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The Pickle and the IdahoJune 1, 2006


It just so happened that we noticed they were both wearing hoodies....


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Oh. Words escape me.

Something about this picture makes me want to give birth.

(Hopes Jodi means to a human, not a dog! ;-)

Hoodies make everybody cuter.

Oh my how cute???? You going to Whoreshoes show on Sat?

Too cute!

it's awfully hard to say which one is cuter!!!

YOu gotta love a woman who has hoodies for her chi :)

Oh . . . my . . .

Cuteness abounds--all four of you! I'm bummed that LaLa has a show on Sat. because I wanted to see if you two were going to The Ditty Bops (thedittybops.com) at Slims!

That picture looks like it's from the fifties--which makes the dog in a hoodie just...awesome. Superkitsch.

Man, how'd he grow those super-squooshy cheeks so fast!??

(And it took me a minute to register that as your swing...my brain was short-circuiting on *golf cart*???)

All four of you are SCHMOOS.

Squeak. You have the cutest. dog. ever. Absolutely precious.

(Er, hi, I found your blog through the QueerKnit webring.)

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