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You Gotta Hear ThisJune 15, 2006

That home-owners association member who is pain in the tuckus? Get this: He is NOT a home-owner. Based on something weird I'd heard briefly from another owner a year ago, I called the city assessor's office, and they told me that sure enough, that unit is owned by a woman and has been since the month he moved in in 2004. Maybe the property is in his ex-wife's name? Maybe. Don't really care. The fact remains that of the four-member HOA, it is explicit in the bylaws that the HOMEOWNERS are the members, duh, no one else. He's been shady, all the way around, and I'm done with him.

Boy, am I glad. Perfectly happy to be polite to him, but the dues on that unit have to be paid so we can finally get the roof fixed. He's been the sticking point, the reason nothing's been done in a year. He stalls on everything, and fights every member of the HOA, and no longer will he be able to. Yay! He won't even be able to go to the meetings! Triple yay!

There is just the smallest part of me that feels guilty about being this happy. But I'm ignoring it. Yep. S'cool.


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Does that mean you have to track down the missing homeowner for the rates?

Nice detective work to get him out of your hair!

No need to be guilty. This is a day for rejoicing!!

Excellent! Now you need to take that little part of you that feels guilty and show it the door.

Yay! I'm glad you found an out to the nasty little situation! ;-) No need to feel the slightest bit guilt at all. He was the one lying all this time, he knew he's not technically an owner.

Good on you, Rach, for busting the shady man. You have no reason to feel guilty, you did a good thing!

I don't think guilt is in order...now lets just hope the real owner has the cash for the dues so you can get the darn roof fixed!

Hooray!! See everything works out in the end. I am glad for you!

You are a crime fighter!!!!!
Ninja style
stealth like
seeeks out injustice and squashes it

stop feeling guilty! go get an ice cream sundae if you want to feel guilty ;)

or an expensive knitting bag ;)

Ooooh! Just like Nancy Drew! Good work.

Great!!! I am happy for you.

No guilt necessary - I'd feel overjoyed to know that a conniving sneak like that was caught out.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha-That is great! Now, it would be doubly funny if it turns out the real owner has been paying the dues and the PITA has been pocketing it. Or, is he or did he used to be a woman?

Explains a lot eh? Hope it goes better now that you don't have to deal with dork guy.

No guilt required. You're doing the right thing to fix your house.

Karma, baby, it'll getcha every time, and it sure got him good, didn't it! Jerk. I would eat an ice cream sundae to celebrate if I were you!

Hey it is kind of like crime fighter girl time here! I'll be seeing this on my fave Court TV soon!

Sadly based upon his whiny, bratty baby behavior, you know it's his momma who owns the place for her precious snookums...no lady would want a piece of that boy's pie.

the man is a weenie. there should be no feelings of guilt.

I love it when stories have a happy ending!

Don't even feel guilty! It's awesome that you found all that out!

No need to feel guilty at all. It's a nice, conflict-free resolution to the problem, no? I'm glad that's out of the way for you!

Heh. Love how he cannot even attend the meetings the scoundrel!

Wash that guilt away; you have no reason to feel guilty. Now, does he know that you know that he is not a home-owner?? Wouldn't I like to be a fly on the wall when someone tells him he is no longer welcome at the meetings.

I love success stories like this! You go, girl!

Yay that he can't attend the meetings. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I'll bet you have a fine time finding the registered owner and getting the dues. Poor track record here, especially if it *is* his momma. Keep us posted.

Well, that right there is karma at it's finest. What a relief, I'm glad for your happy ending.

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