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Some MoreApril 14, 2006

Today's blog is courtesy of my lovely sister-in-law Won-ju, who sent me these pics. You know, not hiring a photographer for the Big Wedding really worked in that I keep getting sent pics of the night, all of which are better than the ones I have. Yay!

Lala's mom and Lala. Stylin'.

Dancing the beer bottle.

Hangin' with the band.

I might have sung a little bit.

The little mama (wearing HER little mama's shawl) and sister Christy.

Woot! Now, after having discussed my widening booty and tummy publicly on the blog, I actually went out and ran today. Know what? It wasn't as bad as it had all rights to be. I remember this feeling, though. It's kind of the Suck-In of exercise. Yay! I feel great! I should do this everyday! And tomorrow, it's gonna suck eggs.

But I'll keep it up, I suppose. Registering for the SF Half Marathon today just to keep me going. Yawn. Exercise: I love everything about it except doing it (and sometimes I even like that. The cherry trees are blooming at Mills, and that's a nice thing to run by.)


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I am delurking to tell you congratulations on your wedding. My girlfriend proposed last week and we will probably get married next year. Seeing you two so happy is making me very anxious for that day to come!

"Might have sung a little bit", huh?

Dancing the beer bottle... I know that dance!

And I know the feeling about exercise too. But today is time for my first outdoor run/jog/stumble of the season, which is something, at least.

Exercise. Yup. Gotta try that soon. I've got the ol' expanding tummy and butt and thighs (especially thighs from the unhappy stretch in my jeans today. sigh) happening.

I Love the photo of you singing. The swish thing your dress is doing is just too damn cute 'n' sexy.

(ahem, Lala? please know that I'm not hitting on your wife. Really. I life far too far away, and I'm not gay. But seriously, am I wrong?)

Oh, just great photos! I love the one of Lala and her Mom. The flower Lala is wearing with the flowers on her mom's wrap (or is that a kimono-style jacket? it's nice anyhow), it all looks so pretty together. And the happy smiles, ahhh... once again, I need a moment...

Happy Everything!

Delurking here... Just wanted to congraduate you two. You gals look so happy and good together.
Maybe I'll start running again tomorrow...

Your dress is so beautiful! Love the style. Great pictures of you, yours and the family. Thinking you must be still sky high with all the excitement!

I am so sad I missed your singing! (I think I was talking with Laura and was so caught up in it I didn't even know what I was missing...) Karaoke sometime?

Which half did you register for? Nike? It's still theoretically possible I could do the Boulder Backroads Half, though I'd have to get off my duff, and the poundage doesn't make the running any easier, alas... Can't I just wake up skinny? I promise I'd take good care of it... (This is the grown woman's version of, "Mom, can't I have a pony?")

I'm looooving the pics!! And OMG, if i posted a pic of MY ass on my blog I'd never have any readers ever again! Hee! You're so brave.

Hugs from me and from Hannah, who has a new musical hero in Lala. My forever love to her for taking a few minutes to talk to miss H. about music in general and playing instruments. It's made a HUGE impression on my blooming little musician.

Congratulations on your marriage! I hope you have a long and wonderful life together. And it's good to see that you're going to run the SF Half Marathon again. I'm going to be in town for it (husband is running the marathon) and will look for you and cheer you on (if I'm not running it myself). Have fun training!

Great photos! Looks like you had a great time, and a fabulous dress. Hooray for all of it!

I just did the Reading Half with my girlfriend. (Probably the only one she'll ever do with me!) Now I just have to keep running, without the impetus of impending pain...

I'm delurking, too, to say congratulations! I've enjoyed the pictures of your happy events, and I wish you both years and years of happiness. But most of all, I LOVE your Knitting Is Sexy design! I might have to get a shirt in every style!

Congrtulations. May you have many happy years together surrounded by the friendship and love that obviously suffused your day.

Sorry to be late to the party, BUT, congratulations on your wedding. You look divine in your dress!

And, I just went through your gallery...may I say that you do terrific work?

Ooooo - now we get to see the full length of the dress --- SO PRETTY!!!

Glad to hear you're running; lately even a race doeen't get me out there. I'm signed up for a 5k next weekend that I haven't trained for at all!

you know... I need to do the same for my tummy and derriere. I should try to find a fun run somewhere soon....

Congratulations - It looked simply blissfully wonderful. I LURV the dress and may I say you've gone up in my estimatations for having courage to show a picture of your ass. (What other blogger would be so brave! - NOT ME) Best wishes for much love and happiness to both you and Lala.

Congratulations on the wedding I have loved lurking and seeing all the pictures. I just started walking again after a year and am trying to build back up to what I was doing before (no running for me - blech - and I am lots older than you ;D)

one question you said you may have sung a bit -- you can sing?? LOL

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