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Too LazyJune 27, 2006

for more than a list:

1. I'm tired. Working tonight, on my off night. Off at 6am, home by 7am, asleep by 8am, up again by noon. But I'm seeing Neko Case tonight, so that's good.

2. Tomorrow, also an off day, I'm working all day. Overtime.

3. Thursday I start my real work week.

4. I dream of sleep. It's like thinking about a hot-fudge sundae. You know?

5. Clara is SMART. The other day she had emptied her Kong, so she kept throwing it at my feet, while I sat on the couch, lazy and sleepy. Then I heard crinkling. She BROUGHT me, in her mouth, the bag of Kong snacks for me to fill the toy. She didn't eat them in the kitchen, although she could have. She brought the bag to me.

6. Also this (and I wouldn't even write about it, knowing that no one would believe me, but Lala was with me, so I have a witness), yesterday while we sat on the back porch, we saw Clara run out of the kitchen, over the porch, and down into the yard, carrying not only a bagel in her mouth, but the plastic container of cream cheese. Both, in her mouth at the same time. I was so overcome by this that I had to hang up on my sister so I could reclaim my food and double over in laughter.

7. Tonight, before work, I had to go to a terrible HOA meeting, in which I confronted the Problem Neighbor, who is NOT an owner. I told him I knew. He backpedaled and said he WAS the owner. It just didn't show on records. No, he was HALF owner! That was it! And it was none of my GD business, nowhere does it state that only homeowners can come to the HOME OWNER'S association meeting. Even he stuttered a little bit. I made the point that according to the tax assessor's office, he was not the owner, and also he hadn't paid dues in more than a year, and so therefore, NO, he was NOT part of the association. At this, he stormed out. Then the other two owners and I heaved a great sigh of relief and discussed fixing the railing, which is wobbly and dangerous.

8. Anyone know Sarah Kahn in the Bay Area? She's the real owner, and I don't know how to find her, since Jose said, "She doesn't want to know about these petty problems. I'm not giving you her number." I've googled, and found nothing. Thought I'd ask.

9. My wife gave me the best gift of all, on this rather crappy HOA/work-filled day off: She installed an air conditioner in our bedroom window. A real cold one. I will make jingling sounds of joy when I come home this morning. She will know how much it means to me. I think she already does.

10: WATERDOG (click for big):




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Oh Mr Bryn would have loved Clara for the mere fact she's a waterbabe and has the you can't be asking me to come out now grin.
RnB are not yet water dogs, but never say never:0)
Here's wishing those dreams of sleep do come true. Just don'e get cold toes. xxx

What a cutie! And Neko - totally jealous!

Neko Case? No fair...

Aha! But can smart dog do this- http://notprettytowatch.blogspot.com/ scroll down to June 14th (I think that is the right date!)

Bagel and cream cheese? Definitely a smart doggie. My friend had a dog at one time that learned to open the refrigerator.

Oh, lucky, lucky Clara. She found the right family.

Clara is a smart schmoo.

Clara is so cute in the water!
and smart too. I have a bumper sticker (not on my car but on my office wall) "My Labrador is smarter then your honor student"
Maybe you can find one that says my Clara is smarter then HOA "so-called" owners. But then that does not leave much for greatness does it? OK, forget it! Go sleep in the cold! mwah

Ooooh--enjoy the cool sleep and the Neko Case. I saw her a few months ago--like witnessing Greatness. Yay! about the 'non-owner', hope you find the real one.

Neko Case - I just discovered her a couple of months ago (I know, where have I been anyhow?). I like her. But I LOVE Clara! She's a typical Border collie: smart and sweet.

I wonder if Clara will bring you yarn and needles next time, wanting you to teach her to knit?! Heheh.

I got stuck on the first item in your list -- so jealous!!! Have fun!

I do believe I am in love with your new doggie.

Also tell Lala to post, I'm tired of being a petunia. And it's Canadian Tire, not Ukranian Tire so she can just stop getting all excited about it.

The tax records don't give an address/phone number for the owner? If the property isn't owner occupied that info has got to be public record somewhere!

i'm completely in love with clara. next time i'm in san fran, me and clara are going for a long walk!

Know any real estate agents? They can do a super quick computer check on owners of property if you give address and zip code. It is public information, but they can just get it faster for you. (This is how real estate agents can approach folks and say "did you know that a house on your block just sold for blah blah blah?" and solicit business.)

