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Y'all RockJune 10, 2006

But I've told you that before. It's still true. And oh, my god, the comment about drawing a picture of the person you're having the problem with, then burning it over the toilet and then peeing on it? I don't have a person THAT bad in my life, maybe I never have. Hopefully I never will. Asshat HOA Member isn't even that bad. But I can imagine that if he were, BOY, would that help.

Also, driving home yesterday morning after work, thinking about the things I hear at work, after hearing a coworker attempt CPR on a 6-year old for three minutes, seeing my coworker's face after that call (he has kids -- those calls have to be harder on parents than on me, and I HATE them), yeah, my problems are so minuscule. I'll take care of what I have to do for the association, and HOA-guy will, too. Eventually. One way or another.

So. The question I asked about turning off those arguments in your head, the ones you know you should let go, but just can't? Those ones you keep fighting and rehearsing and scripting?

Things that worked yesterday:
* Perspective. Yeah, duh, but think about 25 million dead in 25 years from AIDS. You feel a little dumb after that, worrying about your rental property. Sheesh. (Also? That's so scary and bad and wrong and horrible and OHMYGOD. But you know the numbers, I know you do.)
* A gin and tonic at 7am on the porch swing. (They're GOOD in the morning, and you still get that morning bad-girl thrill even if you've been working all night and you've been awake since 2pm the day before.)
* Hugging the wife.
* Hugging the new dog. Bigger dogs are so GOOD to hug. Who knew?
* Sleep.
* Y'all.


    Starfish! Dead!


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Glad you're feeling better!

yes totally what carole said. (what the hell is she doing up so early on a saturday?!)

clara is so cute. i'm happy that you found eachother.

Border Collies are good to hug.

Big huggable dogs are the BEST. My Jasper is huggable, my Bouncer is not. I do petsitting for two big old fat dogs that will absolutely flop in your lap to be hugged, and I adore them.

I love hugging dogs -- makes everything better.

I have 2 half Husky/half Border Collie, and I can hug them, but will not come near my lap, except sometimes, if I am very lukcy and special that day, they will lay theor head on my lap and look at me with those big eyes, and that is just the best love in the world!

And my spelling is really much better that that post would indicate, but my typing sucks.

you and i were 'fighting and rehearsing and scripting' at the same time. my head woke me up 2 hours earlier than i needed to be, and with no chance of getting back to sleep, went out for a walk down by the lake. i had worked myself up into such a tizzy i was almost in tears. the solution? yup, a dog. a wee, wriggling, panting, flopping puppy to be exact, being taken on his morning walk. he made a bee-line to the crazy lady (me) and man, that was the best therapy ever. a nice long chat with a friendly stranger helped too. sorry for the long comment - just wanted you to know that someone else was feeling the same way!

gin and tonic at 7 am. Now that is something I have NEVER done. My co-worker says when he used to work graveyards he would go home (he was living with his parents at the time), crack open a beer and sit in the hot tub. He told me about one morning he was indulging in that manner when a friend of the family came over and there he was, 9 am and flaked out in the hot tub, NUDE, with a beer in his hand. Too funny.

Hubby is a firefighter and he says those calls are the hardest. Ones in which children are involved. He once witnessed a 4 year old choking to death on a piece of leggo. There was apparently no saving him. Tragic.

Anyway, on a lighter note I am glad you are feeling more optimistic. Love your dog!

Hee Hee! Is Clara practicing to be a back-up singer for Prince? She looks like she got caught in a purple rain. :) The guy who owns our local hockey shop is selling out and moving back to MN at the end of the summer and is unable to take one of his dogs, Sadie. She is a sweet, gentle black lab/border collie mix and looks exactly like our late, great dog Molly (she died about 6yrs ago). My daughter is begging to take her, and I'm tempted, but we already have 2 (big!) dogs at home. My daughter has til Labor Day to work on me and her Dad.

I'm glad you're feeling better. The thing that sucks about people like your pain in the ass, is that they never would get the point of the witty and biting things someone like you could say. So better left unsaid. Here's to your gin and your wife and your puppies, good for the soul I say :)

Perspective is always good. You sound so happy and content. I'm sending my welcome to the new puppy, and a cheers for after-work cocktails too!

In Clara's thought bubble: "Must pounce on the starfish! Must herd it together with the other starfish! Must hug mummy! Must herd mummy with starfish!"

I'm playing catch up--that's one nice dog.

I'm not so crazy about Gin and Tonics though. That's Craig's drink. He says the quinine is good for you. You know, to stave off the malaria.

I <3 Clara!!!

Yea, once you calm down it's much easier to have perspective. What if you had him sign something saying if you fix the roof, he'll pay his dues, and then, fix what else is wrong. Just a suggestion, since I don't know what i'm talking about.

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