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EarlyJuly 19, 2006

The Dyl-pickle is getting so big!


We heart our godson. (This was at the beach -- Joni brought her dog, and all the dogs romped. But Dylan stole the show, of course.)

I am at work. It is early, early morning, on my first day of a 60 hour work week. I tell you, unless you have a LOT of coffee, Antiques Roadshow is not going to keep anyone awake when the phones aren't ringing (not that I'm complaining. This is fire season. The phones have been ringing a hell of a lot lately, and the radios have been blaring. I suppose this is a nice break. But I need more coffee).


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Oh, the hat! The hat!

Gorgeous pic!

Wow! Long sleeves! Looks like you went to the right beach. And of course with the right adorable godson. I'm glad you're getting a break, even if you have to fight the sleep. Yawhn (new word)...

You SO rock the blonde hair....

Oh. My. God. They just don't get any cuter!

Oh man, he looks like Joni! What an adorable little face. And you look terrific as a blonde.

What a fantastic photo of you and your godson!

Such a cute couple: a beauty and her godson! And I love his name... my first nephew (who is now 17 and about to start college - eep!), his name is Dylan and we used to call him DylPickle, too!

What a cutie! Oh, and the baby's nice, too. ;)

That blonde hair just suits you! You look fantastic and the pickle is just adorable. Maybe one day he'll grow up and marry my friend's adorable baby. Sweetness!

That kid is adorable and you look fantastic as a blonde!

What a sweetie! That photo is one destined to be framed, methinks! :)

OH MY GOSH, that boy is so cute!
And I have to say you light up a room with those happy eyes and big smile. Wait it was outside at the ocean....................OK see there you light up the world!!!!!!!!
Good luck on the work week!

Sweet, sweet photo! Hey, could it be? A yarn-a-gogo photo that wasn't taken on a phone? ;)

Dude. Dude. Seriously, DUDE. That baby is cuter than cute- and I know from cute babies. You look beautiful. And trust me, I know from beautiful.

I came back to take another look for that thing you were complaining about this morning. I still say it's not there. It must've been some fatigue induced hallucination on your part.

I have been meaning to tell you how much I love the blonde--it looks great on you!

Also, the pickle...he looks a little stunned. ;)

Dyl-pickle man is totally dressing like a golf pro. How fabulous in his wee jaunty hat. He must adore his hot blonde godmomma.

He is super cute!

The blonde is FANtastic! You look like a movie star!

You both look Fab! Little Dylan is a handsome little fella and you look divine blonde and looking so darn HAPPY!

Aww what a handsome guy and the blonde is SO fab on you. :)

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