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Pep TalkJune 13, 2006

I am absolutely in the most anti-adult mood right now. I have a list of things to do. I usually like lists. I'm good at them. Today, not so much. I feel SO tired, and everything is making me grumpy. I have an amazing house but it needs cleaning. I have an amazing new dog and two amazing older dogs but they take energy. I am completely horrid today, and I was last night, too.

We were going to eat dinner at a friend's in San Francisco. Now, the downtown area south of Market is one of the areas I'm comfortable with. I know where things are, I kinda know how the streets work in their crazy way. But I could NOT find 11th and Bryant last night. I was picking Lala up at the gym, and I just couldn't find it. Poor thing. She must have known that she was in for a night when she called me to see where I was (I'd been searching and getting lost for 20 minutes by then),
Phone rings. I answer, "So LOST! 20 minutes! Around and around! South Van Ness! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHCKKKKK."

I know *I* always love hearing that even before hello.

And the mood has stuck.

Now, I'm good at taking care of myself. Very good at it. I'm the first to tell myself to take it easy. I love to plan a pajama day. Taking one today, unplanned, feels very, well,  just lazy.

Hah! I got it! That's what I feel. I don't feel like I'm taking care of myself, I just feel lazy, which is a Bad Feeling. So I'm going to actively change this all around. While I still have the clothes on, I'll take the dogs out for a long walk (Clara didn't cry in her crate last night, and I promised if she was good she'd get a good long romp). Then I'll come home, take a bath in the daytime, put on pj's and keep them on. And eat ice cream. Tomorrow I will do laundry and pay bills and make icky phone calls, but Not Today.


Thank you for witnessing my little pep talk. If I thought too much about it, I'd be embarrassed. So I won't. Mwah.


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I'm pulling myself up by the boot straps today too! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Today is my lazy day too, even though I have to work this evening. PJs until noon, head out for lunch and maybe some knitting time... or maybe be a slug here and keep the TV on... I know, I'll eat ice cream in honor of you! Enjoy your day.

totally off-topic...
you were in my dream last night.
apparently you had opened a yarn shop in an old church in my town. how bizarre is that?

I have a song for you. It's called Grumpy. It features a tuba.


I so need a lazy day! Yesterday I had my second panic attack in 3 days (these are new - ahhhh - I am so blessed). Ended up in the hospital (I thought I was having a heart attack). I've been saying for some time that I will start a regimen of Yoga and Meditation but this has been a wakeup call that I need to start right away!

Love to you, La, and the dogs

I feel you -- I hope the long dogwalk helped. I have a weeklong bout of in-laws starting in two days, four deadlines in the space of that same week (after three weeks of not much work), and I'm having a very hard time shaking off the lazy. I have double lists, and it's not maaking me feel any better to cross off the easy ones when things like "Tilex the shower" and "clean cat box" are still on there.

I'm being a big brat today - I need to give myself a similar pep talk. You're inspiring me.

What is it with driving in San Francisco? I can drive from the East Bay to several different areas in the city, but I can't always get from one place in the city to another. God forbid you need to make a left turn. Doesn't help that I'm directionally-challenged.

Those days restore you for the tough ones. I think one jammie day a week should be required by law. Seriously.

Pep talks are wonderful, and I hope tomorrow is easier than it sounds!

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