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FitDayMay 22, 2006

So Lala found this really cool site. I loves a good graph, and this site does it all -- it charts what foods you eat, how many calories you're burning doing whatever it is you do all day. There are charts to watch how much you're moving, how many miles you're running, how much gardening you're doing. It's kind of heartening to see that I'm actually doing more than I thought I was, actually. I was tempted for a moment to lie about my profession and put in my occupation as "Carrying heavy loads, such as bricks," or "Forestry, ax chopping, fast" or even, "Steel mill, removing slag." But no, I'm more of the "typing, electric, manual or computer" type and that just doesn't burn the same amount of calories. Imagine.


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Yeah, we're kind of obsessed with that site around our house.

My husband and I area always competeing to see who did the most all week to see who gets to sleep in on the weekends.

Yeah, he works 8+ hours a day in the Navy and does PT and all that fun stuff... but I raise a toddler.

I win :)

FitDay rocks. I used it a few years ago (and need to get back to it). All the graphs and pie-charts are motivating.

It does have knitting as an activity, you know - that makes it perfect :)

I'm one of those typing types, too. And, dang, all that typing makes a girl hungry!!
; )

I can do you one better: www.sparkpeople.com

Like FitDay, but with more motivation and more of a PLAN to get healthier. And recipes, and discussion forums. Plus, besides tracking food and exercise, you can track things like how many glasses of water you drink per day, and whether you're getting enough sleep, or enough fruits and veggies. I love clicking on "listened to a get up and go song" every day.

Oh man, removing slag. Wonder if "reading blogs, laughing ass off" is one of the listed activities?

When I'm being "good" I use Fitday, when I'm not (which, let's face it, is more often!) I pretend it isn't there! Lahdeedah... can't hear you Fitday! Pass the ice cream!

ps. I found a stray "Idaho Spud" under the seat of my van the other day! Hee!

You're making it hard to sit on my arse, being a lard. Now I have to go COUNT MY CALORIES. ;)

Thanks for the site -I've been on it for an hour now!

Oh little sweater, how cute are you? So very very cute!

Maybe if they have highways names, not numbers it would be easier on you. I'd call you and be like, "Um, where am I? I'm on Bob heading towards the Sally Cutoff..." How funny would your day be then?

It's always clear who was an art major isn't it...

I absolutely love FitDay! My coach introduced me to it when I was trying to lose weight for rowing season (I had to drop ten pounds!) and it absolutely worked. It's amazing :)

The sweater is adorable, btw!

Cari introduced me to Fitday, which I liked but found a little cumbersome. A friend of mine swore by myfooddiary.com, though it has a $9/month fee. I finally wound up subscribing to Weight Watchers eTools, which has even bigger fees but works really well with WW. And since I rejoined, I've lost about 5 lb... a mere drop in the bucket, but a step in the right direction!

How about chasing cats off the furniture and grabbing balls of yarn back from them? I wonder how many calories that burns...

Darn! JStrizzy beat me to it! My best friend and I are currently addicted to www.sparkpeople.com as well. I like it a lot better than fitday. As JStrizzy says it gives you a plan to get where you're going with more of a focus on the exercise-side of it as well. I love how it suggests exercises to do to meet your strength-training goals. I have a bunch of home equipment and my mind always goes blank when I face it! And it is very satisfying to check off your mini goals for the day!

I love FitDay! I recommended it to everyone in my weight loss class!

Several years ago when I did my big 50-lb weight loss/change of eating habits*, Fitday was extremely helpful in helping me to understand just what I was putting into my body. And a definite reality check in terms of charting my daily (lack of) activity!

(*I refuse to call it a "diet," since we all know that diets are temporary, but eating healthy is a lifelong change!)

I'm a FitDay devotee. I even sprang for the purchased version. Being someone who gets all geeky with anything, calorie counting works really well for me. FitDay was instrumental in my 80 lb weightloss. Running, though, is what is keeping it off. I still journal all my food at least 5 days out of the week (I usually give myself the weekends off).

I use an activity log on Extrapounds.com and I find it a bit disheartening. It is a letdown when you think you've had a great workout and then you see the approximation of how many calories you've burned and it is barely enough to burn off the Slim-Fast you had for breakfast!

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