Clara is such an uberdog! I'm so happy you found each other.

Terri's solution is a good one. You can also mosey over to the County Clerk's office and look up the deed for the property - it might have more information about the owner? Any title searcher in the office will be glad to help you.

Another thought on finding the missing owner ... file a claim in Small Claims Court for the back dues and have them send out a deputy to serve the summons to court. I had to do this once with someone who removed some of my belongings from a shared basement area of the flat I lived in. I addressed a letter to the address where he had lived by me, mailed it to him by certified mail so I'd get a notice back from the post office when it was delivered which told me the town he was in. Then I went to the county seat in that county (yes, he moved to a different one)and filed the Small Claims Court papers. It cost me a little money and a day of vacation but I got my property back.

Rachael: Try going here and putting in the address and unit for the property. It should have a mailing address for the recorded owner of the property.


(I had to do this in my neighborhood when a shared sewer line on my block failed and I had to notify all the landlords. It looks like it will work the same as the one here in King County.)

Neko Case and A/c...you're living large. We saw her show last night and it was great. Enjoy!

Mmmmm Neko. I just wanna curl up in her voice. (We're gonna see her Friday.) She's almost as good as AC! (Normally she is at least as good if not better, but it's been hot as hades up here!)

... oh and I get a little grin of vicarious-and-not-at-all-creepy-no-siree-happiness everytime you make a passing comment about your wife. Hee! Y'all newlyweds are adorable!

Lurker here! You should try privateeye.com. There was a Sarah Kahn in SF, so that could be her. You don't need all the details they have boxes for, and it may freak you out to discover that if you search for yourself--the site spits back your parent's names, your siblings, past towns you lived in, etc. You can get more details if you pay money (big surprise).

Here's another search engine to try to find Sarah Kahn: http://www.zabasearch.com/

I LOVE Clara! What a lucky dog to find such a good home with you and LaLa. It sounds like she is always going to be two paws ahead of you, such a quick thinker!

clara is the smartest dog ever! You're all so lucky to have found each other. and way to go on the A/C - the budgie did the same for me last night. it's nice to have good peeps in yer life, ain't it? :-)

A visit to whitepages.com found two listings for Sarah Kahn in California. One is in Truckee and one is in Garden Grove. No idea where those pages are. You might try a call or two. (Clicking "get further info" got 42 Sarah Kahns. There is 1 in Berkley, 1 in Oakland, and 2 in San Francisco. The one in Oakland has two addresses. That's as far as I could get without paying.)

So he thinks he owns half? Look in the marriage and divorce records too.

Happy hunting.

Oh, hoping you get some good sleep soon. Yay for AC! Clara is a cutie.

When I feed my Scottie dry food, she always brings me her Kong to fill. Then she rolls it around the kitchen and eats the food that falls out. When it is empty she brings it to me again. Of course, that isn't as good as bringing the goodies to go in it as well. Pretty smart dog!

Hey: This is the lawyer from Seattle again. Rabbitch is right on track, the tax roll records (maybe online?) should show an address where the owner (Sarah)can be reached. Alternatively, many title insurance companies have a customer service department, you give them the address, they will give you the owner info or at least a copy of the deed when they got the property. You could call the company that you have your title ins. from (you DO have title ins. don't you?)

Your HOA can put a lien on the property for the unpaid dues. That should be covered in the covenants. Once you start the process, you can have her served as suggested above. I would only serve her as she is the property owner on record. Certified mail to the unit in question is good, too. Your dog is just too funny. Bagel and Cream cheese!

I heart you new pooch! I wonder what she did in a former life, and I have to day, I think she's very comfortable in her new home!

I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Your story about the bagel reminds me of my own cat years ago. For some reason she loved bread, and many times would steal hard rolls that were larger than her entire head--and effectively blocked her vision as she made off with her "prize."

Clara is a dream dog. She sounds wonderful! I have a scary-smart doggie also...he uses objects as tools to get other things he wants. He and his sister team up to open closet doors, use things to pry down toys they aren't supposed to have, etc. It makes me laugh so hard it's really difficult to punish either one of them when they do something naughty.

Enjoy the new AC!

Neko?? I'm jealous! Favorite is my favorite!

What happened to the cats? (or did I miss something?)

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