time in. I don't have to talk to anyone, I don't have to make eye-contact, and I don't have to listen to their tunes. Nice.)

So today, no pics because darlin' Ryan' has taken care of them for me. Go see her. Yay!


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Ahhh I too belong to the 24 Fitness and I find that even though it is evil, it is good to go to the gym. Hard but good. In fact, I'm going tonight. Best for my ass! Yep!

I believe in iPods being psychic, too. Mine definitely is. Sorry your walk got rained out but good for you for making some positive changes!

Very cool about being able to plug in your headphones to the machine! I like to think I'm up to date on such things, but I had no idea. My gym membership is to the YMCA, so the equipment isn't quite that new.

They do month-to-month rates? Really? Hrm....

I got a big chuckle out of "Resume Writing"! ha! I am also a 24hr fitness member and like the whole ipod-anonymity thing. Good for you and La for getting into shape! I know Vancouver has soooo much good food.

I never believe the HR thingies on machines - I have an elliptical at home, and I'll be on there 20 minutes and put my hands on it, and it says my HR is like 65. Odd, since my resting heart rate is higher than that. :P

Ha! Even though I'm not writing these days either, I read it in the way the advertiser intended it, presumably because my temp job is wearing thin...

http://www.stumptuous.com has a lot of good information about strength training. It has been very inspiring for me (I just started going to a gym two months ago). The woman who runs it is a university professor, so she's a bit more critical towards the latest fitness fads than many other sites I've seen (it helps that it's non-profit as well of course). She also describes how she got in shape herself, she's not one of those natural wonder-athletes that seem to write most health and training literature.
I haven't commented before, because I didn't know what to say, but now that I'm doing it anyway: I loved reading about your wedding! You both looked so good and so happy. Congratulations!

Vancouver is killer for good food reasonably priced. Good thing we love getting out and having fun as well.

Welcome back and congratulations again on the most beautiful wedding in my blog universe :)

I too love the "Resume Writing" story, kinda LA Story-ish when even the billboards are sending you messages. I do have a small, selfish writing request, though. When you have 5 minutes to yourself (which may not be until next year at this point) would you consider writing down your stole pattern? My only female cousin is getting married in Seattle and I would love to knit her a stole plus, I recall you saying that the pattern you used for the side bits made hearts (too sweet!). Probably not the kind of writing you're thinking of resuming, but I would sure like it!


Good job. It's amazing how things that seem horrible at the outset, like running or going to the gym, seem marvelous or heroic once they're done (for the day). Keep it up.

"Resume Writing" - I love it. Billboards speak the truth, albeit elliptically. And belated congrats and much, much happiness to you guys. Awesome pictures, and you look nothing short of stunning. Mazal tov!

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