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An Important Fire TipMay 2, 2006

On a Sunday afternoon, when you smell smoke, and your brain panics, and you think wildly to yourself, "It smells like burning flesh! Oh, quick, for the love of cashmere, call 911, and scream about the burning!" I'm going to suggest that you take a moment and a breath. I know it's been months, perhaps decades, since the sun's been out, but that smell? It's something known as a barbeque, and it's not threatening you in any way, unless your brother is out there playing with the lighter fluid, in which case I suggest that you keep the phone handy.

(Last week our next-door neighbor was having a barbeque, and the smoke was drifting across the porch. I placed myself on the swing, right in the smoke's way, on purpse. I LOVE the smell of it so much I wanted to trap it on my clothes, my hair. Yum.)

Lala and I have been enjoying this blog about doing up a Victorian in nearby Alameda, and she just sent me this page: Crimes Against Victorians. Enjoy.


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My husband thinks I'm weird because every time he's been grilling, I start following him around and sniffing him when he comes in. It's not as much fun to sniff myself when I grill, you know?

Those are funny, but in terms of the horrible things that people do to old buildings, some of them don't even come close to bad. I surveyed and measured a building that was two times more 1970's addition than it was an original Second Empire building from 1886.

Thanks for the link, my classmates will get a kick out of it too! It gives us a good look at what we'll have to deal with when we finish our theses.

I smelled the first barbeque around here last weekend and went straight to the grocery store and bought hot dogs, couldn't help myself.

There's nothing like barbequeing at the beach on the Fourth of July.

I was concerned my Dad's house was going to be in the crimes against Victorian's link. He has one in Alameda that had been converted into a really ugly duplex before they bought it. Then they painted it bright green and it really stands out because it's on the corner.

I'm allergic to smoke :( However, I do enjoy a good barbeque :) mmm.. meat.

I am guessing that you had quite a few of these calls the other day. Some people have no clue. You know like calling in and saying that there is a ton of smoke and fire in the apartment and when the FD gets there it is either food on the stove or nothing at all. Yeah, the fools are out.

Heh. Glad you liked my little tour. Of course, if you think those houses were badly off, I must admit that the my own house was just as bad if not worse. But as least not too much remuddling had been done, unless you count The Pink.

LMAO!! We use our BBQ all year around -- my poor freezing husband. But the smell of BBQ is much much nicer when there is warm weather to accompany it. :)

Do you know Brother In-Laws BBQ at Divis & Grove in SF? If you're in the neighborhood, pick up some meat and come on by my house!

I'm married to a Virginia boy, which means we grill a whole lotta pig around here. Southerners take their bbq seriously!
We tell folks that he used to be a Catholic and now BBQ is his religion! Much good smoke here at our house on weekends! Apple wood and hickory are really nice!

Next time y'all are up in Sonoma County for any reason, let us know and we'll bbq! (I make a mean bbq portabella too, for the Mrs.)


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