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Thanks, Y'allMay 20, 2006

for the fantastic comments. I do love that sweater. I love mostly how it's acrylic and I didn't overheat in it as much as I do in wool or cashmere or alpaca, my favorite fibers. And it's cute! It doesn't show things that I don't want to show, which with knitting, you're never that sure of until you put the garment on. That was an awkward sentence. But you get what I mean.

Anyway. I'm in the middle of a 70-hour work week, and I'm strung out on coffee and chocolate. Apparently I'm too lazy right now to make myself a sandwich, so dark chocolate-covered pretzels and Trader Joe's Cheddar Cheese Squares seem to be working for me. Don't mind me if I'm quiet for a bit. Conserving brain cells for 911 calls featuring people who don't know where they are (KNOW WHERE YOU ARE, PEOPLE! All the time!), driving (on roads filled with people who don't know where they are -- at least know the HIGHWAY you're driving on), and clicking the TiVo button. Now me, I know EXACTLY where those buttons are...... Shhhhhhh.....


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Sadly enough, I'm always very aware of where I am, because I drive an accident-prone stretch of interstate at an accident-prone time of night, and I end up phoning in an accident at least once a month. I keep my cell within reach, and I've gotten pretty good at giving "Northbound I5, just (north | south) of the Xth street exit, (right | middle | left) lane, (car color), (car type)." (I never actually stop, because I faint at the sight of blood, and I figure I'd just get in the way of the EMTs - or pass out into the lane of traffic, and get run over or something.)

Anyone who works anywhere along the 911 chain of events is a saint, as far as I'm concerned.

Last night, I experienced the combination of coffee and chocolate, chocolate covered espresso beans, dangerously good!

The sweater looks great. And my new Knitting is Sexy T-shirt is AWESOME! I've had so many people ask where I got it. I just point to the website on the back. Thanks for the kickass design!

That little number would be fab with a tight black pencil skirt. So cute!

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