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Believe the DateJuly 14, 2006

A word to the wise: When you find that container of mozzarella (the kind packed in water) in the fridge, the one that says it's expired, believe the date. I didn't. It is regrettable. I looked and sniffed, and it looked and smelled just fine. But a bite? Whew. I'm still rinsing my mouth. I believe Tabasco might help, if only to burn off my offended taste buds.

That is all. Oh, and I'm knitting Cookie's brilliant socks. They are wonderful. I heart this pattern. Also, I met her once at Stitches, and not only was she wearing a FANTASTIC sweater, one she designed herself, but she's cute as a button.

Yes. Now that is officially all.


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Yikes. I put mine in tupperware, so I don't have the date handy, and am now regarding the cheese with trepidation.

Ooh... that so wasn't where I thought you were going. I was for sure that you ate some and it made you sick!

Sorry about the crappy taste though :-)

Ooooh, that sounds just vile! I use the sniff test, too. Will hae to keep all this in mind. Ick!

I keep telling you - it's not bad, just sharp!

I've done the same, and with milk as well. Smells fine, looks fine, but yuccchggghhgh.

Where I live, there is a big-box supermarket that sells that mozz and every time I sail past the cheese bin there are containers swollen with CO2 gas from the fermenting cheese. ::shudders::

Yikes! I shuddered just reading this post. I fear spoiled food the way some people fear snakes and spiders and dentist appointments. (at least the things I fear can't move about on their own) When in doubt, throw it out!

When I showed Jacob this, he was like, "I've always dreamed of seeing a monkey riding a dog." Thank you for making his dream come true. :)

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