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Apartment 4 RentJuly 11, 2006

Okay, the condo is officially off the market. We're keeping it. Hooray! (Ohmygod, please let it get rented soon.)

Anyone want to live in a cute little place? You readers know it, love it, you know I loved living there: if any interest, or you know anyone who might be, send 'em over to my craigslist ad, wouldja? I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if this works, actually. You all are quite amazing.

Meantime, I've done all the stuff I didn't want to do -- starting with getting up. But I did that, and then I paid bills and dealt with Things. Now I have the day to myself. Me and my sisters, actually. Christy's going to be in a wedding, and she needs a red shawl for it. So we're going yarn shopping. Hoo boy. Yarn shopping, and I'm not buying. That's the best kind. And then later Bethany and I are going to take the dogs to the beach. I'm seriously digging this whole Must Go To The Beach Everyday thing. Clara has to get out and run and cramble with dogs every day or she would go a little stir-crazy, I think. (That's what it's called, by the way, what they're doing when they're chasing and chewing and mock-biting and knocking each other down and over: crambling. I think it was a roommate of Lala's who said that.)

So I have to go to the beach and watch the crambling. Poor me.

Also, the house is already clean, 'cause we had some folks over last night (Hi, new knitter Michelle!). I cooked. And it was good. Roast chicken with lemon and rosemary from the yard (hey, I forgot to brag about that), potatoes, and Not Your Mother's Green Beans from the new Moosewood (roasted pine nuts, shallots, and basil, yum). It felt like an easy dinner, and it was fun, and I didn't hate cooking.

Clara's on her couch (yes, she got one. Isn't that sad?) chewing on an allowed substance. Harriet is at my feet, dreaming about stealing all of Clara's bones. Miss Idaho is tucked up next to me on the people couch. I saw Digit run by earlier and he yelled at me as he went (he slept on my head all night). Adah is on top of the fridge, her new favorite place to sleep. (Yesterday Christy was standing in front of the fridge, looking at something on it, a picture perhaps, and suddenly screamed in terror as a face popped up RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER and said, "Mrrrwh?") And me, I'm going to.... dunno. That's a nice thing.


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I'm not in the area, nor do I personally know anyone looking, but I have a brother and a sister who both live in the bay area, so I sent them the link and asked them to forward on to anyone else who might be looking.

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the rest of the day. Is Digit willing to coexist with all the dogs yet?

Okay, so everybody is accounted for except Lala. Who sure as heck isn't at the computer writing. Cause she don't that no more, no more. Even though she used to make us laugh and all. . .

All that and it's not too hot! Ahhh...

Enjoy your lovely day!

I LOVE your hair! You look great, very 40s-ish. The era, not the age!

Hmmm, I'll have to ask around at work and see if anyone is looking for a place in Oakland...we have some younger single folks, so you never know!

RE: Cats and fridges: in my first post-college apartment, my two cats quite enjoyed hanging out on top of the fridge. Until, that is, they noticed that from there they could jump up on top of the kitchen cabinets, where they were completely out of people-reach. If I so much as THOUGHT about touching The Scary Vacuuum of Terrot, there they were....

Oh! I would *love* to live in your condo - the photos of it made it look adorable. But I know I couldn't cope with the commute to Foster City... But I'll put the word out amongst my friends. Gingers crossed for you that you find the perfect tenant.

I mean 'fingers crossed', of course, not 'gingers'. Still a little early for me.

We call it playing Wolfie when the dogs do that. When little Annie growls are her, big Kelly has to lower herself down to the ground to give up- then they're off again

I'll have to remember cramble.

One of my made up dog words that my fellow dog friends now use is frapping.

Frapping: When a dog suddenly gains an enourmous spunk of energy and spontanously just starts running around the house like a GOOFY wild beast for no particular reason. Usually causes a stunned reaction from both human and other animal species to look at said dog and say "What the hell is that all about!" (Stunned reaction is usually followed by complete laughter and only eggs said dog to continue acting like a complete clown.)

When I read the title of this post, I hear:

"Trailers for sale or rent
Rooms to let, 50 cents ..."

This comes about three weeks too late, or I'd be all over your apartment. I'm sure you'll find someone wonderful - good luck!

I know it may be a longshot, but in about a year (Fall 07) I may be looking to buy a small place just like your condo. I'll be starting grad school at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley (don't panic - I'm an Episcopalian. A bi, knitting, dog loving one, at that.) Having used the excellent Google map, I believe this may be the perfect little place. Not too far for the commute. Any chance that you might be looking to sell in another year. The timing isn't right now, but we really may be interested at that point, and wouldn't it be nice to keep the real estate folks out of it?

Plus, it comes with knowledge of knitting in the East Bay, right? What could be better?


And, PS:

Lambtown. Excellent! I'm seriously trying to figure out if there's a way that I can drive down. I'm only in Reno, so it isn't that bad of a drive, but it looks fantastic.

And, PS:

Lambtown. Excellent! I'm seriously trying to figure out if there's a way that I can drive down. I'm only in Reno, so it isn't that bad of a drive, but it looks fantastic.

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