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ProofMay 31, 2006

As proof that spinning is sexy, this happened Monday night: Friends were over with their two young boys. Eli is about five, I think. He wanted to know how the spinning wheel worked, so we went in my yarn room and I showed him. He immediately, intuitively knew how the wheels and gears worked together, how the drive band worked, and why the flyer wasn't spinning when the yarn leader wasn't threaded through the orifice. Five-year old boy, people. Things I still don't get unless I think very hard.

Suddenly, he was threading a pair of my underwear onto the wheel, under the drive band. (Clean ones from the laundry, I will state for the record.)

See? Cogs, gears, wheels, and panties. Boys think spinning is sexy. (And so do girls, thank goodness.)


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Hysterical! Undies in a wheel! Maybe I need a wheel to keep my 5 year old entertained. But I think hte three year ld would trash it! I have however taught Mr % year old to use the ball winder and swift! 25cents a skein, baby!

I was there and can corroborate this story. But you forgot to mention Eli's little brother Diego, who saw his bro trying to spin your panties into wool and yelled "CRANK IT! CRANK IT!!!" that was the best part.

Also your pink face you forgot to mention.

My husband LOVES to watch me spin. ;-)

well i don't know if joe thinks it's sexy but wheels were the only thing that kept him from impaling himself on a knitting needle at the NH Sheep and Wool festival. now he wants to build one.

HAH! Sounds like my Boyo at that age.

I have to protect my spinning wheel from my boys they don't much care if there is fleece or not they just want to see how fast they can get the wheel spinning. teehee

"my yarn room". That's just got such a nice ring to it. I'm envious.

All I can think of now is some Pluckyfluff style yarn with undies throughout. Pink and red, of course. :)

Stop by my blog. I finally found and posted the picture of my Little Momma!!! See same hair and everything.

Proof that boys & girl learn differently? Hmmm... You should show it to a little girl and see what she thinks!

LOL! Perhaps it is a good thing that my wheel is on the first floor and the underwear drawer is on the second....

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