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Added LaterJune 13, 2006

After that last whingey post? Where I whined about being lazzzy (you should be grateful you can't hear me, really. Poor Lala) and tirrred ad nauseum? Then, strangely enough, I did all the things I didn't want to do. Just did them. I felt so much better after giving myself permission to do crap-all that I got most everything done.

Then I went to Point Isabel, which is only a mile down the road from where we usually take the dogs (I thought it was in Marin, for some reason), and it turns out that it's dog heaven. Really. SO MANY DOGS, all shapes and sizes, most off-leash (not Clara yet), all running and leaping and having fun. Also, they have a cafe with lattes and hot dogs and nice things like that, and a little shop where you can wash your dogs with nice soap. And they're so nice. Everyone is nice there. It was as if they were all Canadian or something. And the view of the city today was so clear, the Golden Gate looking as if I could reach out and smoodge it with my finger.

Seriously nice.

   Three, with Golden Gate in the distance

    One happy Clara

    Two dogs in the car

    Two dogs in the yarn room


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oh I lurves that last picture...
happy, HAPPY!

Ooh, nice shots of the doggies and the yarn room. Do you keep all the sweaters and things that you knit in that room on the shelf there? I was thinking about doing that, but I thought I might forget to wear them....

You can't help but smile when you see that happy Clara! So fun! Glad your day took a turn for the better.

"Everyone is nice there. It was as if they were all Canadian or something." That comment warmed my heart almost as much as seeing Clara smiling at the beach did :)

Ah, the eyes have it. Clara is smitten and you have a companion, loyal friend and inquisitve, busy, playful bundle of joy to remind you on the tiredest, snottiest, lazzyest, plain grouchy day that love unconditional is where it's at. There will of course be an amount of cuboard love but icecream in one hand and doggy treat in the other seems about right.
Rhys and Banon love carrots which is great as it keeps their teeth clean. Actually they love all veggies and fruit, last night we discovered strawberries which was very funny with Banon smiling and Rhys smacking his lips in delight when I offered them one each.
As a long time collie/sheepdog owned person I can only say intelligent doesn't get close to the way they understand. Mr Bryn was labrador collie cross now of course with lurcher/collie cross I have intelligence and speed combined which is quite a combination:0)

I swear, Clara is just the most darling thing. Her smile is infectious, she knows she got a good momma :)

A wonderful day spent with your NUMMAS!

Love to all !

Looks like a glorious day! Thanks for the peek at the yarn room. I still can't get over having yarn n the open in a house with five four-legged beasties!

Hey, I have a question... Do you and Lala have a joint stash? Is some yours, some hers, some whoever wants it? I mean, before you get married you think about things like bank accounts and home ownership, but I wasn't sure whether fiber would be on anyone's checklist of Major Issues to Discuss.

Is that the park in El Cerrito by the big post office warehouse? That's doggy and walker heaven.

I LOVE Clara! What a mug! And thank you thank you thank you for being such a good, loving, responsible dog caretaker that you won't let that sweetheart off lease until she's ready.

er, you might let her out of her lease, but not off the leash. Jeez.

Good on ya for getting your stuff done. :) Your dog is freakin' adorable. I want to squish (hug) her.

Still have cats, or did the dogs eat 'em? Poor kitties.

oh, happy Clara! She's smiling at me! LOVE HER.

Oy, you have a yarn room! When I move, I'm SO claiming a room as "the yarn room."

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