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Roman SnugglyMay 18, 2006

See what patience gets you? A coupla photos or three.

Ecco la:

    The Double-Barrelled Em. (click for big)

    The Oh Jayzus I Hate Back Pics Pose

    The I'm Seriously Out Of Good Ideas - I'm A Little Teapot Pose.

My camera is giving up the ghost, finally, but you can see more of the detail here. Also, you can see the coffee-table, where I'm deciding what to make now! That's the best kind of decision making. Usually I have tons of things lined up to make, and right now I don't. I got to flip through all my books and mags, and have decided on the Corset Pullover from IK of yore (Spring 2003, to be exact). More to follow as I go.


Pattern: Vogue 2006 Spring Summer, from Roman Holiday section. Watch the chart, it's kinda ballsed-up in a few places. Use common sense.
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly. Don't laugh. It's washable and cool, yo.
Size: Largest size, 44 bust I think. I've forgotten already and I'm too lazy to check.
Needles: 4US
Mods: I didn't add that twee little collar, because while on twiggy there in the mag it looked great, my cleavage needs no further attention drawn to it.

Conclusion: I love it! It's lightweight, comfy, and cute. I'm gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one.


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It looks awesome on you. The yarn plays very well with the pattern, regardless of the silly name they gave it.

Oooo, it looks great on you! Nice job, and congratulations on surviving another VK pattern.

The sweater looks great.

Wow - what a gorgeous sweater!

I can't believe that I forgot that I had already commented once. Yikes. Time for more coffee (or less - not sure which).

Fantastic! It looks stunning on you!

That looks amazing on you!

So pretty and flattering! Nice sweater.

That looks just lovely.

So the chart's messed up, huh? Gee, too bad you can't do anything about that.

Looks gorgeous, dahling. Good call on skipping the collar.

That looks fanfuckingtastic on you!

You're so cute and your sweater is fantastic!

i didn't even recognize it at first. very cool. love the blue.

It looks great on you! Super snuggly!

Love the sweater.

Best thing about the pictures?

They were taken in YOUR own house :)

It's a nice sweater and all...but an obligatory "the Rachael" would be nice! Just kidding it looks terrific. Love the color on you.

Uber cute! I have had my eye on that one, but have been out of the knitting groove lately.

Oh My Gosh - that is a fantastic sweater on you! Hooray - Sirdar Snuggly - don't knock it.

Cute sweater & nice job on it!! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Enjoy!


Very cute! I'll have to look thru that issue again...

Very,very nice ! It looks great on you.


That is a gorgeous sweater. Must go check out the pattern.

What a sweet sweater! It turned out so well and looks fantastic on you. I love it when I decide not to buy a magazine because nothing jumped out at me, and then VOILA! someone makes me take a second look.

ooh! that is super cute on you. pretty girl!

It looks great on you and the house, from what I can see, looks MUCH more put together than the one I moved into last year!

Your sweater looks awesome both on and off! You actually made me go hunt my issue so that I could look to see what the one in the magazine looks like. Great job!

Superdeeduper, Rach!

Beautiful! It looks great and looks even better on you. Congrats on a wonderful knit!!

the sweater is amazing, but the teapot pic just

Wow, wow, wow...
Soooooooooooo cute on you.


You know, Rachael, I SO admire your unerring ability to knit the exact most perfectly flattering things for yourself. Your instincts are always right on the mark. This is gorgeous. Loving it.

How pretty!!

So cute!

I LOVE it! Its so cute!

Love it, you little Tea Pot you!

Oh la la! It is just beautiful. I'm still in the Amazement Stage about ya'll knitters. One piece of yarn made that ravishing sweater. The detail is amazing. Bravo Yarn-a-Go-Go!

Fantastic looking!

Beautiful sweater - great shape, great color & great model! Glad it became what you wanted.

Wow, that turned out great! It's all grown up. And to think, I saw it when it was young... *snif*... it seems like only a month ago, or maybe six weeks...

You know, the 'I'm-a-little-teapot' move also doubles up as an awesome dance at an everyone's-too-cool club...

Nice jumper!

Lovely. I didn't like it in the mag (that effin' collar was *so* distracting), but you, my dear, make it loverly.

What an adorable sweater! I am very impressed! =)

On a side note, I've always like your visitor counter on the side of your blog and I always glance at it and today, I noticed there was a Chinese flag and I thought to myself, "how cool!" before I realized, oh wait, that's me...on vacation...in China (I'm brilliant, I know...)


oooooo, pretty!

First of all, we love it when you draw attention to your cleavage.

Second (and probably more germane to the conversation!) if I had only seen that sweater laying flat on that table I would have thought it was not worth knitting. But ON YOU it's so gorgeous I think I want one.

I wouldn't mind some cleavage, too, by the way, but .... you can't knit cleavage (although I think Knitty.com tried!).

Very Pretty sweater! You will gets lots of use with this one!!!

Gorgeous. And I like your use common sense remark.

it's very fucking cute on you. and your hair is looking gorgeous by the way.

Oh, hot hott hottt! I thought about making that without the collar too, and now that I see yours I don't know if I can resist.

Gorgeous -- you and the sweater both.

Cute, Chicka-Chicka! Very cute!

(Oh...the sweater is cute too. ~grin~)

Its gorgeous! I never would have knit it based on the mag. picture. Heck, I wouldn't have recognized it except you told us what section it was in. You've a great eye to see that such a simple subtraction would make something so pretty.

Very, very flattering - the sweater to you and you to the sweater! What a beautiful job you did.

So much nicer than the one in the magazine-didn't recognize it at first! (would be even better with a wee doggie)

You are adorable, you know that don't you? Your pictures always make me smile -- you're so full of life and energy -- adorable!! The sweater looks great! :)

I know you already have a million comments and compliments but I just have to say it's just perfect on you. If you ever get bored with it - send it to Kansas - it's just my size. :)

yeah! So cute! I agree on your collar edit.
I did that corset pullover and I LOVE IT. One of my all time fave knits both to knit and to wear. Enjoy it...

it looks great!

...and consider me de-lurked!

thanks for sharing

I'll just add to the pile of comments you have here and say that I would *never* have looked twice at that sweater from the magazine.

Thanks so much for sharing! It looks fabulous.

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