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Thoughts on CleaningMay 12, 2006

Have I mentioned my Dyson before? Do you have ANY idea how much I love my Dyson? Seriously, if I wasn't married to Lala, I marry it. (That's just around the corner, you know. If they make gay marriage legal, what next? It's pretty reasonable to think that people will be marrying their vacuum cleaners next. I know I would.)

Not to go all product placement on you, but seriously, that thing works. (I just have the low-end yellow one.) It sucks EVERYTHING up, all this hair and white dust-skin-looking stuff and things you wish you didn't know about. It WHOOOSHES up into the clear bucket, and sometimes I stop myself from looking at it while I'm vacuuming, just to save the thrill for the very end. I take the canister out and run at Lala: Look! Dude, check all this sh*t OUT! That's from US! I like the squawk she makes when I do that.

Earlier, while I was vacuuming under the bed (yes, it's still a new-to-us house), I vacuumed up a kleenex. Now, that's power. Nothing like it.

I do think, however, that I killed the bathtub in my eagerness. It's been looking dingy, and there's always been a crack in the bottom that looks EXACTLY like a spider. So I went at it with SOS (the box SAID I could), and everywhere I rubbed turned a grimy grey. I think they must have done that tub refinishing paint stuff on it, and I think we need to do re-do it. I hate looking at it, though. It looks dirty, when it's perfectly clean. Ew.

I do like to clean the house. I love that feeling after you clean and after you shower, when you walk the floors in bare feet and you pick up nothing at all.

Bleah. I have a weird tummy-thing going on recently. I'm going to relax now. I just made some Moosewood Cookbook (the new one) brownies, and Lala's in charge of dinner, so I'm going to go watch Oprah. I took some pics of the tub, but pics of a tub are really, truly boring, so here's some of my recent knitting:

    Note the tongue.

It's a sleeve from the newest Vogue Knitting (the green one in the Roman Holiday series, done in blue Sirdal Snuggly, I kid you not). And you know what? I'm working the last sleeve, and it seems a little small. Oh, wells. It'll fit someone, right?

And this is how Harriet helps:


Okay. Oprah now. Have a good weekend, all!


Hey I just bought a Medivac from Meile I think.
I love it!
I thought about the dyson but I have no carpets.
I also read mixed reviews.
Have you tried Comet on the Sos stains?
May bleach it out a bit. There is a Oxy version of comet called Heather's or something.

Sheesh...I think I will go knit. Somethin'

I think you can get the bathtub re-porcelained.

I don't have a vacuum that cool, but when I upgraded to a HEPA one (for the cat hair) it was pretty huge!

I have so many pictures of tubs you wouldn't believe it. It's for work though....I have to do field inspections and some of the stuff I see is pretty bad and has to be documented. You CAN have a tub refinished, but it can get pricey.

I covet your Dyson. I'm a cleaning fanatic, and I vaccuum twice a day. I need a Dyson.

I would marry my Roomba. Except I'm already married.

I could have sworn that in one of those states that starts with a vowel that someone (legally) married their tractor. Although, if you do marry your Dyson, it might only be doing it to get a green card you know!

Well, my thoughts towards my Dyson have never been that lustful, but otherwise (as a multi-pet owner), I know what you mean.

I have a dyson too, and freakin' love it! We went through so many $60 vacuums that I thought it about time to invest some money in a non-piece-of-crap. We have dogs, so it's always gross to see how much hair comes out of the carpets...But fun at the same time! :)

We registered for a Dyson. Hope we get it. My SIL has one and LOVES it. My nephew calls it "the big bird vacuum."

As far as the tub goes, yeah, you may have to refinish it.

Next time try the Mr. Clean sponge thingy. We have an old claw-foot tub and it worked MIRACLES.

I've also used ZAP Bathroom restorer. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006NUE6Q/qid=1147530418/sr=8-1/ref=pd_bbs_1/103-6419038-7459038?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance&n=284507
(they have it on Amazon. I'm in shock!) But that's the surgical mask, windows wide open, no dogs in the house solution. It gets you high in maybe 2 minutes flat. A good pick-me-up, though. :-)

You married LALA? Well shit, I thought that your husbands just couldn't get visas to come all the way from Lesbia for the ceremony ...

OK, I'm pushing it, but I just got off my fifth graveyard shift in a row. Gimme a break.


i'm the official late reveler who comes in all amped and celebratory after everyone's settled down from hours of the party harty.


and congratulations on successfully perpetuating love on the earth.

who ate all the cake?

We have a contruction company and all we work on are old (the '40's is about the newest we're interested in) and I am the QUEEN of old clean stuff.
Boil up a big pot of water and dissolve some CASCADE in it. You have to stir it around to get it dissolved. Let it cool enough so you can carry it to the tub.

Fill the tub with the HOTTEST water you can. You might want to turn up your hot water heater for this. You need to fill it all the way up..well, leave yourself enough room for this pot of water you're toting.

Dump in your Cascade water and swish it around. It is pretty caustic, so don;t be sitickin' in your bare hands.

Leave it overnight.

Drain your very shiny white tub and rinse out any non-dissolved grains.

Get thee to a hardware store and buy a porcelain repiar kit for the "spiderweb" crazing that bothers you. Follow the directions and fix it. Make sure you let it dry the reccommended number of hours PLUS 24.

Now, just make sure you NEVER leave water standing in the tub overnight. When you do your rinsing out after a bath, you might just squirt a little vinegar to cut the body oils...that will help keep your beloved tub degrimed with little effort. Hope this works for you!

a dyson, a dyson, my kingdom for a dyson.

alas, I toil and scrape with a hoover bagless. better than nothing, but definitely no dyson.

I love my Dyson too, so I understand your feelings :) I've had it for years and still get a thrill out of watching the stuff swirl around. For the tub (or any other weird spots) do try those MrClean Eraser sponges. They are pricey and totally soft but in all their weirdness get rid of a lot of stuff around the house. They use UP, so its really like an eraser. I use them sometimes on the tile grout on my kitchen floor, nothing else gets that clean, best for pet "marks" around the wall corners, where they rub. Crayon marks on walls etc, cool stuff.

I have the purple DYSON - the pet one. I have two LARGE labs and right now they are shedding like all get out. I vac 2x's a day and totally love to see the canister when I am done. I go out and dump it each time and am amazed. I even use it on the bigger dog (Brody) he actually lifts his arms up so I can get his belly. One thing though you have to clean off the brush underneath as it fills with hair and can get screwed up.

I registered for the $600 Dyson last year, just 'cuz I was having so much fun with the scanner. My (now) husband had been coveting one for quite some time. We didn't get it as a wedding gift, but a duplicate wedding gift return and all our gift cards to a department store nabbed us the low-end Dyson.

We vacuumed with the old one and then used the Dyson. It was a bit disconcerting how much the Dyson sucked up into that see-thru canister after the carpet had just been "cleaned" with the old vacuum!

Enjoy your new wedding gadgets! They're the best, aren't they?

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