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We're Here!May 7, 2006


Lala and I are having the BEST time EVER! Maryland Sheep and Wool rocks! I've been hanging out with all my friends, and spinning and knitting, and cleaning out all the vendors of all the fiber they brought. I'm so glad we're here! This afternoon I plan to eat a lamb gyro followed by cotton candy followed by a fried Twinkie. Yay, us.

Well. Okay. We can't have ALL the fun this year -- we have to leave some for the other people, I suppose (although I firmly believe there's always enough fun to go around). Photo carefully transferred in from last year, when we WERE there. Or I could have brought in the year before that when Bethany and I were there:



So, nope. Oh, well.  I'm at work today. Lala's digging holes in the garden, probably. I'm wishing I were at the Sheep and Wolf Festival, but mama really does need a new pair of shoes (or at least her boots need new soles, fer real, I walked 'em OFF in Canada), so here I am.

Savin' money. Yep. Hoo-ray. Isn't this fun? Not buying new, happy, bright fiber. Not dropping spindles. Not finding secret spots behind market stalls to make out with my girl. Not driving to New York to show off my purchases.

Small sigh. A very, very small sigh, one that I'm rather ashamed of. It's a long day, and I have cramps, and I'm fighting off a migraine that ate my head last week and is still lingering and I'm just vaguely grumpy. Grump.

Isn't that dumb? That's dumb. And I'm dumb for feeling bad about feeling grumpy.
There's something rather satisfying and cheerful about putting those two words together. Grump dumb.

I'm gonna knit. Sheesh.


Well me too. And I havent even got any photos from last year to remember by...

If it makes you feel better, you totally had me fooled 'til the second pic. Then I thought, "Hey, that's awfully familiar!" and read ze words.

I don't know how crazy your stash might be, but I love diggng through my personal stash--there's always something fabulous I totally forgot about. Do you have leftovers from last year's?

I didn't to go, either. I could be noble and say it was because we will be buying a house in the very near future and all funds are going into the downpayment/closing costs account... but the truth of it is I completely messed up on the dates and thought it was *next* weekend!

Sorry about the cramps :(


Grump,grump,grump. ;-]

Work today, MS&W tommorrow, er next year. And mebbe someday when my ears are all better and I can fly, I'LL go to MS&W too! Wheeeee!

Because I'm gullible with a capital 'G', I read the first half of your post and thought: "No! I missed Jen and La! Damn it! They seem so cool!"

Because I'm gullible with a capital 'GULL' I thought _I_ was at MSW! Turns out I was just mistaking Miss Idaho for an alpaca.

Rachael, you are cute in those photos and are stll very cute now. You will also be soooo cute in next year's photos at the MS & W.


I wish I were at MS&W, too.

I've never been, so you've got one up on me.
I've got one up on you cuz I'm not at work today!

I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this!

Hi GrumpyPants McGee,
Next year! Next year! Or Rhinebeck! Rhinebeck! Saving money is FUN! :)

We did go, it was great, although my mom, a semi-retired knitter and my friend, a new knitter, both thought it was not as big as Rhinebeck which we go to every year. I think they are crazy! Anyway, we made a few first time mistakes and didn't arrive, drove from NYC, until late in the afternoon, so we missed all the koigu and the cherry tree hill farms stuff,BUT managed to spend several hundred dollars of our house fund, anyway. The weather was glorius and the funnel cake YUMMY, especially as breakfast on Sunday AM. You and LaLa should make the trip to Rhinebeck this fall, it is great fun and almost all the same vendors...seriously.

What the hell? I didn't see you guys. I didn't even know you were coming! I'm so upset I missed you!!

Umm... now I feel like an idiot. How about you read the entire post first, Jenn? Sorry you didn't get to go, lady. We'll see you next year, right?

You got me! I thought--wow they went to MDSW--so lucky. And I was jealous.

I really wanted to go too.

This is the first year that I've been there and you haven't. It was actually slightly weird to not see you there.

Yeah, you fooled me too. *cough* Rhinebeck *cough*

How come there isn't something on the west coast that's akin to MS&W and Rhinebeck? Sure, there are a lot of little festivals -- I'm going to try to make it to Oregon Flock and Fiber this year, my very first fiber show -- but nothing everything talks about for weeks.

I'm sorry you're feeling grumpy. Me too, so I'll hit the gym today. I think a good run will help me.

Aww... c'mon, I'm not there either, and I'm enjoying the fabulous sunshine we are having. If it makes you feel any better, Imagiknit is having a big yarn sale next weekend. :) So you can spend AND save.

I seriously started reading this and thought "what?! they were there?! how did I miss them?!" Whadda trick! Oh well - y'all can always go back. Since it's the biggest sheep & wool fest in the country, it will likely happen again. :-)

So I was a little upset that you said you couldn't come to our anniversary party yesterday 'cause of work, but really it was MS&W. I was thinking of breaking into your house before you got home and stealing the quilt back. Good thing you gave the joke up right away, or I would've found out how good a guard dog Miss Idaho is.

set your sites on Rhinebeck ---- how romantic to be in upstate NY in the fresh fall air, surrounded by fiber ...... doesn't that sound nice??

come up to Eugene for Black Sheep in June. Or Canby for Oregon Flock & Fiber in September. or hell, both! much shorter trip (we made it to SF from Monmouth - 1.5 hours north of Eugene - in 9 hours), no sales tax, awesome fibers. great camping in this area, Eugene is quite queer-friendly, and there are a ton of dog parks.

heh I was thinking, HUH? She got a hair cut!? You silly girl. Wish we could all be there. :)

That's spooky; I hadn't read your blog yet when I'd posted today's entry on mine about being irritated with my irritation (and I made chili with ground turkey in it yesterday). Strange-o.

Missed you.


You're great! Thought that'd help. Even though I'm commenting way after you posted this. :)

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