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Quickly, A Nice ThingMay 10, 2006

Yesterday, when I was driving home, I passed one of those road signs -- the big light-up kind where they can print sentences telling you when to merge and what to watch out for.

The one I passed just said:


That's awesome. Like it's right out of that Beatle's movie, The Yellow Submarine. Watch out for Blue Meanies!!

Love that.
Unfortunately, here in Boston the only 'interesting' lit up sign I've seen said, 'jerk off' on it. Seriously, right on the side of the highway.

:) YES is nice.

Ooh, how very L.A. Story! Watch out if it starts quoting Shakespeare or giving you life-changing advice.

heve you ever been to the Oregon Country Fair? After a nice, long walk in, you are greeted by breezy banners that say




don't ya just love it-it puts me in a fun mood, even w/out drugs! (Actually, I think I may have so much residual in me from years ago that all I have to do now is think hard!)

Wow...that's wonderful.



Maybe the person who runs the sign just got proposed to. Wouldn't that be cool?

Heh, a little personal affirmation for today.

Hee!! we have a light-up sign here that says "Changes Ahead"

I chuckle every time I go by it!

Reminds me of the time a larger laser printer at one of the companies I worked for just had an error message that said, "No."

We have been laughing our fool heads off. In Michigan, when you get into a construction zone, they have a smiley face indicator. At mile 4 it looks mildly nonplussed. By the last mile it's a full smiley face.


Argh... I just moved from Michigan to Boston. I loved those smiley faces. Now all I get is, allegedly, Jerk Off. Great.

But anyway... YES!

BTW... you can make your own road construction sign with this generator!

Yey Magic 8 Ball Freeway Signs!

Have you seen this?

Someone programmed the road signs to protect the earth from alien invasions (or possibly from zombie attack, if you've seen Army of Darkness). Genius.

I had the same thought as Michelle. I loved that part of L.A. Story--I found it very sweet. I'm also reminded of when John Lennon met Yoko. Didn't she have an art installation with the word "yes" on the ceiling, and one had to climb a ladder to read it with a magnifying glass?

nice! The ones in boston all say "GO SOX!" :-(

Definitely very L.A. Story, which is a Good Thing.

That's like waking up to an email from a friend (not Ed McMahon) with the subject line "You're A Winner!!" :)

Hi Yarn,

Thanks for sharing that. We are a resilient species -- all tied up in asphalt and carbon monoxide and plastic signs, and still we are optimistic.

SARK proposes an excellent activity: Write "YES" on post it notes and slips of paper. Tape them up all over the place so you see them during the day. i had my French students write "oui" all over the classroom one year. It makes for a STRICTLY positive day.

Yes. Yessirree.

Missed your (and Lala's) smiling face (s) at MD...Maybe NYSW?

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