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Now We're CookingMay 14, 2006

It has come down to this: I am a fancy cooker. Lala is the good cook -- she cooks everything well. Not well-done, mind you, but done well. She knows how to make things taste good, using their natural tastes and herbs and spices and things like that.

I want to wear a fancy apron and do a little dance with the cocktail shaker. That's the way it goes. We got a LOT of gifts for the wedding that support me in that.

Wedding gifts I've used in the past two days:

Cowboy print apron with pink pleats and yellow fringe.
Kitchen-Aide mixer for mixin' brownies (from SCRATCH).
Food processor for chopping up strawberries
Red blender for mixing cream and sugar
Ice cream maker for freezing cream and said strawberries
Electric ice cream SCOOP for scooping out ice cream (did you ever? I never did).

That's my kind of cookin', baby. Lala made a lovely mahi-mahi and potatoes. I made caprese, with real buffalo mozzarella, basil, roma tomatoes, and olives. Lala cooked. I threw together, my lipstick matching the wine's blush. That's the point, y'see.


See, I knew we should have had a wedding. Think 15 years later is too late to do a re-do?

The wedding loot is pretty nifty. Enjoy!

Yum yum yum!

I love my red blender. I was so excited when we moved into a house with red kitchen counters, to match. *swoon*

Told ya, every girl needs a cute apron! :)

And my cobalt kitchenaid mixer is one of the "I love it so much I'd marry it" items.
If i wasn't already, y'know.. married and stuff.

Everyone has their strong points. Lala can cook - you can be adorable!

And I lurrrrvvvve my Kitchen Aid (boring white) so much that it was an issue in my divorce. And the red Craftsman roll-away big tool chest that houses all my jewelry making goods. Somethings are just important.

If ever a post needed illustrative photos.... ;)

Lucky girl! Sounds like a nice wedding haul! And even luckier to have nabbed a good cook!

Yay! The ice cream maker and scoop are in use!!!

Strawberries!!! Ooooh! Here is a breakfast that you'll love. Whip it up for your sweetie next chance you get! Crepes...or just thin pancakes - same thing to me...spread with Nutella, then sprinkled with sliced strawberries.

To. Die. For.

I love this. You two are having so much fun, it puts a huge smile on my face. So beautiful.

Novel (as in writing) idea - lesbian romance involving gourmet food. Is that a new genre?

Gotta love the KitchenAid mixer and the food processor. Those are by far my favorite kitchen power tools. Oh, and don't forget the stick blender. It purees soup faster than...well, you get the picture. And with a lot less mess than doing it in a food processor. Have fun in the kitchen!

I was thinking of you this week. I was at a grocery store and saw that duartes olalliberry pie for sale in the freezer section. Aren't you the one who's nuts for that pie?

Mmmmm. Nothing beats real buffalo mozzarella in a salad! And, with fresh basil. Oooh.

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